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Chinese tourism soars

In 2015 there were 47,000 Chinese visitors to Israel, which the Israel Tourism Ministry wanted to double by 2018. (see here) It has smashed that target already, with 113,000 Chinese visiting Israel in 2017.

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Chinese tourists discover Israel

A growing number of Chinese visitors come to the Holy Land. Israel is encouraging the influx, with direct flights from Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The Tourism Ministry has even launched a Mandarin version of its website.

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35% increase in Chinese tourism

Israel has become a popular destination for Chinese visitors. Israeli Ministry of Tourism figures show that over 35,000 Chinese tourists visited Israel last year, 35% higher than the figure for 2013. The ministry has now opened Chinese language classes for … Continue reading

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Chinese donors send Israel medical supplies

Chinese donors enamored with the Jewish State have been inundating the Israeli embassy in Shanghai with medical materials for shipping to Tel Aviv. They include from former tourists and academic exchange alumni who have fond memories of Israel.

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New record for tourism

November set a record for the month with the number of tourists visiting Israel reaching 287,900 – 38% more than in November 2015. 2,651,400 tourists visited Israel in January-November 2016, 2% more than in the corresponding period last year. Marketing … Continue reading

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Calling tourists from India and China

Visitors to Israel from India and China rises by 10-13% each year. But Israel’s Tourism Ministry wants more than double the 40,000 Indians and 47,000 Chinese by 2018. Its $1.6 million campaign in India portrays Israel’s uniqueness, culture, lifestyle and … Continue reading

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Haifa prepares for China tourism boost

(Thanks to Stuart Palmer) Haifa’s Mayor Yona Yahav has signed an agreement with tourism officials from 3 major Chinese cities. 200,000 workers from Shanghai, Sanjin, and Chengdu will be offered low-cost vacation packages to Haifa.

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The first official Israeli Chinese Jewish tour guide

Yecholiya Jin is a Chinese Israeli Jew with roots in Kaifeng, the ancient Jewish community of China. She is leading groups from China around Jerusalem and to other sites of interest in the Jewish State. In 2011, 10,000 Chinese tourists … Continue reading

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Enhanced security at Ben Gurion airport

Security improvements will reduce delays for tourists at Ben Gurion Airport in time for Eurovision. Delegations can be pre-registered. Facial recognition will speed up passengers with biometric passports. And machines will (initially) ask “did you pack your own baggage?”.

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Direct flights from Guangzhou

China’s Hainan airlines has just commenced its new direct service between Tel Aviv and the South China city of Guangzhou. Hainan already operates direct flights from Israel to both Beijing and Shanghai and is to add Shenzhen. Chinese tourism increased … Continue reading

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