Israel issues first 100-year bonds

As part of Israel’s economic rescue plan, the Finance Minister is selling $5 billion of bonds to international investors. It includes $1 billion of 100-year bonds – the longest dated bonds in Israel’s history. They won’t be unsold - they are underwritten by Barclays, Citibank, BofA and Goldman Sachs.

Free delivery software for small businesses

Israeli startup Bringg already provides delivery management software for the likes of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Walmart. Its version for small businesses has been launched early, due to coronavirus, and Bringg is offering it free to food and beverage companies.

Businesses doing well during lockdown

Nataly Yousef of Israel’s Pitango Venture Capital writes about 5 business areas that are currently thriving despite the coronavirus pandemic. They are Health & Wellness, Grocery Deliveries, Remote Learning, Remote Working apps and On-line Entertainment.

Still seeking Israeli investment opportunities

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the Israel-Colorado Innovation (ICI) Fund is actively looking for new investments in Israel. ICI Fund’s focus is IoT in agriculture, water, construction, industry 4.0, energy, and oil and gas. It hopes to soon close its fourth investment in Israel.

Grants to startups combatting coronavirus

The Israeli government has promised financial support worth NIS 50 million to Israeli start-ups advancing solutions to combat the coronavirus pandemic. It said it will fund most of the development expenses for companies with exceptional impact breakthrough technologies.

Healthy Israeli microgreens

Microgreens are harvested 7 to 20 days after seedlings emerge. Young leafy sprouts pack far more flavor and disease-preventing nutrients per gram than adult plants. Israel’s 2BFresh produced 85 tons of microgreens in 2019 for the domestic and overseas markets. Great video.

H. pylori treatment now available

Following US FDA approval Israel’s Redhill has launched its Talicia treatment for H.pylori (Helicobacter) infections in the US. RedHill’s expanded sales force will promote Talicia to approximately 25,000 gastroenterologists, primary care physicians and other healthcare providers.

Israel’s largest port operating normally

Israel’s largest seaport, Ashdod, is fully operational, at a level similar to last year despite the global coronavirus outbreak. Some 97% of cargo to Israel, by weight, arrives by ship and the government has assured the country there will be no shortages of essential products.

Investment in Israeli startups continues

Venture Capital funds and large multinationals are still investing in Israeli startups. This week Pitango completed raising a $250 million growth fund; Pyramid Analytics raised $25 million; Quantum Machines $17.5 million; ePlane $9 million; Revuze $5.1 million etc. etc.

Small Israeli startups can adapt

This article highlights that many Israeli startups will be nimble enough to survive the “black swan” coronavirus event. The 2008 financial crisis provides an historical precedent. They are boosting their on-line presence, preserving cash and increasing stocks held by foreign distributors.