300+ desert tech companies

The first report of DeserTech and Start-Up Nation Central highlights Israel’s strength and potential for tackling desert challenges. More than 300 Israeli start-up companies are developing agriculture, energy, water, and infrastructure technologies geared to or adaptable for desert environments.

Innoviz’s $4 billion client is Volkswagen

Israel’s Innoviz (see previously) revealed that Volkswagen is the carmaker that placed a $4 billion order with it. Innoviz will be the direct LiDAR (light detection and ranging) laser sensor supplier for Volkswagen’s autonomous vehicles.

Record exports predicted

Israel’s exports of goods and services in 2022 are already up 15% over the same period last year and are projected to reach record high of $165 billion in 2022.  Exports of services are again expected to exceed that of goods.

Promoting business with Bahrain

Yariv Becher of StartUpNationHQ describes a recent meeting between Israeli startups and the Bahraini Embassy to discuss business opportunities in the key areas of fintech, manufacturing, travel & tourism, logistics, ICT, and healthcare.

Growing Israel’s digital health sector

AstraZeneca, Accenture, Amazon Web Services, and Israeli health organization Clalit have together launched a new startup program called BeyondBio SCALE. It aims to help Israeli   startups develop and implement healthcare solutions globally.

3D-Printed Seafood for Singapore

Israel’s MeaTech 3D (see previously) has partnered Singapore’s Umami Meats to develop 3D-printed cultured structured seafood. Meatech believes it will lead to new markets throughout Asia and worldwide while solving the challenge of diminishing ocean food sources.

New e-Passport system for Andorra

Israel’s Pangea-IT (see previously) has won the Andorran government’s international tender to design the country's new passport system and deliver a complete system for issuing e-Passports for the residents of the European country.

Exits, takeovers & mergers

Israel’s is acquiring Israel’s (formerly Vidstart) for .

Investment in Israeli startups to 7/8/22

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The first Israeli-Saudi deal

Israeli-founded SolarEdge has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Ajlan & Bros Holding Group Abilitii. The two companies are to “explore investment in renewable energy,” according to the Saudi ministry. SolarEdge’s $14.7 billion market cap makes it one of Israel’s most valuable companies.