Ben Gurion airport’s busiest month ever

Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport in August saw a record 2.8 million passengers - over 2% higher than August 2018.  July’s 2.4 million passengers was 10% more than July 2018. Meanwhile, passenger traffic between Israel and China is up over 23% this year compared to 2018.

Four of top 50 entrepreneurial universities are Israeli

The Pitchbook Research Institute ranks the top 50 undergraduate programs globally that produce the most VC-backed entrepreneurs. Its latest list has Tel Aviv University (8), Technion Institute (14), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (34), and Ben-Gurion University (49).

MyHeritage expands its family

Israeli genealogy company MyHeritage has acquired Utah-based River Road Bio (RRB). This means MyHeritage inherits RRB’s SNPedia website and its Promethease DNA report analyser. SNPedia explains the effects of variations in DNA.

Fieldin looks to grow its field

I reported previously on Israel’s Fieldin and its technology that reduces use of pesticides on crops. Fieldin now monitors over 1 million dunams of crops in California alone and has just raised $12 million of funds for R&D and to expand its sales and client management teams.

McDonald’s eats Israeli speech recognition startup

Israeli-founded Apprente develops AI and speech-based conversational customer service automation technology for use in noisy environments such as drive-throughs. It had just the ingredients that fast food giant McDonald’s wanted to establish its new McD Tech Labs.

Baxter catches Cheetah

I reported previously on Israel’s Cheetah Medical and its systems for monitoring patients in hospital. Cheetah’s systems are now used in 400 hospitals in 30 countries.  Cheetah’s fast growth has caught the eye of Baxter International which has acquired Cheetah for at least $190 million.

Helping small businesses grow

Israeli startup vCita claims to have everything a small business needs. Appointments, customer relationships, payments and marketing. And a very effective customer-friendly web app interface. With around 100,000 clients, vCita has raised $15 million of funds to grow itself.

Israel’s global economic success

Some positive statistics about Israel’s economy. Israeli exports rose 3% to NIS 55 billion in the first half of 2019, despite the shekel’s continuing appreciation in value. Exports to Europe increased by 12% and 30% of all exports were hi-tech.

Ride-sharing tech for NYC school buses

I’ve reported previously on Israeli-founded Via and its ride-sharing technology.  Now, Via is licensing its technology to the New York City Department of Education for its school bus system. Routes can be adapted to kids’ needs and GPS tracking benefits parents and students.

Freezing tumors in Japan & Singapore

Israel’s IceCure Medical has signed an agreement with Japan’s Terumo for the rights to sell the Israeli cryoablation cancer treatment in Japan and Singapore. IceCure’s ultrasound-guided probe injects liquid nitrogen into a tumor, to freeze and destroy the cancer cells.