Tech salaries are rising

The effect of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic on salaries in Israel's tech sector was minimal compared to other sectors. A survey of 60 Israeli tech companies by HR analytics startup Piplwize has shown that 84% of them intend to increase salaries in 2021 and half of them by at least 6%.

Success of Joint US-Israeli agriculture projects

Since 1979, the US-Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund (BARD) has invested $1.06 billion in 1,330 projects. A review of just 20 case studies shows an economic benefit of $2.7 billion to the US, $500 million Israel, and another $13.3 billion globally.

More Israeli Unicorns

Israeli cybersecurity Cato Networks (reported previously) has just raised another $130 million of funds, bringing its market value to $1 billion. Israeli fraud preventer Forter (reported previously) has raised another $125 million, taking its market value to $1.3 billion.

Investment in Israeli startups: (22/11/20)

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Managing Bond portfolios

Israel’s BondIT has just acquired Germany’s Scorable to offer their combined innovative technologies to asset & wealth managers. They can build and analyze fixed-income portfolios in minutes, and then use the information to rebalance existing client portfolios.

Say goodbye to security deposits

Israel’s Obligo allows tenants to avoid having to hand over large cash deposits to landlords and property managers. Obligo’s Billing Authorization system sets up a secure and limited connection to a resident's bank account in case the owner / manager needs to charge for damages or missed rent.

Israeli driving tech for Japanese giant

The world's second-largest mobility supplier, Denso, has selected the technology of Israel’s Foretellix (reported previously) for its next-generation automated driving and ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) solutions. Denso’s components are in nearly every vehicle on the road.

Making motorcyclists safer

Israel’s Ride Vision (reported previously) has partnered German automotive giant Continental AG and raised $7 million from investors including Israel’s OurCrowd. Ride Vision said that in 2021 its products will be available in Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Greece, Israel, and the UK.

Bridging the gap

Israel’s Dynamic Infrastructure (reported previously) has extended its pilot project in Suffolk County, New York.  It will now assess the structured integrity of 74 bridges in the county. Dynamic monitors over 900 bridges in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Israel.

Fresh Israeli produce in Dubai

This article has a nice photo of an Israeli display at Dubai’s Ras Al Khor fresh market. Shlomi Fogel, Chairman of Carmel Agrexco, one of Israel’s largest exporters of agricultural produce said, “we are beginning to see the ‘fruits of peace’ today”.