Satellite tech for US Defense

Israel’s Gilat Satellite Networks (see previously) has won a $10 million follow-on order from the US Department of Defense to supply more of its DKET 3421 terminals. Deploying in less than three hours, the DKET 3421 provides a satellite network hub anywhere in the world.

Bringing cardiac ultrasound to Asia

Israel’s UltraSight (see previously) has partnered with South Korean medical device manufacturer Selvas Healthcare to introduce the Israeli’s AI-powered cardiac ultrasound diagnosis system into the Asia market. It should help combat the increase of cardiovascular disease in Korea.

Finding the best employment for evacuees

The 710 West initiative, set-up by an all-women team, motivates and encourages evacuees of the western Negev to seek employment. Its personal and professional support helps them find the right fit of employer and suitable work, even though many are still displaced.

Women-led startups in the south

Israeli NGO Yazamiyot (see previously) and Arieli Capital held an event at Microsoft's offices in Be'er Sheva to discuss how to support female-led startups in the south. When partners are called up, women entrepreneurs often must manage both the home front and lead the startup.

Israel Resilience Fund progress report

Global venture investing platform OurCrowd presented progress of its Resilience Fund (see previously) supporting war-impacted but high-potential Israeli startups. It has now invested in 22 startups - many building products to help win the war or have 50-100% of employees in the IDF.

Tech salaries up, inflation down

Israel's tech sector continued to expand in 2023 with salaries increasing by around 3%. Although exports of services fell generally, in the tech sector they increased by 1.6%. Meanwhile Israel’s inflation rate fell to 3% - within the Bank of Israel's target range, allowing it to cut interest rates.

Drive by wire truck goes commercial

The P7-C Electric Commercial truck from Israel’s REE (see previously) is now being delivered to customers. It is the first fully “by-wire” (i.e. electronic, not mechanical) vehicle certified by the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Environmental Protection Agency.

Startup investment – to 4/2/24

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Exits, takeovers, and mergers – to 4/2/24

Israel’s has acquired North America’s STN Video for an estimated .

Keeping exotic mushrooms fresh

Israel’s StePac (see previously) has customized its award-winning modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) films to preserve fresh whole exotic mushrooms, such as oyster, lion’s mane, shiitake, portabella and more. It slows deterioration and cuts waste of this highly perishable item.