Covid-19 startups pitch to California

Nine Israeli Covid-19 startups presented to the North California Israel Chamber of Commerce last week.  They included , EchoCare (seniors monitor), , , Expain (cancer data), Grin (remote orthodontics),  Sanolla, Gynisus (AI diagnosys) and Habitu (trials support).

Tech startups pitch virtually to Arizona

Eight Israeli startups will be virtually attending the UNMET conference in Arizona in May. Their products range from chainless hydraulic bikes to smart-air quality platforms. The founders will pitch to more than 150 global institutions and VC investors.

Drone delivery to North Dakota

Israeli founded Flytrex, (as reported previously) delivers food and consumer goods by drones to Iceland and North Carolina. Flytrex has now launched a delivery service to “shelter-in-place” shoppers in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Nomogoo buys Personali

Two Israeli startups have got together. Namogoo blocks unauthorized ads and distracting content that may disrupt customer experience and engagement, specifically content meant to hijack customers. It has taken over Personali, which develops AI-based tools for personalizing user incentives.

Unemployed Israelis volunteer on farms

Thousands of temporarily unemployed Israelis are volunteering on Israeli farms.  Farmers have incurred severe labor shortages due to coronavirus restrictions on foreign workers entering Israel. Israelis use an app called SunDo from non-profit HaShomer HaChadash to find work.

Make people better

Israeli innovation hub Welltech1 is calling for Wellness startups that make people happier and heathier to compete for an investment of up to $200,000. Wellness is defined as self-care as opposed to healthcare. The hub partners the Global Wellness Institute that aims to eradicate preventable, chronic diseases.

Latest update on anti-viral masks

Israel’s Sonovia began producing its anti-pathogen fabric face masks in March (reported previously). It has now sold 30,000 of the masks, mainly in the United States. The impregnated zinc and copper oxide fabric, blocks viruses and protects even after high temperature washing.

Group of seven

Israel is in a select club with Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece and New Zealand. In all 7 countries the numbers of new coronavirus infections have slowed substantially. Consequently, the Austrian Chancellor suggested establishing trade and tourism links between these nations.

Currency reserves at new record high

Following successful international borrowing, Israel’s reserves of foreign currency increased by nearly $7.6 billion in April to end the month at a new record of $133.5 billion.

Israel raises $5 billion in Asian markets

Israel’s first-ever public issue bond on Asian markets raised $5 billion. The issue saw high demand from some 300 high-quality investors from over 30 countries. Israel’s Accountant General said it testified to the confidence in Israel’s economy and its response to the corona crisis.