Tel Aviv Sparks

The Tel Aviv Sparks Innovation Summit & Expo (Apr 8 -12) features the latest Israeli startups, organizations, and company exhibitors showcasing their cutting-edge products and solutions. Plus (at the summit) key presentations and discussions that shape the future.

Fast innovative companies

US magazine Fast Company recognized four Israeli startups in its annual list of the world’s most innovative companies. was ranked 43rd of the top 50, for “harnessing AI to expedite lifesaving diagnoses”. Highlighted in specific sectors were Papaya Global, UVeye, and GreyMatters Health.

El Al buys 3 more dreamliners

Israel’s El Al airlines has raised $100 million to help it finance the purchase of 3 new Boeing 787 “dreamliners). El Al plans to expand its 16-plane 787 fleet to a total of 28 by 2030.

Mobileye is on the move

Mobileye’s 2,700 Jerusalem employees are moving to a new NIS 1 billion low-energy campus at the Har-Hotzavim Hi-Tech Park. In addition to the usual high-tech perks such as a gym, it will also include a convenience store, running track, hair salon, and nursing rooms.

Startup investment – to 31/3/24

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Exits, takeovers and mergers – to 31/3/24

Israel’s has US-based 3D-Fuel

Hi-tech funding up

Investment in Israeli startups in the first quarter of 2024 is $1.6 billion so far.  That is 10% higher than the fourth quarter of 2023. Also, there was a 34% increase in the number of funding rounds.

Maintaining Czech radar for 20 years

The Czech Ministry of Defense has awarded a 20-year contract to Israel Aerospace Industries to maintain the Czech MMR radars. The MMR radar is the ‘brain’ behind the Barak, Iron Dome, and David’s Sling. To date, over 200 systems have been sold to customers around the world.

Learn about Israeli business culture

ESRA (English Speaking Residents Association) is hosting a free Zoom lecture by Arona Maskil entitled “Understanding the Israeli Business Culture”. Apr 1 at 8pm Israel time.  Registration required. Part of the series of fully subsidized zoom lectures by “Get it Right in Israel”. For other events:    

Saving the harvest

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has approved the FieldProtect pre-harvest treatment from Israel’s Save Foods (see previously). It should help California reduce food waste, plus it paves the way for Save Food’s commercial expansion in the State.