About Israel Active

The site IsraelActive.com is owned by Michael Ordman.

Israel Active highlights Israel’s achievements in the fields of medicine, science, technology, business, co-existence, humanitarian aid, culture, entertainment, sport and building the Jewish State.

Michael made Aliya from London, England in 2007 where he worked as an Information Security Manager for a major international bank. From his home in Netanya, Israel, Michael writes a regular positive Israel newsletter, plus articles containing featured highlights about the Jewish State. These articles are published on-line in the Jerusalem Post and are syndicated and cross-posted on many other websites and Facebook sites.

For more details, visit
http://www.nbn.org.il/about-nefesh-bnefesh/media-room/news/2012-news-master-list/from-complainer-to-complimenter-the-jerusalem-report/ or http://www.sdjewishworld.com/2012/07/24/good-news-about-israel-just-a-click-away/