Solar-powered water purification

Scientists at Tel Aviv University have developed SoLED - a solar-powered UV LED-based water disinfection device designed to purify water in rural communities. The device uses UV light to change the DNA of microbe bacteria, preventing it from replicating. SoLED-treated water is harmless.

Israelis get back to the land

Israeli entrepreneur Nimrod Berger has found paid employment for 100 Israelis who have no work, due to the coronavirus epidemic. He has made them “crop commanders” - mostly ex-IDF, now elite agricultural workers - who are bringing in the harvest in the absence of foreign laborers.

Free transportation so everyone can vote

All buses and trains between Israeli cities will be free of charge on Election Day (April 9th). The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to vote, even those far away from their designated voting station.  The cost for this gesture is NIS 3 million.