Beating swords into ploughshares

Israel Aerospace Industries, with help from Israeli medical device maker has converted a missile production facility to mass produce ventilators. And (TY Hazel) the IDF has converted factories making tanks to refit ambulances and another to make protective goggles for medics.

Emergency chief has good track record

The Head of Israel’s National Emergency Team to tackle the coronavirus pandemic is Brig Gen (reserves) Dr Daniel Gold, the head of Israel’s Defense R&D Directorate. He led the team that developed the Iron Dome defense system. He is the right person to lead this vital team.

Coronavirus advice Chatbot

Israel’s Hyro has developed an artificially intelligent conversation platform that produces web-based Q&A response programs to take the pressure off healthcare professionals. Hyro has also generated a free triage chatbot where customers of Healthcare organizations can check if they have COVID-19.

One-stop shop for managing COVID-19

Israel’s has developed COVID360 - a “one-stop shop” digital platform for managing the coronavirus disease. The Israel’s Health Ministry and the four Israeli health care providers will roll-out the platform to every citizen to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Join a voice COVID-19 test project

Here is your opportunity to help develop a new test for coronavirus like the one that was reported last week. This one, called Corona Voice Detect,  is being developed by Israel’s in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University.

More about the virtual personal trainer

Israel’s Kemtai was briefly mentioned in .  Here is an interview on Israel’s i24 News with Kemtai’s CEO Mike Telem who discusses and demonstrates the virtual personal training app.

Working from home is “the business”

Six Israeli startups are featured here that offer online tools to make homeworking for business easier and more productive. Only has been reported previously. Reach Digital (contracts) Webcand (interviews) Clone (AR/VR “teleporting” meetings) Chatway (IM & project mgmt.) Connecteam (Mobile staff management)

New railway signaling system

Israel Railways has used the closedown of its service to test the European Train Control System. ETCS controls and optimizes the speed of trains to safely synchronize with signaling.

Developing new herbicides

AgPlenus (a subsidiary of Israel’s Evogene) is partnering with Corteva of the US to develop new herbicides. The two companies aim to address the rise of global weed resistance by optimizing several of AgPlenus' chemical families that have already been validated for herbicidal activity.

Home alone for bees

Israel’s Beewise was briefly mentioned previously but this article features much more detail. Beewise’s Beehome is an autonomous hive that can house up to 40 bee colonies (2 million bees). Health and upkeep of the bees is controlled through a simple app on the beekeeper’s phone or tablet.