Implementing the UN’s sustainable development goals

The only good in the United Nations is its social and scientific agenda.  This video was made to show to the UN Israel’s work to improve humanity in the areas of the environment, health, food, agriculture, access to water and electricity, medical training, and science skills.

Artificially intelligent traffic lights

Drivers heading for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport will soon encounter Israel’s first AI (Artificially Intelligent) traffic light. Israeli startup Intelligent Traffic Control Ltd. (ITC) uses cameras to transmit traffic data to ITC’s control center where signal changes are determined automatically.

The sweet smell of success

Israeli startup Moodify aims to solve odor issues in vehicles with fragrances that do not cover up awful smells but instead change your perception of them. Just as “white noise” can eliminate unwanted sounds, Moodify’s “white scent” counters bad odors such as rotten bananas or cigarettes.

Speaking up for Israeli trains

Motorola Solutions is to supply Israel Railways with a new push-to-talk over cellular (POC) communication system to improve efficiency and safety of operations.  WAVE (Motorola’s work group communication service), will allow staff to communicate across the railway’s lines,

Making light work of forensic testing

BGN Technologies, the technology transfer company of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University, has developed an ultra-sensitive device for detecting minute traces of blood and other particles. It uses luminol, a chemical that exhibits chemiluminescence to expose much smaller blood samples.

From the Moon to Mars

As NASA (and the world) celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first human to walk on the Moon, this video highlights the cosmic radiation protection vest from Israel’s StemRad that will eventually enable the first human to walk on Mars.

Irish Times praises Israeli desalination

Rare (and mostly positive) tribute to Israel’s water technology in the Irish press.  It reports that up to 80% of Israel’s water flows from desalination plants at one-third of the cost during 1990s. It also suggests that solving water scarcity can reduce tensions across the Middle East.

Even in Cuba

Dr. Doron Markel, KKL-JNF Chief Scientist, led a presentation in Cuba on sustainable developments in forestation and large-scale water projects tools to adapt to the effects of climate change in Israel and the Middle East. 1,400 delegates from over thirty countries attended Cubambiente 2019.

Reinventing the wheel for electric cars

Israeli startup REE has designed a new flat and modular chassis for electric cars of the future. The motor, steering, suspension, drivetrain, sensors, brakes, thermal systems and electronics are now in the wheels, lowering the center of gravity, increasing stability, agility and performance.

Tackling plastic pollution

Good video on Israeli technology designed to reduce the impact of plastic garbage. It features TIPA, UBQ, Ben Gurion University research, Sodastream, Hiriya’s Refuse Derived Fuel plant and Haifa University’s Jellyfish project. Use to search for them in previous newsletters.