Goodbye to plastic packaging

Israel’s W-Cycle has developed SupraPulp - plastic-free packaging made of sugarcane fiber waste (baasse) that is fully compostable, safe, non-absorbent yet durable. Ready meals in SupraPulp can be frozen and heated to 270 degrees centigrade in an oven, steam cooker or microwave.

Smart fish farming

Israel’s GO Smart has developed hi-tech hardware and software for managing fish farms. They can analyze water quality, fish biomass, mortality, and behavior. Its precision farming systems include an underwater camera to measure fish sizes, oxygen sensors and sophisticated data analysis.

Safer remote access

Israeli startup Odo Security has developed a new, cloud-based technology that can be deployed in five minutes via the Cloud to provide employees working from home with secure access to their company’s systems. Odo has just been acquired by Israeli hi-tech giant t Software Technologies.

Touch-free screens

Many of today’s shops, fast-food outlets, medical centers and airports use touch-screen digital kiosks for customers and the public - not Covid-friendly. Israel’s uses cutting edge voice technology to replace touch taps for screen options with voice commands, also eliminating noise interference.

OrCam wins German innovation prize

Israel’s OrCam is the first Israeli company to win Germany's NRW.INVEST award. The annual prize is given to four exemplary companies that strengthen innovation impetus and bring new products, services and processes to North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany. (in German but mostly intuitive for English speakers)

Building a tech park in Panama

Israel’s Innovation BaseCamp is helping the Panamanian government build a high-tech park project. Its aim is to transform Panama into one of Latin America’s top innovation countries. The announcement came during the CybertechLive Latin America online conference.

AI research agreement with UAE

Israel’s Weizmann Institute has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the United Arab Emirates’ Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence. The agreement would allow for exchange programs, conferences and seminars, and a new joint institute for AI.

Innovator of the Year

Israel’s Kando has won the Innovator of the Year competition, held this year by data storage solutions company Seagate. Kando was ranked first with its smart use of data and algorithm that can be installed in sewage treatment systems to monitor irregular metrics that might impact the health of the public.

A date with history

The Judean date palm was extinct. But 2000-year-old seeds discovered at Masada in 2005 were planted at Kibbutz Ketura by Drs Elaine Soloway and Sarah Sallon (see ). The resulting trees were named Methuselah and Hannah. Their dates were just harvested, linking the State of Israel to its ancient roots.

Energy everywhere under the sun

Israel’s Apollo Power’s flexible solar panels produces cheap electricity anywhere the sun shines. It operates without any construction. It is unbreakable and can be placed on any surface, on water, uneven terrain and vehicles. Apollo is working with Audi and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.