From the molecular to the macro

Ben-Gurion University Professor Muhammad Bashouti (an Israeli Arab) has used his research into molecular properties to invent some amazing devices. An optical biosensor to diagnose disease; lens filters for diabetics; and molecular solar cells. These are now being commercialized.

More investment into plastic recycling

The Israel Innovation Authority has approved the establishment of the CIRCLE consortium, and investment of NIS 30 million, to promote the development of recycling technologies, and the use of recycled materials in Israel’s plastics industry.

Recycling wastewater naturally

I reported previously about Ben Gurion University Professor Amit Gross’s natural biofiltration treatment of wastewater. At the Kornmehl Goat Cheese Farm and Restaurant in the Negev desert, Anat and Daniel Kornmehl use these techniques to help make their desert oasis bloom.

Recycling in the Negev

I reported previously when Israel’s Negev Ecology opened the Harov waste treatment plant in the Negev. It also operates the Negev’s Dudaim Recycling plant and is now building a new NIS 70 million facility there to significantly increase the recycling of waste in Southern Israel.

New cybersecurity incubator in Be’er Sheva

Israel’s OurCrowd has launched its Labs/08 incubator in Be’er Sheva. Like Jerusalem’s Labs/02, it supports software startups focusing on massive data emanating from 5G. Labs/08 is partnering with Soroka University Medical Center and the Israel National Cyber Directorate.

STEM preschool in Jerusalem

I reported previously on Israeli initiatives to introduce tech and business skills to children in kindergarten. Now Lockheed Martin, Rashi Foundation, Jerusalem’s municipality and Ministry have launched a new “Madakids” preschool in Jerusalem focused on technology and science.

Using DNA to store data

Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute and the IDC in Herzliya have significantly optimized the process needed to store digital information. They demonstrated storing ten million gigabytes, in a single gram of synthetic DNA. Further developments could reduce the size of computer server farms.

Electric train test successful

Israel Railways has just completed the first full trial run of its new electric train service from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  The line is scheduled to be operational by the end of the year and provide a 28-minute service between Tel Aviv’s Haganah and Jerusalem’s Yitzhak Navon stations.

Israel prioritizes 32 ag-tech startups

32 of Israel’s best agriculture technology companies are to get more access to Government funds. They will also be showcased to investors looking for innovation in agriculture, especially biotechnology, robotics, sensors, plant protection, aquaculture, animals and IT systems.

Food system intelligence

One of the 32 Israeli Ag-tech startups above is Trellis. It uses Artificial Intelligence to help food and beverage companies optimize their supply chains. Its AI systems neutralize seasonal instability and risk of crop harvests with real time harvest predictions.