Saving people from fire

Israeli-founded A2Z Technologies Corp has developed two fire-safety products. The first is a vehicle system that includes turning the fuel in the gas tank into a gel in the event of a collision. The second is a fire-fighting robot that extinguishes fires from inside the fire. The 2nd video has English captions.

Intel’s new Israeli-developed processors

Intel announced two “made in Israel” microprocessors at CES 2021 - Rocket Lake and Alder Lake. Intel also announced its partnership with Israel’s Cybereason, who will develop the first PC hardware security solution to protect businesses against ransomware attacks.

How to get a job in hi-tech

So many non-technical Israelis and non-Israelis ask about how to begin a career in the well-paid, high demand hi-tech industry. This article gives some helpful tips.

Measuring the removal of CO2

Israel’s Albo combines Satellite imaging, Artificial Intelligence and computer models to help farming and forestry organizations implement the best environment friendly practices. Forests and agriculture are two of the top ways to remove (sequester) carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Radar defense for US tanks

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has just delivered its WindGuard (ELM-2133) radar systems to the American military. The radar system, which protects tanks from threats such as anti-tank missiles, has already been in use on Israel’s own Merkava tank for some time.

Air conditioner kills coronavirus

Israeli air conditioning company Tadiran has developed an air purifier that kills 99.999% of germs, bacteria and viruses including SARS-COV-2 that causes Covid-19. The “Air Care 02” system converts air moisture to hydrogen peroxide, which eradicates the pathogens.

A compressed air battery

Israel’s Augwind has won an Israeli government tender to build Israel’s first battery using compressed air technology, to store renewable energy and generate electricity when required. Augwind and France’s EDF will build and operate a power plant and storage system in Israel’s Negev desert.

Everything to ride on one app

Israel’s Ministry of Transportation has requested all ride-sharing companies to share their data for integrating on a single app to be developed by Netivei Ayalon (reported previously). Information includes vehicle availability, their location and the location of available parking spaces.

Another alternative to milk

Researchers from Tel Aviv University are developing vegan milk that comes “from yeast, not beast”. Like Israel’s Remilk (reported previously), the product has the same proteins, taste, aroma and texture as dairy milk, but no hormones, antibiotics, lactose or environmentally damaging cows.

Smart shopping trolleys

Israel’s Cust2Mate, now part of Israeli-founded A2Z Technologies Corp, has developed a smart shopping trolley. Input your shopping list into the mobile app, and the smart cart will guide you through the store. Currently in Israeli trials and soon reported to go on sale in the UAE.