Recycling dirty plastics

91% of plastic put into recycling bins ends up in landfills because it is dirty. But Israel’s KB-Recycling (being rebranded as Alkemy) has developed a method of turning dirty plastic into plastic sheeting used in construction to seal surfaces, for protecting floors during renovation work and much more.

Israel’s next astronaut

Eytan Stibbe will be Israel’s second astronaut, following the path of Ilan Ramon, when he launches to the International Space Station in 2021. Stibbe, 62, served in Israel’s Air Force for 43 years. He co-founded Israel’s Ramon Foundation which is financing his space mission plus Israel’s space experiments.

Content that matters

Israel’s Listory claims to be the world’s first content refinery. It allows the user to save time when reading information on the Internet. Listory aggregates and handpicks the most relevant stories, articles, podcasts, or videos that are based on your personal taste.

Cybersecurity for your car

Israel’s C2A Security (reported previously) has launched Autosec a security platform for car-makers and car-part providers. Autosec technology allows manufacturer to continually track all cybersecurity issues in their vehicles and fix any vulnerabilities automatically. C2A has also joined .

Where security is key

Israel’s Unbound Tech has solved a key problem for companies wanting to expand to new locations or into the Cloud - where to store all their security access keys? Unbound does it with software, cryptographically splitting a key into separate parts and then protecting each part in a different location.

Making shopping fun

Walmart’s partnership with Israeli startup EKO (reported previously) was explained by Walmart’s Chief Customer Officer Janey Whiteside at the “Mind The Tech” conference in New York. EKO uses storytelling to make retailers’ products appeal to consumers.

New drone R&D center

Israeli-Canadian drone startup SkyX (reported previously) is opening a research and development center in Israel. It is recruiting 50 employees, most in the fields of software development and image processing. SkyX’s UAVs inspect energy and rail sites, patrol borders and support search and rescue.

Making the future accessible

Israel’s Wheelshare provides mobility and independence to people with movement issues. It has installed wheelchair lending stations at most Israeli hospitals, accessible through a multilingual digital app. Its aim is to extend the service globally to include airports, shopping centers and more.

Are you listening?

Israel’s Noveto (reported previously) has launched its SoundBeamer 1.0 desktop device that beams sound directly to a listener without the need for headphones. You can now have your own personal sound bubble, listen to music, lectures, watch movies etc. without disturbing others in the room.  

Watt a car!

Israel’s Watt Car is developing a two-seater electric urban vehicle that has the flexibility of a motorcycle with the comfort of a sports car. Shaped like a wheel, the vehicle weighs some 450 kg, can reach a speed of around 120 kph (75 mph) and has a range of 200 km (120 miles). Four re-charging methods.