Extending electric car battery life

Israel’s Carrar has a novel thermal management solution to significantly increase the lifespan and efficiency of EV batteries. By keeping the battery at a steady, optimal temperature, its life is extended by up to 100%. It also improves acceleration performance, recharge time and much more.

A plant-based alternative to egg protein

Israel’s Fabumin has developed a plant-based alternative to the egg protein albumin. that is used commercially in cakes, mayonnaise, spreads, meat products, and more in a market worth some $14 billion. Fabumin is vegan, with no allergens, salmonella, cholesterol, or dairy.

Five European grants

The European Research Council has awarded grants of up to 2 million Euros each, to five researchers at Israel’s Technion to help them pursue their ideas. They address proton transfer in proteins; antimicrobials and amyloids; the fascia in neuro-immune communication; replacing toxic metals; and aging.

Biosensor to warn of crop diseases

Researchers at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University have developed varieties of potatoes that produce special proteins. If infected by potato blight, these proteins display fluorescent properties before the infection appears on the leaves of the plant, allowing early effective treatment.

Not just plant pots

Israel’s Bioplasmar produces biodegradable plant pots. It plans to use the technology to produce a wide range of other goods that are currently made of environmentally harmful materials such as plastic and polystyrene. Bioplasmar’s new German factory will also make larger, lighter, pots.

Cleaner steel production

Israel’s Helios (see previously) is known for its technology that could one day be activated to generate oxygen on the Moon. It now plans to replace coal in steel production with sodium, thus reducing CO2 emissions substantially. Sodium also uses less energy to reach 400 degrees instead of 1200.

Air purifier and analyzer

This article describes the tech that Israel’s Airovation (see previously) uses to remove CO2 from the air. Meanwhile, Airovation’s Airosphera air quality analyzer has been enhanced to enable all air purifier manufacturers to use its AI-based technology and make smarter indoor filters.

Saving the bees in California

Israel’s BeeHero (see previously) is installing 14 new bee research stations across California. Nearly 100,000 acres of crops have now been pollinated thanks to BeeHero’s platform. BeeHero is also expanding into Australia, Europe, South Africa, and South America.

Predicting the effect of cosmetics

Israel’s MeNow is an AI solution that predicts the impact of any ingredient or its combination on the skin of any individual or targeted masses of people. It can transform the formulation and distribution of cosmetics.  It can also help individuals identify the best product for themselves.

An app for nutritionists and patients

Israel’s Anydish enables healthcare professionals to develop personal nutrition plans for their patients – a kind of culinary prescription. It can also be used by individuals to take control of their eating habits and improve their medical condition and wellbeing.