Showcasing futuristic transportation

3,000 people attended each day of EcoMotion Week 2022 in Tel Aviv. They saw autonomous vehicles, algorithm-based traffic control, cybersecurity, and small-scale aviation solutions, such as drones and flying cars. Israel’s StoreDot demo’d recharging an EV battery in 10 minutes.

Study hi-tech now, pay later

Israel’s Masterschool has developed a network of schools that train students for careers in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and more. Students only pay the fees when they get a suitable job. There are currently 30 schools in 20 countries and plans for 70 more in the current year.

Israel seeks new heights

Informative article on the plans to build skyscrapers in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (Azrieli and Ramat Gan). Plus, the view in Haifa, where obscuring the skyline is definitely over the limit.

Prefab housing goes hi-tech

In contrast to Jerusalem’s Amir center (see ), Israel’s Veev (see previously) constructs beautiful, modern pre-fabricated houses. Veev built 78 units for the homeless in San Jose, in a fraction of the time, cost and carbon footprint of traditional housing.

Leading the in-tree intelligence revolution

Anat Halgoa, Co-Founder and CEO at Israel’s Saturas (see previously) discuss its device that can monitor the health and needs of trees.

No driver needed to park your car

Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety has decided following testing, to allow vehicles to identify a space and park independently of the driver. The automated parking option is available on the Tesla, and a similar function is on Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 electric vehicles sold in Israel.

Expanding universe of SpaceTech

The Israel Space Agency and Innovation Authority is investing NIS 600 million over 5 years to boost Israel’s space industry. It also plans to launch the Shalom satellite for commercial research, in partnership with the Italian space agency. And Tel Aviv held the ISP-TYPE5 SpaceTech Summit.

Detecting wildfires before they spread

Israel’s Terra Space Lab aims to alert firefighters to forest fires before they “explode”, wreaking havoc on biodiversity and people’s homes. It will launch some 25 tiny CubeSats into space, each with remote sensing Earth Observation technology to scan large areas of the planet in real-time.

Enabling intelligent decision-making

Israel’s Pyramid Analytics (see previously) has developed a decision intelligence platform that aims to help business managers make faster, more intelligent decisions. Clients include Liberty of London, Siemens, VW, London Stock Exchange, and Deloitte.

Partnering South Korea to develop robotics tech

Israel’s Innovation Authority has launched the Lighthouse Program together with the Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation. It will fund joint Israel-Korean robotics projects up to $5.3 million in sectors including health, social and agriculture.  Also, see previously.