The best inventions of 2021

Four Israeli inventions feature in TIME magazine’s 100 Best Inventions for 2021. They are OrCam’s Read (text to audio), Percepto’s AIM (drone software), SupPlant’s plant irrigation sensors, and ElectReon smart road. All have been featured previously in this newsletter.

The largest solar field in the US

Israel’s Doral Energy (see previously) is building what will become the largest solar field in the United States. Indiana’s Mammoth Project will ultimately produce 1.3 gigawatts of electricity – sufficient to power over one hundred and seventy thousand households.

A grateful Jerusalem garbage can

A garbage bin installed next to a bus stop in Jerusalem applauds those who use it. Drop a piece of trash in, and a recording of a child’s voice says, “Thank you very much!”. It’s part of an initiative by local residents to clean up the streets in the Pat neighborhood of the city.  It is silent on Shabbat.  

FoodTech winner

Israel’s ProFuse Technology won FoodTech 2021 using Israel’s Weizmann Institute’s technology to accelerate the growth of cultured meat cells. ProFuse will receive up to $100,000 for commercial integration with Tnuva, or as an investment, and up to NIS 50,000 for advertising on Calcalist Digital.  

Non-stop checkout in central London

Israel’s Trigo (see previously) is powering the first autonomous checkout-free grocery store. Tesco Express in High Holborn central London has ceiling cameras that customers to take items and walk out without stopping at the checkout. Payments and receipts are settled digitally.

Sushi beer & ice cream by air

The Israel National Drone Network Initiative (see previously) entered its 3rd phase (of eight) with drones delivering sushi, beer and ice cream orders to the waiting media. The 10-day demonstration tested drone flights above urban areas in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Ramat Sharon, Herzliya and Hadera.

Israel approves air filtration system

Israel’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that the air filtration system from Israel’s Aura Smart Air successfully neutralizes nearly 100% of Covid-19 viruses in an enclosed space. Aura will now market the system to Israeli institutions, especially in the health and education sectors.

Vertical take-off air taxi is revealed

After four years of operating in secret, the Israeli startup AIR (see previously) has unveiled its AIR ONE electric vertical takeoff and landing self-driving vehicle. The two-seater plane will have a range of 100 miles and a maximum speed of 155 mph. Production target is 2024.

Israel to import tech workers

Israel is to allow foreign students studying engineering subjects in Israel to receive a visa to continue working here. Also, foreign tech experts will be granted visas, in order to meet the government's target of 15% of Israel's work force employed in the tech sector by 2026.

Emergency communications network

Israel’s Commtact has unveiled a real-time wireless communications network for first responders. CommNet is also designed for large events and command-and-control center teams. The software-defined radios operate in rugged conditions over a wide range of radio frequencies.