8 satellites launched into space

See the excitement of the Israeli students as they watch their eight tiny satellites launched into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral. Students from schools across Israel gathered in Herzliya to see the culmination of their 3 years of work.

12th-gen Intel-Israel chip launched

Intel launched the Israeli-developed Core i9 12900HK 12th generation mobile processor for laptops at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Intel also is to install the versatile synchronization product from newly acquired Israel’s Screenovate into its premium Evo PCs.

Can a goldfish drive a car?

A goldfish has successfully navigated a robotic car in new research from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University. The goldfish in a water tank was able to steer a robotic vehicle across a room to obtain a reward. It was even able to maneuver a vehicle on a public road.  Like a fish on a bicycle? Not anymore.

Solving rush hour traffic jams

Israel’s Intelligent Traffic Control (ITC – see previously) aims to ease the problem of rush hour traffic jams by responding quickly to them. ITC accumulates data, analyzes & predicts traffic patterns, and implements a traffic light plan as soon as the pattern is detected.

A self-driving super-chip

Intel’s Israeli-based Mobileye has unveiled a “super-computer” chip to power autonomous driving. Mobileye says the EyeQ Ultra system-on-chip (SOC) will perform 176 trillion operations per second (TOPS) and will handle all the needs and applications of ADAS Level 4 (L4) autonomous driving.

Automated circuit checking

Israel’s CADY uses AI technology to perform automatic inspections of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) in cars, computers, phones etc. It cross-checks the datasheets of chips and electrical components in the electrical schematic against connections in the design to detect errors at an early stage.

Superfood from discarded milk

Israel’s Maolac (see previously) is the first company in the world to produce a nutrient-rich food supplement from bovine pre-milk colostrum – a by-product of the dairy industry, of which 5 billion liters are currently dumped down the drain at dairies every year.

Virtual events at BGU

Register for up to 3 free web events hosted by Israel’s Ben Gurion University. Jan 26 – “Pursue an M.D. or MBA Degree in English”; Feb 9 – “SheSpace – Empowering Young Women in Science”; Feb 16 – “Are Robots the Future of Physical Therapy?”  All start at noon US Eastern Time.

Fighting fire with technology

TeleFire is Israel’s largest manufacturer of fire safety systems. It provides the hardware and software needed to help prevent, detect, and extinguish fires. It enables fast building evacuation with voice, horns, and firefighter support. It features fire suppression, smoke management and cybersecurity.

41 new wind turbines

Israel’s Energix Renewable Energies is to build 41 wind turbines in the Golan Heights. Each turbine will be 200 meters tall, creating the largest and most advanced wind farm in Israel to date. The project will enable the supply of clean energy to tens of thousands of Israeli homes.