Satellite to honor Oct 7 victims

They destroy, we build.  Israel’s Technion and Israel Aerospace Industries are building a communications satellite called NOVA-SAT in memory of the victims of the Nova festival. It also honors Captain (res.) Denis Krokhmalov Veksler who died in Gaza before he could start his Technion studies.

Growing dairy proteins in potatoes

Israel’s Evogene has partnered with the Kitchen Foodtech Hub to form Finally Foods. It is developing plant-based alternatives to meat, based on casein – the protein in dairy products, using potatoes to host cultivation. The proteins will then be used to make vegan milk, cheese, emulsifiers etc.

Autonomous bulldozer

The IDF has begun to deploy unmanned 50-ton D9 “Panda” bulldozers in Gaza. It is the world’s first significant involvement of such ground robotic tools in combat, reducing the risk to IDF personnel. The Pandas are built by ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.

Light up your life

Israel’s Solight channels natural sunlight from 8am to 4pm into indoor spaces using mirrors from a rooftop solar collector. It provides health benefits to those stuck inside and cuts exposure to artificial light. It also cuts the cost of providing artificial lighting in schools, hospitals and industrial buildings.

Security for GenAI

Generative AI systems such as ChatGPT are used in 80% of Fortune 500 companies. But they have risks including data breaches, malicious injections, and copyright violations. Israel’s Apex Security aims to protect those systems. Investors include Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI.

AI institute launched

Israel’s Ben-Gurion University has launched 'The Institute' - an artificial intelligence initiative to promote Israel's leadership in implementing AI capabilities in cyber, medical, finance and education. Initially a mentoring team of Israeli AI experts will train the CEOs of leading companies.

Restoring the wetlands

This article describes the latest progress of the SPNI (Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel) project to turn 2,000 acres of unprofitable fish-farms, south of Haifa, back into swamp. Its environmental and tourism benefits will exceed those of the popular Hula Valley – another restored wetland.

Detox Project certification for greens

The Detox Project, renowned for its scientific assessment of toxic chemicals in food and supplements globally, awarded quality certifications to GreenOnyx (see previously). Its superfood product, Wanna Greens, is the first CleanScan-certified brand globally.

Turning jellyfish into food protein

Gal Admati (see previously) founded Qortein during his time as an evacuee in a Jerusalem hotel. This article describes how Qortein uses Tel Aviv University technology to turn jellyfish (a dangerous invasive species) into a protein source to help combat global food shortages.

Digital metal casting

Israel’s Magnus Metals has reinvented the 6,000-year-old metal casting processed. Its volume alloy Digital Casting System and process saves months of time, 50% of costs, 70% of raw materials, and 50% of energy. It increases safety, simplicity, accuracy, and flexibility in the manufacture of alloys.