Campus satellite launches into space

TAU-SAT1, Tel Aviv University's first nanosatellite, launched into space from Virginia, USA on its way to the International Space Station. When placed into orbit TAU-SAT1 will conduct several experiments, including measurement of the cosmic radiation around the Earth.   (actual launch) (lecture about the satellite, followed by launch)

VeryGoodNewsIsrael on zoom

This newsletter editor gave his first-ever zoom presentation “Good Times, Better Times” last week, focusing on some of Israel’s groundbreaking technological innovations.  Luckily, the recording doesn’t reveal his shaking legs!

Beating bad bots

Israel’s PerimeterX defends web businesses with Bot Defender, Code Defender, and Page Defender. It says it proactively managed threats to $100 billion of e-commerce revenue in 2020.

Simulating physical stores online

Israel’s ByondXR is helping Coca-Cola, Target, Lancôme and other major brands and retailers to re-create the physical shopping experience for customers, but on the Internet. It immerses the customer and brings stores to life virtually.

Preventing Avian flu

Israel’s eggXYt uses a gene-editing platform to develop genetic resistance in chickens against avian influenza. eggXYt (reported previously) has also developed an ultrasound egg check that spares male chicks from being hatched. MIT selected eggXYt for its Sustainable Food Systems Challenge.

Light up your workout

Israel’s Blazepod (reported previously) is now being used by some 300,000 athletes in 120 countries since its launch in mid-2019. Ideal for home workouts, BlazePod’s “Flash Reflex Training,” uses small LED “pods” that blink in eight colors to guide your exercise routine.

Vaccine delivery by drone

Israel’s Gadfin (reported previously) is preparing its drones for delivery of COVID-19 vaccines by fitting them with a vaccine delivery-compliant compartment that can maintain minus 80° centigrade for up to three hours. Gadfin’s goal is an all-weather “railroad in the sky”.

Dispensing full PPE uniforms

Israel’s Polytex dispenses clean uniforms and collects used ones in a fully automated, hands-free system. More than 3,000 Polytex machines have been installed in 20 countries.

Dispensing sterile gloves

Israel’s IGIN Tech (part of AIDOR International) has launched a smart machine that automatically fits disposable sterile gloves onto your hands in less than 5 seconds with no waste. Designed by Israel’s Geomatrix, it is suitable for hospitals, food preparation facilities and more. Many smart control features.

Center for Artificial Intelligence

Tel Aviv University has launched its new Multidisciplinary Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS) to train the next generation of researchers and industrialists in the sophisticated and complex world of deep science. The center was launched during TAU's annual AI Week.