Intel’s $10 billion factory

On top of $200 million and $600 million recent investments in Israel, Intel Israel CEO Yaniv Garty just announced the planned building of a new $10 billion chip plant in Israel.

Nothing new under the Sun

Israel’s Shahar Solutions, founded by Ariel University Professor Gadi Golan and Natan Shahar have made a device to capture 100% of carbon dioxide emissions from engines and power plants. Then solar energy plus the 1897 Sabatier process converts the CO2 into methane to feed back into power plants.

Pandemic tech award

Israel’s TechSee (see previously) has won a 2021 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award from TMC Labs for TechSee Live. The software allows a virtual technician or expert to see exactly what the customer sees and help fix problems remotely – a vital service during the coronavirus crisis.

The right security posture

Israel’s Perimeter 81 has launched Device Posture Check (DPC). DPC ensures that only security-compliant devices can be connected to a company’s network. So even if a hacker used a valid user-ID and password, they wouldn’t be able to gain access to corporate data.

Helping businesses manage cyber risk

Israel’s VisibleRisk is a joint venture between Moody’s and Israel’s Team8. Its aim is to enable business leaders to understand, manage and communicate cyber risk in financial terms. They can then take affirmative action to reduce the organization’s exposure to cyber security threats.

Converting 777s

Israel Aerospace Industries is to establish a facility in South Korea to convert Boeing 777 planes from passenger to freight (P2F). There is a high demand for wide-body cargo planes with long-flight capacity. IAI plans to perform six (P2F) conversions per year, beginning in 2024.

Training for data scientists

Israel’s Pagaya has launched a first-of-its-kind 16-week fully paid course to train data scientists, for which there is an acute shortage in Israel. University graduates in certain science, math and engineering subjects can apply, with the opportunity for full-time employment with Pagaya on completion.

A teleport in Chile

Israel’s Gilat Satellite Networks has selected by Telefonica to equip the strategic teleport in Arica, Chile. The teleport is located under gateway beams of multiple satellites. Gilat’s platform will support rural Internet for schools and can provide broadband access and cellular backhaul throughout Latin America.

Nail it every time

Israel’s Nimble has developed a home robot for automatic nail polish application. It uses 3D imaging and artificial intelligence to paint and dry your nails. Select a color, insert nail polish capsules and then your hand. After 3D-scanning, a robotic arm paints the nails in four coats, dried by hot air. All in 10 minutes.

Virus resistant tomatoes

Israel’s TomaTech has a range of tomato varieties with intermediate resistance to the brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) that is ruining 50% of global tomato crops (see for another Israeli-developed variety). TomaTech has now filed a patent for the DNA markers that identify high resistance traits.