Hydrogen from water and solar energy

Researchers at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have developed the world’s first (prototype) system for the efficient and safe production of hydrogen using only solar energy.

App turns B&W photos into color

Israeli family tree software company MyHeritage has launched a groundbreaking feature to automatically colorize black and white photos. It brings family pictures to life and helps relate more personally to events and people from times gone by. See the youtube to watch the process.

Turning carbon waste into gas for energy

Scientists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University have developed a technology to turn carbon-containing waste into gas, including hydrogen and methane that can be burnt to produce energy. The process involves heated and pressurized water that decomposes organic matter.

The 4th industrial revolution

Israel’s II4 (Israel Industry 4) Week 2020 at Expo Tel Aviv (Feb 24 – 27) is one of the world’s largest industrial innovation technology conferences. Delegates from 15 countries will hear the latest advances in automation, AI, IoT, cloud computing etc. that are revolutionizing industrial production.

Giving AI power to memory

Scientists at Israel’s Technion Institute have partnered with Israel’s TowerJazz to develop technology for adapting flash memory to the artificial intelligence era. It transforms digital hardware into a platform resembling the human brain - capable of performing millions of simultaneous processes.

Microgrids for more efficient energy

Israel’s Brightmerge has developed artificial intelligence algorithms to help countries and cities move to decentralized “microgrids.” They are less expensive and more sustainable than a single electricity supply grid. They also reduce carbon emissions and are more resilient to power-outages.

A Global AI energy company

Israeli-founded Grid4C has been selected as one of five leading AI companies in the Energy Market among ABB, Siemens, GE, and IBM in "Global AI in Energy Market Analysis and Forecast 2019-2025" report by CMFE Insights. It also raised $6 million in funds.

Making sensitive data invisible

Researchers from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University have developed the first all-optical “stealth” encryption technology. It uses fiber-optic light transmissions to secure cloud computing and data center network transmission. It works on the principle that if you can’t detect it, you can’t steal it.

Where is the bus stop?

Israel’s Moovit has launched Way Finder, an augmented reality feature that adds digital directions, icons, and notifications to live camera view to help users locate correct bus stops and subway stations. It was in response to a user who said he was waiting for the bus on the wrong side of the street.

Drone dome tests are 100% successful

Israeli defense technology company Rafael’s Counter – Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) protects airports and critical infrastructure against malicious drones. Recent testing has resulted in 100% success in all scenarios.