Vegan meat from seeds

Israel’s More Foods (see previously) takes crushed pumpkin and sunflower seeds from oil makers and turns them into clean-label vegan ‘meat’ for restaurants and caterers. The alternative meats, are certified kosher, contain 27% protein, 7% fiber, iron, calcium, potassium and just 1% saturated fat.

Streaming to millions

Technology developed by Microsoft’s Israeli R&D team enables video streaming to millions of on-line participants without overloading a company’s network. The secure, easy to install technology was developed by Israel’s Peer5 (see previously), which Microsoft acquired last year.

Now we’re cooking

Israel’s HomeBiogas (see previously) is offering household versions of its anaerobic digester, which turns organic waste into gas. Your food waste could produce enough biogas for two hours’ cooking a day, and a rich fertilizer for your garden. Plus, you help the environment. Over 15,000 sold already.

Growing Brazilian superfruit

The acai is a palm tree that grows in Brazil’s tropical region of the Amazon basin. Its fruit is of great importance in the Brazilian economy. Israeli agriculture tech, including precise irrigation and sensors, will now allow these trees to be cultivated in drier areas in the heart of Brazil.

Fast-growing, disease-free avocados

Israel’s Bestree, a spinoff from Israel’s MIGAL Galilee Research Institute, has developed avocados from cultivated tissue rather than from seeds. Using sterilized tissue prevents transmission of diseases, improves the quality of the fruit, and speeds up the growth process.

Slaughter-free lamb

Israel’s Future Meat Technologies (see previously) has produced its first cultivated lamb, which it says looks, cooks and tastes like conventional ground lamb meat, without harming a single animal. The company isolated fibroblast cells from Awassi sheep in 2019.

Dairy-free “milk” chocolate

Israelis Daniel and Elia Barkat are vegans, but they missed delicious creamy milk chocolate, so, they developed their own vegan chocolate. It is sold all over Israel under the brand name “Panda Chocolate”. They have just started selling it in the USA, under the brand name “Seventh Heaven”.

Safe infotainment in your vehicle

Israel’s OVO Automotive enables fleet managers to provide drivers with in-vehicle applications independent of automakers and Apple/Google. These applications run in the cloud and stream to the vehicle screen without compromising safety and security of the vehicle, driver, or passengers.

Water from the air in your car

Mullen Automotive has signed a partnership with Israel’s Watergen (see previously) to develop and equip Mullen’s portfolio of electric vehicles with the ability to produce fresh drinking water from thin air. The aim is to provide up to 5 liters of hot or cold water daily.

Two ways to purify the air

Israel’s Airovation (see ) has two indoor air purifying devices: The “Air-O”, which treats CO2, volatile organic compounds in harmful gases, airborne viruses, and bacteria; and the “Airosphera”, which uses sensors to measure conditions for infants and treat the air around them.