Higher steaks (animal-free)

Israel’s Aleph Farms (reported previously) has announced that it has 3D-printed the world’s first laboratory cultivated rib-eye steak, complete with all the flavor and texture of regular meat, minus the harm to animals. Previously, Aleph Farms only 3D-printed thin cuts of meat.

Drone finds its way without GPS

Israel’s Sightec (reported previously) has achieved the first-ever autonomous flight of a drone to its destination without GPS navigation. The drone flew five routes in southern Israel using Sightec’s NavSight software, that turns its cameras into smart “self-aware” sensors.

An iToF camera

Israel’s Tower Semiconductor (reported previously) and China’s OPIX have developed a Time-of-Flight (iToF) technology platform where sensors accurately measure the distance to an object. Its applications include 3D imaging, face recognition, Augmented Reality, industrial inspection and robotics.

A virtual global SIM card

Israel’s Simtex provides a solution for travelers needing a low-cost Internet data-only package overseas for their smartphone, tablet or computer. No physical SIM is needed, just scan a QR Code. Most countries available.

Oracle opens cloud data center in Jerusalem

US tech giant Oracle, with Israeli systems integrator Bynet Data Communications, is launching an underground data center in Jerusalem. Oracle is the first global tech giant to open a cloud region in Israel and stated it constitutes “an unprecedented investment in Jerusalem”.

Safe herbicide controls resistant weeds

Israel’s AgPlenus (reported previously) has developed APH1 - a new herbicide that effectively controlled weeds and grass known to have resistance to existing herbicides. APH1 had no harmful effect on agricultural crops such as corn and cereals.

AI machine is a mathematical genius

Professor Ido Kaminer of Israel’s Technion Institute has developed the Ramanujan Machine - an Artificial Intelligent device and program to generate new mathematical formulae. He has just published the 19 hardest to prove hypotheses it has generated over the last two years.

120 cyber companies on one page

Glilot Capital and IVC have published a map showing over 120 of Israel’s largest private cyber companies. They are split into 14 areas: access, application, blockchain, cloud, email, endpoint, fraud, IoT, network, ops & threats intelligence, privacy, vulnerability, web & workload protection.

Speeding up websites

Israel’s Zaraz (formally known as Sweeps) helps reduce the time taken to load a website. It does this by optimizing the loading of third-party tools, connecting these using the website’s server instead of by the user’s browser. It claims a 40% improvement to company website loading times.

Vehicle AC removes coronavirus

Auto Cool is Israel’s leading manufacturer of customized Air Conditioning (AC) systems for commercial vehicles and trucks since 1982.  It says its ADS3000 system will remove any virus from buses, trains, taxis, vehicle fleets, and ambulances in Israel and around the world. It is being installed in 60 Metro Kav vehicles in Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Holon and Rishon Lezion. (Hebrew)