Israeli elected head of CERN

Israeli physicist Professor Eliezer Rabinovici was elected President of the council of CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Prof Rabinovici specializes in theoretical high-energy physics, particularly quantum field theory and string theory.

An electric & hydrogen truck

UK-based Tevva, (see ) co-founded by Asher Bennett, brother of Israel’s Prime Minister, has unveiled a 7.5-tonne electric truck, for mass production in the UK. It has a 250km range in pure battery (BEV) mode or up to 500 km with its hydrogen-based patented range extender (REX) technology.

Honey buzzard treated and released

Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority hospital for wild animals treated a European honey buzzard found with a fracture to its clavicle (collarbone). The injury was most likely from a collision while migrating through Israel. The buzzard was freed at the Palmachim nature reserve.

Heads up for the sea horse

Seahorses swim slowly but prey on small, quick-moving animals.  Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered that seahorses can move their head up in an incredible 0.002 seconds. This causes a powerful flow of water that snags their prey right into the seahorse's mouth.

Light-emitting fabrics

Israel’s Ganit Goldstein (see previously) has taken her innovative sustainable textile developments even further. Working with Swiss textile company Saurer, she has now embedded electronics and VR applications to enable the garments to react to body gestures and glow in the dark.

Making better crops

Israel’s BetterSeeds is using Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR gene-editing technology to enhance some of our most vital of crops, such as cucumbers, cowpeas (black-eyed peas), soybeans and other legumes. For example, it is producing cucumbers that grow in fields rather than trellises, for easier harvesting.

Hi-tech vanilla production

Israel’s Vanilla Vida aims to capture 15% of the $3 billion vanilla industry with its proprietary greenhouse methods for controlling how and when the valued orchid blooms. The startup also aims to reduce the price of natural vanilla, making artificial vanilla (from petrochemicals) much less attractive.

Raising spirits from beer

The mission of Israel’s Verstill (see previously) is to revolutionize the craft spirits industry. It has partnered with the Israel-based Malka craft brewery to help it produce and scale its very first beer-based spirit, named "Distilled Malka" and launched a second edition.

US innovation award

Israel’s Utilis (see previously) has won the Innovation Award of the nonprofit American Water Works Association for its Asterra product line using patented algorithms to locate and assess underground leaks and other hazards around critical infrastructure from ground-penetrating satellite images.

Using AI to reduce travel delays

Israel’s Intellact (see previously) uses artificial intelligence to analyze millions of CCTV cameras at airports, seaports etc., to identify operational bottlenecks and hazards, to increase efficiency and improve safety. Intellact is conducting a pilot with El Al at Ben Gurion airport.