Now we’re cooking

Israel’s Redefine Meat (reported previously) has produced what it says is the first plant-based 3D-printed kosher and pareve steak with the texture, taste and look of the real thing. It will start testing the steaks soon at high-end restaurants in Israel, followed by marketing in Israel and elsewhere.

Enhancing photos

Israeli genealogy company MyHeritage Ltd. (reported previously ) has launched Photo Enhancer, that brings blurred, low-resolution or low-quality photos into sharp focus. Newsletter readers may remember when MyHeritage launched its app that turns B&W photos into color.

The re-invented workplace

Israel’s Spike has developed a mobile application to handle the way people are working in the new post-Covid-19 workplace. Spike puts existing e-mails into a multimedia mobile messaging, chat-like interface enhanced with voice calls, video calls, memos, reminders and the option to share documents.

Fishing in data lakes

Israel’s Upsolver helps companies trawl through the huge volumes of data that they have accumulated to extract key information and make important decisions. Upsolver has just raised $13 million from companies including Israel’s JVP, to help its expansion in North America.

Ahead of the Curv

Israeli startup Curv has developed innovative encryption technology for securing blockchain assets. It enables the transfer, storage, and management of any digital asset on any blockchain or distributed log. Customers transfer billions of dollars each month on Curv’s security platform.

Smart detection of cyber-attacks

Israeli cybersecurity startup Hunters can detect cyber-attacks that are usually overlooked. It uses automation tools that identify and cross-reference various IT attack strategies. Hunters has just received $15 million of funding from companies including Microsoft’s M12 investment arm.

Taking note of the treatment

Israel’s Simply Speak uses Artificial Intelligence to help physicians document their interactions when treating patients remotely using telemedicine tools. It enables doctors to focus entirely on the patient while the software extracts meaningful medical notes from doctor-patient conversations.

A portable oxygen generator

Israel’s Oxygenium has developed an ultra-portable oxygen generator. The 45 x 18 cm device would help Covid-19 patients needing oxygen and ventilation. It can save wounded soldiers and accident victims and help patients needing oxygen at home and even mountain climbers.

Israeli drone defense technology

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Israel’s Iron Drone are to integrate Iron Drone’s interception capabilities with IAI’s ‘Drone Guard’ anti-drone system. Drone Guard uses advanced radar, sensors and computer vision that can detect, lock onto and neutralize drones as they enter Israeli airspace.

Nano onion lubricants are out of this world

Scientists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University are the first in the world to produce sizable amounts of "nano-onion" structures from boron nitride. They make remarkable lubricants and NASA has already requested samples of BN nano-onions for possible use on US satellites.