Recycling waste in the Netherlands

Israel’s UBQ Materials (reported previously) is to open its first full-scale production facility in the Netherlands. It will convert landfill waste into some 70,000 tons of sustainable, thermoplastic material for producing pipes, floors, bins, shipping pallets, crates and more.

Storybook app for educating children

Israel’s Amit Tishler is one of the co-founders of PopBase – an award-winning tool for producing interactive content with minimal effort. PopBase is developing Woodland Fables - a storybook game that helps kids make healthy life choices such as balanced nutrition, sleep, and physical fitness.

From pilot to programmer

After 10 years in the IAF and 4.5 years as an El Al pilot, Stav Nemirovsky retrained as a computer programmer. Thanks to an IAF veterans’ association, he landed a job in the professional services department of Israeli cybersecurity company Guardicore.

Helicopter drones

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled its new MultiFlyer non-military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) squadron of small helicopters. It will be used to monitor disaster areas, guide rescue missions, help with traffic control in large-scale events, and track agriculture or marine areas.

Micro satellites for research and rescue

Israel Aerospace Industries is partnering Israel’s Technion Institute in its ADELIS-SAMSON project, to develop 3 new micro satellites to be launched this year. Their purpose is to help search and rescue operations, conduct remote sensing, and carry out environmental monitoring missions.

Robotic arm for Covid-19 testing

The Israeli R&D center of Japan’s Yaskawa Electric has built a robotic arm that can conduct around 2,800 Covid-19 tests a day and has been installed in the IDF’s main Covid-19 testing lab. The arm is faster than human testers, less error prone and can free up staff for other tasks.

Israeli-Italian satellite launched

Israeli and Italian space agencies have successfully launched the DIDO-3 nanosatellite. It is part of a series of satellites built by Israeli-Swiss company SpacePharma that Israeli and Italian scientists are using to conduct micro-gravity experiments into antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Are you wearing your mask?

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center is using the software from Israel’s AnyVision to persuade its visitors to wear masks and to wear them correctly. The facial recognition system displays positive or negative messages on nearby screens depending if and how a person is wearing a mask.

Social robots teach children language skills

Tel Aviv University scientists have used robots to help teach 5 to 9-year-olds how to decipher words. They tested 50 children on their ability to identify verb roots and nouns. They then gave the kids short robot-led activity-based sessions, which dramatically improved their test results.

Higher yield crops in salty soil

Israel’s Salicrop (reported previously) has just completed 3 years of field trials in Israel, India and Spain of its seed crops that thrive in saline (salty) soil. Salicrop soaks its seeds in a proprietary chemical cocktail, under very strict conditions and achieved an increase in yield of up to 32%.