Honey without bees

In the land of Milk and Honey, Israel’s Bee-io Honey is developing cultured honey in the laboratory. It uses natural nectar and an “artificial bee stomach,” to simulate the enzymatic activity, conditions and processes that occur in the bee’s stomach. Bee-io Honey has just listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Materials for tomorrow’s world

Israel’s Materials Zone (see previously) has developed a smart AI platform for discovering new innovative compounds. It analyzes research data to help develop glass that makes electricity, low carbon concrete, personal X-ray filters and so many applications than cannot yet be imagined.

Protecting employees in the office

Israel’s Canario has developed two smart wearable devices to help protect staff from viruses and contamination. The Canario Proximity will identify anyone who was within 2 meters of an infected person so that they can be quarantined. The other device detects air pollutants and radiation.

Using Google to detect Red Palm Weevil infestations

Damage caused by Red Palm Weevils is monumental.  Scientists at Israel’s Ben Gurion University used Artificial Intelligence to recognize healthy palm trees and infested trees from Google Aerial and Street View images. Their work could save millions of palm trees.

A robotic pollinator for greenhouses

Israel’s Arugga is developing an autonomous robot for treating and monitoring individual plants in greenhouses. Its first module - TRATA - is a robotic pollinator for greenhouse-grown tomatoes. It recognizes pollination-ready flowers and applies calibrated air pulses to the selected flower.

Learn online without a computer

Israel’s Classi turns any TV into a remove education platform. Download the software onto any Android TV converter (costing less than $100). Add a web camera and an optional keyboard and mouse and your TV becomes a laptop alternative that provides Zoom, YouTube, Word and Excel.

Magic connection for factory systems

Israel’s Magic Software (see previously) has launched FactoryEye to help medium-sized factories increase productivity and efficiency. It connects all production machines and IT systems under one platform providing AI tools, forecasts, and analytics.

Helping fight crime

Israeli startup Forenza has developed a new subscription-based data platform to help police forces and private investigators solve crimes. Forenza uses publicly available (no privacy issues) open sources, digital forensic evidence, and business intelligence from public social media platforms.

FIFA to test Israeli smart shoe device

Israel’s Playermaker makes a shoe-mounted device used to track performance by some 150 soccer academies and teams including Liverpool and Arsenal. It has now been accepted by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) for its Innovation Program.

Self-driving algorithms

Israel’s SAIPS (see previously) was acquired by Ford in 2016. It is now preparing to help Ford test its autonomous cars in Tel Aviv.  SAIPS develops real-time algorithms that help the vehicle understand its environment and connect to 3D maps of the self-driving vehicle’s surroundings.