Israeli apps for Yom HaShoah

Ahead of Yom Hashoah, Microsoft rolled out an AI platform for Zikaron Basalon events with survivors. Google’s Waze navigation app mapped 1,200 meeting locations across Israel. Meanwhile, Meta in Israel launched the “Sharing Memories” project (Ma’alim Zikaron in Hebrew).

A revolution in publishing

Israel’s Spines is described as the world’s first comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) publishing platform. Its features include proofreading, formatting, cover design, eBooks, print-on-demand, royalty management and distribution over an extensive network of global channels.

Innovating for a water-starved planet

Recent article by author Paul Driessen that describes how Israel’s inspiration, innovation, perspiration, and technology can overcome climate challenges.

Growing egg protein inside potatoes

Israel’s PoLoPo (see previously) based on Kibbutz Gan Shlomo, is using molecular farming (creating useful proteins inside plants) to get potatoes to cultivate egg white protein. The aim is to help reduce the food shortage for an increasing world population.

Removing CO2 from US lake

Israel’s BlueGreen Water Technologies (see previously) removed algae from the Mantua Reservoir in Utah, USA, equating to nearly 13,000 tonnes of atmospheric CO2. It marked the world’s first-ever verified removal of CO2 by eradicating harmful algal blooms in freshwater.

Protection from Ransomware

Israel’s Morphisec (see previously) has launched its Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite. Its components automate the identification of high risks and misconfigurations, protect against infiltration, and use decoy strategies to defend critical assets, reduce recovery time and impact of any attack.

Be aware, stay safe

Israel’s Cywareness trains employees to guard against cyber-attack. The sophisticated tool simulates realistic attempted security breaches of a company’s computers and emails. It tries to fool employees into providing passwords or loading malicious software. It provides learning experiences without actual risks.

Israeli school wins international robot contest

Team Orbit 1690 from the ORT Atid Cramim Binyamina High School, has won the international robotics competition (known as FIRST) in Houston, Texas, beating 600 other teams from around the world.

Can (Israeli) science save the planet

This webinar featured four Professors from Israel’s Technion Institute who explained their research that could have a major positive impact on our environment. In the Q&As I asked Prof Diesendruck if Israeli startups (e.g., UBQ) had solved the problem of sorting “dirty” plastics for recycling.

Is it fresh

Israel’s Biotip has developed a sticker that can tell whether meat products in the fridge are still fresh and fit for consumption. It measures the amount of microbes (which include viruses, parasites and bacteria) in a food product. The sticker turns from blue to white when the meat is no longer safe to eat.