An Israeli electric road in Sweden

I reported previously on the wireless vehicle road charging technology developed by Israel-based Electreon Wireless. Sweden has just selected Electreon’s technology for the construction of the world’s first dynamic electric road system – a 1.6km section near Visby, Gotland.

World’s tallest solar tower is operational

I’ve reported previously on the 240 meter-high Megalim solar power plant at Ashalim in Israel’s Negev Desert.  The world’s tallest solar tower is now up and running, producing up to 300MW – enough to power up to 150,000 homes.

Energy from the depths to the heights

I’ve reported previously on Israeli-founded geothermal company Ormat Technologies. Ormat has just won a tender to build a geothermal plant pilot in Potosi, Bolivia. At nearly 5000 meters above sea level, it will be the highest geothermal plant in the world.

An app to help breed protein-rich foods

I reported previously on Israel’s Equinom which is developing non-GMO seeds that produce high-yielding, protein-rich crops. Equinom has just launched its new Product Profiler app to help food companies select plant protein sources from a bank of available traits.

Three Israeli Edison awards

The annual International Edison Awards promote technological innovation with over 3,000 judges. This year’s Israeli winners were Foresight , Temi Global and SolarEdge .

Driverless cars can “feel” the road

Israel’s Tactile Mobility uses artificially intelligent algorithms to analyze big data from sensors on multiple vehicles. The results are downloaded to autonomous cars, which contain software to help them to “sense” the road grip level. The car then can feel the road like a human driver.

Changing the future, today

21 April 2019 was World Creativity and Innovation Day but, as this video highlights, here in Israel that's EVERY DAY!

US-Israel scientific alliance

Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the American National Academy of Sciences and Humanities have signed a cooperation agreement. It includes provision for two annual scientific conferences one in Israel and one in the US for eminent scientists in various fields from both countries.

So close

SpaceIL’s spacecraft was just a few kilometers from the Moon when engine failure caused Beresheet to crash land. However, Israel is one of only 7 countries to put a spacecraft into Moon orbit - and the Israeli flag is on the Moon! SpaceIL subsequently won a $1 million Google Lunar XPRIZE in recognition of "a new era in space exploration." Finally, breaking news - primary sponsor Morris Kahn has just announced Beresheet 2.

Israeli radar system to protect Beijing airport

Beijing Capital International Airport has selected foreign object detection (FOD) technology from Israel’s Xsight Systems . The system will be installed on the airport’s east runway, protecting take-offs and landings from debris, birds, and other hazardous objects.