Free fast WiFi for Jerusalem

The municipality of Jerusalem has introduced free wireless internet in Israel’s Capital city center for residents, business users and visitors. It boasts speeds of 16Mb, much faster than that of Tel Aviv’s free service.

Endor wins innovation program

I reported previously on Israel’s Endor Software and its predictive question and answer system. Endor has just won MetLife Korea’s innovation program, Collab 5.0, and a $100,000 contract to pilot their technology with multinational financial services company MetLife Inc.

Smart homes become personal

Israeli startup RoomMe has developed a smart-home super controller that operates a home’s intelligent devices according to an individual’s personal preferences. E.g. when entering a room, you may want the TV to show the news, while your spouse wants your Sonos speakers to play music.

AI chips are now even faster

I reported previously on the Artificial Intelligent microprocessors developed by Israel’s Habana Labs. Habana has launched its Gaudi AI Training Processor. Training systems using the new processor will be up to four times faster than those built with competitors’ graphics chips.

Solar-powered wireless smartphone charger

Israel’s Benny Mengesha is developing the Multi-Functional Case (MFC), It will fit snuggly round your iPhone or Android but on the back are solar panels which charge your phone without USB or leads. The MFC debuts on 24th July at TheMarker Tau Innovation Summit.

Communicate with your dog through its vest

Researchers at Israel's Ben-Gurion University have developed dog vest that allows canine owners to transmit communications and commands to their pets via haptic (vibrations) technology. It has immense potential for search & rescue operations and assisting disabled owners.

Giving voice to the silent majority

Israeli startup ZenCity helps municipalities identify the true opinion of its residents rather than the more vociferous views of a noisy minority. It analyses virtually any publicly shared information generated by residents and can save a city huge costs of erroneous investment.

Security device gets even better

I reported previously on Israel’s SayVU when it was deployed at the Rio Olympics. When it is unsafe to speak, shaking the device alerts emergency services. There are now new versions for smartwatches and for areas where there are no cellular networks or GPS. It has saved many lives.

Google’s graduates

The five graduates from Google’s first Israeli Startup Residency incubator are Saillog (AI agritech), Gaviti Akyl (payments software), Agamon (medical data analysis), Mona Labs (QA for AI) and Dattor/Pairser (data compliance). They were given workspace, mentoring and access to Google facilities.

Smart glasses for BP engineers

I reported previously on Israel’s Fieldbit and its Augmented Reality glasses that help technicians resolve critical or complex problems on the spot.  Following an oil spill, BP implemented Fieldbit’s technology across 13,000 of its oil and gas wells.