Find a parking space

I’ve reported previously on Israeli apps to help find car parking spaces in busy cities. This article describes two more – ParKam and Parknav. ParKam uses CCTV infrastructure and predictions. Parknav uses cell-towers, mobile-payments, car-sharing data, car sensors and satellite images.

Hunting for code vulnerabilities

Israeli cybersecurity startup Snyk helps app developers detect and fix security vulnerabilities in computer code. Snyk has offices in Tel Aviv, London, Boston and Ontario and its customers include Google, Microsoft and Salesforce.  Google has just led a $70 million funding round in Snyk.

Success for algae treatment

I reported previously on Israel’s BlueGreen Water Technologies and its environment friendly Lake Guard treatment for toxic algae.  Lake Guard was just used to treat Chippewa Lake in Ohio. Blue Green says it killed all the toxic algae in the lake within just one day.

The value of feeling

NaNose inventor Professor Hossam Haick has co-founded Israeli startup Feelit. Its printable sensors monitor and alert if a material suffers (e.g.) structural integrity, warping, overheating, wear & tear and pressure buildup. Feelit has just won Calcalist & KPMG Israel’s Industry 4.0 startup competition.

Microsoft Israel chief is now a teacher

Avi Nathan retired as general manager of Microsoft Israel in 2007. Now he is teaching math at Kiryat Tivon middle school in Northern Israel, using his technical skills to benefit the next generation. After retiring from Microsoft, he took a degree in education at Israel’s Technion Institute.

Electric buses on Jerusalem streets

Egged bus number 15 from the Central Bus Station to Talpiot is the first electric bus to run in Jerusalem. Part of a government initiative to reduce air pollution in Israel's capital, they feature zero pollution, quiet operation, and five hours or 200 km between charges.

Using AI to remove landmines

Landmine clearance cost $770 million globally in 2017, yet mines killed some 2,800 people with thousands more injured. Now, Israeli startup 4M Analytics provides a “minefields location intelligence solution” that slashes costs and timescales. It has even detected mines in previously “cleared” areas.

Safe, low-energy autonomous driving

The technology of Israel’s Cartica AI predicts road behavior (drivers and pedestrians). It uses low power to recognize thousands of object types in all weathers and lighting conditions. It has just received funds to launch its Autonomous AI platform and expand global operations.

A global ecosystem for vegans

Israeli startup Vegan Nation is building the world’s first global marketplace for vegans. Its e-commerce platform includes its own digital currency, the VeganCoin (VCN) for businesses, service providers and consumers. It has a vast social network for messaging, sharing content and much more.

An app to help recycling

Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry is urging the Israeli public to wise-up on how to recycle products and materials. One of the key resources is the orange recycling bin located outside all residencies in most cities.  The downloadable recycling game Catomolo helps identify what to put in it.