Boosting crop yields

Israel’s ICL together with Israeli startup PlantArcBio (see ) have developed non-GMO RNAi technology that improves crop yields with minimal impact on the environment. Early-stage field trials significantly increased seed weight per hectare for canola crops. Larger-scale trials are planned in 2022.

Turning night into day

True Night Vision from Israel’s (see previously) transforms low-light photography so that cameras can literally see in the dark. It can even penetrate fog. Its use stretches far beyond amateur photography but to drones (rescues, crops etc.), endoscopes, CCTV cameras, and more.

Safer US roads

Israel’s Autotalks (see previously) has partnered Atlanta’s Yunex Traffic to deploy V2X (Vehicle to Anything) technology in Florida and Colorado. Yunex’s RSU2X system, with Autotalks’ chipsets, lets a bus or emergency vehicle turn traffic lights to green, increasing safety, punctuality, and lowering CO2.

Ultra-fast charging stations

Israel’s ZOOZ (formerly Chakratech – see ) and Israel’s Afcon Electric Transportation (see ) are piloting “ultra-fast” electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. They will operate where the electricity infrastructure is unable to provide the typically required high-power capacity.

$1m. scholarships to Israeli science students

Six outstanding Israeli doctoral students in the exact sciences, mathematics and life sciences received awards of NIS 100,000 a year and full exemption from tuition fees. They also received the equivalent of $3,000 a year for active participation in activities overseas.

Cable Express

The city of Haifa has opened its Rakavlit cable car (aerial tramway). The cars transport mostly students 2.7 miles, from the HaMifratz Bus Terminal to the Haifa Technion in 10 minutes, plus another 9 mins to the University of Haifa. A car with 10 passengers departs every 15 seconds. Ride it on the Youtube video!

Ben Gurion Airport to run on solar power

Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport has had an advanced solar energy system installed. The system has a capacity of about four megawatts and includes the innovative technology of Israel’s SolarEdge. The technology was installed by Electra Energy.

How busy is Ben Gurion Airport

Frequent traveler Tzahi Zilbershtein has set up a site, which predicts how crowded Ben Gurion airport is likely to be. The site (in Hebrew) assesses the arrivals hall, check-in, and security checks in both Terminal 1 & 3. It has five ratings: deserted, light, medium, heavy, and peak.

Multi-diverse Young Entrepreneurs

Over 100 projects were presented at Unistream’s Young Entrepreneur competition from nearly all regions, religions, and sectors across Israel. The runners up included accessible smart closet shelves; a forest fire detection system using sensors; and a sticker that helps prevent dehydration.

Rise and shine

A team from Netivot in Southern Israeli won the Unistream “Project of the Year 2022” prize. Their EasyWake smart mattress wakes the sleeper with pleasant sounds and gentle vibration. It interfaces with IoT-enabled devices e.g., window shades, lights, and heaters. The Israeli company Polyron “rose” to take it up.