One million Israelis use Rumble to stay fit

Nearly a million Israelis have downloaded the Rumble app from Israelis UVTAL Health (see previously). Rumble converts your steps into virtual tokens that can buy fruit, shoes or even personal training sessions. Next is the US where 61% gained weight during lockdowns.

Aquatic drone helps to save lives

The Tiberias division of Israeli emergency organization United Hatzalah has taken delivery of its new aquatic drone. It will be used to drop life preservers into Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) to help save victims who are drowning. It is water-resistant and includes a thermal imaging camera.

Carob – a super crop from the Bible

Israel’s CarobWay is cultivating and marketing the carob fruit - mentioned in the Bible and Talmud. The super-nutritious, highly sustainable food crop is in high demand and short supply. It grows on non-arable land, in desert climates and requires little irrigation or human labor.

Israeli startup alerts Microsoft to critical flaw

Israel’s Wiz (see previously), led by former Microsoft employees, discovered an “unprecedented critical vulnerability” in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. It notified Microsoft, who paid Wiz a bounty for the discovery and said it immediately fixed the problem.

Intel’s new Israeli chips

Intel has previewed its 12th-generation Intel Core processors, based on a hybrid architecture for PC users, code-named Alder Lake, and designed chiefly in Israel. With Intel’s Thread Director technology, they enable the upcoming Windows 11 operating system to better manage PC tasks and workloads.

A sports car in the sky

Israeli startup Air is developing an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. While other companies are building air taxis, Air’s self-driving “drive the sky” personal alternative offers a sporty but sustainable way to get to any destination. More details in the fall (autumn).

Another no-cow milk company

This new Israel21c article mentions all three Israeli no-cow milk startups previously reported . It also features a fourth - the aptly named Fantastic Farms, which is engineering plants to make milk proteins. Like the other three, it aims to produce dairy substitutes without animal farming.

A day in the life of an Israeli tech manager

Roni Aloni, a software team leader at Tel Aviv’s Citi Innovation Lab, is responsible for Citi’s “no-code” platform for Workflow Management. Read how she juggles her flexible hours, hybrid home / office locations, innovative work, family, and her favorite hobby – baking.

Smart system for perfect beer

Two Israeli engineering students have developed BeerZone  - an AI-based system to serve beer at the perfect temperature and fizz level - without a bartender. Each BeerZone device can sit on the customer’s table, or next to the bartender.  (See also the system from Israel’s Weissbeerger)

More efficient refineries

Because the world still needs fossil fuels, Israel’s Imubit has developed Closed Loop Neural Network AI technology to optimize hydrocarbon processing plants. Imubit is so certain it can unlock substantial value for its clients that if there is no measurable value from its system, then there is no fee.