Better development of AI vision apps

Israel’s Deci (see previously) has developed YOLO-NAS – a deep learning computer vision model to detect objects in real time much faster than other models. YOLO (You Only Look Once) technology allows driverless cars to distinguish between people and inanimate objects.

Green vertical walls save energy

Hebrew University scientists have found that “Vertical green-living walls” (VGWs) - plants growing vertically on a wall - can save up to 20% of the energy used for air circulation in closed offices and spaces. They reduce carbon dioxide levels and cool the air around the green wall.

Mushroom diet saves overweight pig

Israel’s Freedom Farm rescued Yossi as a piglet from a pig farm but the factory farming conditions had made him grossly overweight, needing constant painkillers. Then a new diet of Cordyceps mushrooms from Israel’s Mycospring gave Yossi a new lease of life. They also work on humans.

Microsoft helps Israeli ag-tech startups

US tech giant Microsoft has partnered with Israeli non-profit Start-Up Nation Central to help Israeli agrifood tech startups augment their AI-powered models for sustainable farming solutions and get exposure to global markets.

Data Breakthrough

Israel’s Satori (see previously) won the Data Security Solution of the Year Award in the fourth annual Data Breakthrough Awards program. Satori automates “just-in-time” data access while enforcing security policies and offering real-time visibility into the location of sensitive data.

BBC reports on Israeli safe nuclear fusion

A rare BBC non-bias report on Israel’s NT-Tao (see previously). It hints at some of the features of the company’s nuclear fusion technology, specifically its methods of magnetic plasma containment (tokamak plus stellarator). Also, denser plasma allows a smaller reactor core.

Off-road vehicles on road to success

Israel’s Mia Dynamics has developed the MIA FOUR - an electric four-wheeled transport vehicle, intended for a complex terrain. Its top speed is 45km/h and has a 50km range. Germany’s Mayer Group has just ordered hundreds of the vehicles, costing a total of $1.3 million.

Intelligence award

Israel’s Aurora Labs (see previously) was selected for an Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award in the Business Intelligence Awards’ Vehicle Infrastructure Integration category for its Line-of-Code Intelligence technology. The technology helps engineers fix errors in automotive software.

Satellites for Azerbaijan

Israel Aerospace Industries is to supply Azerbaijan with two satellites worth $120 million. One of the Azerbaijan’s previous satellites failed after colliding with space debris or a small meteorite.

Returning plastic to its origins

Israel’s Plastic Back can reverse engineer any type of plastic waste into its original oil, wax, and chemical components. It will buy any plastic waste that cannot be recycled and pilot a chemical process developed at the Hebrew University, to upcycle the waste back to the petrochemical industry.