Positive aspects of coronavirus

Not everything about the coronavirus is negative. Families spend more time together and some unhealthy vices are curtailed. The major benefit is advancing technology e.g. telemedicine, robotics and efficient financial technology. And Calcalist has published with more good news.

US-Israel water-energy initiative

The tech transfer arm of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University and Northwestern University are to jointly develop technologies to solve global water challenges. The $21.4 million initiative covers energy-efficient water supply, wastewater reuse and recovery, and energy-water systems.

Water Wednesdays

The JNF have launched an on-line series of 4 Wednesday lectures “Your Drinking Water in the Time of Coronavirus: Lessons from Israel”. Episode 1 (see Youtube below) featured Seth M Siegel, author of “Let There Be Water”. You can join future lectures on Zoom.

The Real coronavirus

Sharon, of , recently attended a mHealth Israel Webinar where it was stressed that because of the “info-demic” about the coronavirus pandemic it is vital to use trusted sources for information. The webinar also highlighted the good preparations of Israel’s Sheba Medical Center.

Transferring coronavirus test data

In just 48 hours, Israel’s Kryon built a  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to automate the twice-daily uploading of Israeli Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 test results onto Maccabi Healthcare Services’ system. Healthcare professionals can now focus on treatment.

Hackathon to alleviate isolation

150 Israelis and Americans from Birthright, MIT and the IDF’s elite 8200 unit held a virtual hackathon called “HackCorona”. They designed video innovations, a digital services platform, an errand volunteering platform, distance learning and other virtual on-line facilities.

Predicting the spread of coronavirus

Scientists from Israel’s Weizmann Institute and other organizations have developed a method for monitoring, identifying, and predicting the coronavirus’s spreading zones. It involves patients answering a one-minute questionnaire. 60,000 Israelis completed the form in just one week.

World’s top prize for Mathematics

Israel’s Hillel Furstenberg is being awarded a share of the Abel Prize and 7.5 million Norwegian Kroners “, for pioneering the use of methods from probability and dynamics in group theory, number theory and combinatorics.” The Abel is the Mathematics equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

Read it to me

As reported here previously Google Israel developed the “Go” app that reads aloud web content. The Israeli team has now upgraded the app, now named “Read It”. New features include a human voice and translation into 42 languages.  You can even say to your Google Assistant, “Hey Google, Read it!”.

TIPA is second of 500 top Food Tech companies

Israeli compostable flexible packaging company TIPA Corp was named in 2nd place in global network Forward Fooding’s Food Tech 500 – “the world’s first definitive list of AgriFoodTech talent.”