Twist and shout

Scientists in the lab of Professor Hossam Haick at Israel’s Technion Institute, have produced a stretchable electronic skin-like material and a lightweight wearable sensor capable of measuring bending and (for the first time) twisting motion. They can be used to warn of problems e.g., affecting Parkinson’s patients.

Securing sensitive smartphones

Israel’s Assac Networks protects smartphones from hacking and tapping. Its customers include banks, fintech companies, cell-phone providers and government clients from countries including Spain, Singapore, Mexico and Italy. “Assac” comes from the Hebrew word Hazak meaning “strong”.

A better battery

Israel’s Addionics (see previously) is “charging ahead” with its battery technology. It is partnering the Centre of Process Innovation at the UK’s University of Warwick in the UK government funded Project STELLAR (Smart Three-dimensional ELectrode Lithium-ion batteries with Automated Robotics).

Innovation company for synthetic biology

The Israeli Government’s Innovation Authority has launched a $5 million company for research & development into synthetic biology. It will provide services to Israeli startups and established firms in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, energy, food tech, defense, and security.

Transform your text into video

Israel’s Hour One enables users to create a video without having any background in video production. The AI-based video production platform creates content from text, using computer-generated synthetic characters based on real people, for professional and commercial use.

Extending the EV range

Israel’s Silib is developing technology to increase the battery capacity of electric vehicles by 40%. It adds pure silicon to existing Li-ion batteries, while avoiding the common industry problem that causes them to swell and lose capacity.   

How to get a hi-tech job in Israel

Three new Olim (immigrants to Israel) describe how they obtained employment in Israel’s hi-tech industry. Read about Keren Starobinski, 24, from Newton, Massachusetts; Lilly Liebman, 22, from San Diego; and Gavin Coulson, 27, from Colorado.

Send an experiment on Israel’s moon mission

SpaceIL is requesting proposals for researchers worldwide to offer experiments to be used in the Israeli non-profit’s upcoming Beresheet 2 mission to the moon. Proposals must be submitted by Nov 15, 2021, with the mission scheduled to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The return of the houbara

The UAE and Israel have been partnering to save the endangered Houbara species (see previously). The good news is that national park rangers in Southern Israel this summer have sighted hundreds of the beautiful iconic desert birds - a key indicator of the well-being of Israel’s flora and fauna.

UK government funds new Israeli wheel

Israel’s REE Automotive (see previously) was awarded £14 million from the UK Government, via its Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). It will help REE mass-produce its breakthrough wheel centered REEcorner technology and electric vehicle platforms.