Dazzling aerial show for Independence Day

In 2020 Israelis observed Yom Ha’atzmaut Independence Day in lockdown. This year, proper celebrations return, and the traditional flyover will reach more towns and cities than usual as a tribute to the Jewish State’s resilience.

Rare 2,000-year-old shekel discovered in Jerusalem

As part of Jerusalem’s Tower of David conservation work, archaeologists found an ultra-rare high-quality silver “Tyrian shekel”. It was changed into local currency and used to pay the half-shekel donation before Temple offerings could be accepted. Three great new videos.

Grandmother protects Mount Carmel

Israeli Ruth Shefer is known as the “Grandmother of Mount Carmel.” Every morning, for the last 20 years, Ruth picks up garbage left by thoughtless visitors, taking environmental protection into her own hands. She is a beacon of inspiration to all Israeli nature lovers.

Israel’s Memorial Day and 73rd birthday

Join the Technion UK to remember its fallen soldiers on Memorial Day on Weds 14th April at 9am UK time. Then celebrate Israel’s 73rd Independence Day on Thurs 15th April at 8pm UK time, through film clips, live interviews and rare video footage.  Free registration at the links below.

One of the safest places in the world

Every month. Bloomberg calculates the best places to be during the pandemic based on a series of statistics. In time for the Passover festival, Israel became the first new entrant into the top five since the ranking began in November.

Unleavening the playing field

Two Israeli matzah world records. 200 residents in the city of Modi'in built a 5.4-meter tower of 950 matzahs and chocolate spread (recycled into chocolate balls). Then the Matzot Aviv factory in Bnei Brak baked the world's largest single matzah, some 6 meters by 1.06 meters.

All who are hungry come and eat

This Passover, even more than previous years, Charity Colel Chabad is fulfilling the mission to feed and clothe Israel’s poorest citizens - Jews, Arabs, Druze, and Christians alike. Its dozens of programs include Pantry Packers, 23 soup kitchens, lunch-bags for kids and Passover Seder-in-a-Box.

A glimpse of Passover in the Holy Land

In Israel, the Passover holiday is particularly special as practically the entire country celebrates. And (TY ) Jerusalem came back to life, just in time for Passover.  Hopefully, it will be “Next Year in Jerusalem” for many more visitors and new immigrants.

Kosovo opens its embassy in Jerusalem

Kosovo is the third country with an embassy in Jerusalem.  Kosovar Ambassador Ines Demiri tweeted "A truly proud and historic moment for Kosovo-Israel relations. The greatest honor of my life is to have this opportunity to open the embassy and proudly serve my country in Israel."

Bar Kochba discovery

Israeli archaeologists have discovered scroll fragments from ancient writings of Biblical prophets, coins and other relics in a cave near the Dead Sea. The Israelis rappelled down to the cave, where Jewish refugees from the Bar Kochba revolt against the Roman occupation hid almost 1900 years ago.