Million-dollar coin returns to Israel

A Judean quarter-shekel silver coin (one of only two in existence) was returned to the State of Israel in ceremony in New York. It was minted in 69 CE by the Jewish leaders of the Great Revolt (66-73 CE) as a declaration of independence by the Kingdom of Judea from the Roman empire.

How Israel is attracting young tech talent

Useful summary of four initiatives to help talented individuals make Aliyah and fill the gaps in Israel’s high-tech industry. Israel Innovation Authority grants; MasaTech career relocation program; Government fast-track Law of Return; plus, specific company programs.

Wrestling with an Angel

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Yair had spent Shabbat with a family in Tiberias when he was called to save the life of a 73-year-old family member who suffered cardiac arrest. After 20 mins his pulse returned. Yair said afterwards he felt he had been wrestling with the Angel of Death and prevailing.

20 years of Aliyah work

Nefesh b'Nefesh is celebrating 20 years of moving Jews from North America to Israel. NbN’s tremendous efforts have enabled 75,000+ Jews to begin new lives in the Jewish State.

Israel In Our Lives

Don’t miss this Israel21c Zoom event “Israel In Our Lives: Innovation & Impact” on 25 Oct at 12noon Pacific Time. Hear from three Israeli scientists who are pioneering innovations in space and learn about their global impact.

David Ben Gurion’s archives

Israel’s Ben-Gurion University has constructed a new building to house the archives of David Ben Gurion – Israel’s first President. The new site in Sde Boker will become a focus for studying Ben-Gurion, and through his life, learning about Zionism and the establishment of the State.

Come excavate Biblical history

“Unearth the Land of the Bible,” is a joint partnership between Israel’s Tourism Ministry, the Museum of the Bible, and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. Its aim is to take American Christians in mid-April 2023 on a 10-day “hands on” tour of Israeli archeological heritage sites.

Ivories from the Kings of Judah

Israel Antiquities Authority and Tel Aviv University archeologists have discovered a collection of First Temple period ivory plaques during excavations of a lavish palace at the site of the Givati Parking Lot in the City of David. They are the first of their kind to be found in Jerusalem.

700 future Jewish leaders

700 Jewish teens from 32 communities in seven countries completed a life-changing seminar in Israel as part of a year-long Diller Teen Fellowship (see previously), an immersive leadership program for teenagers from across the world.

I’m (still) a Zionist

To mark the 125th anniversary of the first Zionist Congress, this classic 2010 video of our friend Antithesis, the Zionist Rapper, is still very appropriate for today’s youths. 12 years since this video was made, Antithesis is now working in hi-tech and as a specialist tour guide, here in Israel.