On the wings of eagles

30 years ago, on Jun 24 - 25 1991, Israel rescued 14,325 Jews from war-torn Ethiopia in Operation Solomon - the world’s largest humanitarian airlift. They were flown from Addis Ababa to Tel Aviv on 35 Israeli aircraft. The Ethiopians’ 2,500-year-old dream came true in just 36 hours.

Am Yisrael Chai

The annual Jerusalem Day parade took place this week. Some 5,000 Israelis danced with flags to celebrate the anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification in 1967.

Can you dig it?

Archaeologists have found evidence at Sde Boker in the Negev that migrating Neanderthals and homo-sapiens met and interbred in only one tiny area of the world about 50,000 years ago.  That area was the Land of Israel – amazing!  Please watch the exciting ILTV video below.

Unearthing the origin of Judaism

Dr. Yonatan Adler of Ariel University is director of the Origins of Judaism Archaeological Project. It is documenting the archaeologic evidence relating to the practice of Judaism in Israel earlier than the first century BCE. The findings of the project will be published in a book next year.

See the history of Israel

Jacob has added 12 videos to his site describing the history of the State of Israel.

500 new immigrants from 20 countries

In what has been hailed as “Aliyah super week” by the Jewish Agency for Israel, 500 new immigrants from over 20 countries arrived in Israel in just 7 days. And immigration from North America has reached 1,100 this year with dozens more groups arriving in August.

Support in Urdu

Shaheen Chishti is a Muslim activist who educates about the Shoah and Israel in Urdu – a language spoken by 600 million Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and elsewhere. He stresses the need to think of Israel in terms of building partnerships for business and for education.

A global Jewish education network

The Israeli government is partnering with Herzog College to create a Jewish education network that will liaise with all 1,500 Jewish schools around the world.  The $12 million initiative will connect Jewish children and establish international frameworks for dialogue between educators.

Hatikva wows judges – in Uruguay

Lucia Abealar advanced to the next round of “Got Talent Uruguay” after impressing all four judges with her performance of Hatikva - Israel’s national anthem. Lucia translated the lyrics and one of the judges said, “‘To be a free nation in our land’ - That is something that touches each of us.”

The oldest legal instruments

Archeological finds at Tel Tsaf in Israel’s Beit She’an Valley included 150 clay seal impressions (bulla). Analysis of the bulla and other items at the site provided unique evidence of long-distance trade in the Southern Levant over 7,000 years ago - predating the development of written language.