Evidence of Jews’ return to Zion

Archaeologists have unearthed, just outside Jerusalem’s Old City, evidence of resettlement after the Babylonian exile of 586 BCE. A clay “official” seal impression, and a pottery sherd seal, indicate that Jews were rebuilding Jerusalem in the 6th century BCE.

Journey to Judaism

Three videos of Israel's top jazz singer Elana Watson, who was born to Christian Zionists in June 1967 (during the six-day war); then moved to Israel and converted to Judaism. (Elana reading her story – 8 minutes)   (longer interview)   (Elana singing “Awake O Israel” composed by her mother)

Eli Beer is back at work

Eli Beer, CEO of Israeli emergency medical organization United Hatzalah, is back saving lives despite still recovering after almost dying of Covid-19. He said “I have a big responsibility to raise more funds to grow the organization. I have no choice. If I relax, people will suffer.”  (Video of Eli celebrating Pesach Sheni)

CT-Scan on ancient mummies

Two small Egyptian mummies, some 2,500 to 3000 years old, from Haifa Museum, were brought into Haifa’s Rambam hospital for CT-scans to reveal more information about them. One mummy turned out to be a falcon with a broken spine. The other still remains unidentified.

More support for increased Aliya

To help the growing numbers of Olim (immigrants to Israel), Aliya organization Nefesh b’Nefesh is to build a 2,200-square-meter Aliyah Center in the heart of Jerusalem. It will include space for Hebrew classes, exhibits, performances, and lectures on Israeli culture and history.

Technician for planes that brought family to Israel

Ortal Ayaso’s family were flown to Israel in 1991 when Operation Solomon, brought 14,325 Ethiopian Jews on 34 planes in just 36 hours. Staff Sergeant Ayaso is now a technician in the Israeli Air Force and works on the exact same plane that rescued her family.

Israeli-Arabs find ancient Jewish ritual bath

Two Israeli Arabs working for the Israel Antiquities Authority were key personnel involved in the Galilee excavation of a Second Temple (2000-year-old) mikveh (ritual bath). One discovered the mikveh and the other authorized it to be re-sited to a nearby religious kibbutz.

IDF opens its largest synagogue

The IDF soldiers at Camp Ariel Sharon training camp, in Southern Israel, can now pray and celebrate in the largest IDF synagogue to date. The synagogue was donated by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF)and includes 350 seats, a Torah study room and a new Torah scroll.

NbN books 16 summer Aliya flights

Aliya organization Nefesh b’Nefesh has made 14 block bookings on El Al flights from New York’s JFK airport between July and September.  It has also booked seats on two flights from the West Coast during July and August.

United with Israel is a Genesis Foundation winner

Newsletter supporter United with Israel (UWI) is among the NGO winners of a Genesis “Speak Out for Israel” grant. When applying for the grant, UWI focused on the theme: “Israel’s Global Fight Against Covid-19”, which (as newsletter readers know) Israel excels.