Wedding outside coronavirus ward

A bridegroom’s father was in Hadassah hospital’s Covid-19 ward. So the Yad Avraham organization arranged for the young couple to be married under the father’s hospital window so he could watch. The number of celebrants was restricted, and all wore facemasks, but tears of joy were visible.

Second Temple period clay objects unearthed intact

Dozens of ancient jars and complete clay objects have been discovered inside a water hole at the Khirbet Kafr Mer archaeological site at Beit El. The site is deemed to have been part of a Jewish community that lived in the area roughly 2000 years ago.

Israel’s first rains

Jerusalem just received an “out of the blue” downpour. It was 30 degrees centigrade and no rain was forecast when a lone nimbus cloud hovered low over the central mountains of Israel and unloaded its contents over the holy city. Jews began praying for rain just over a week ago.

The secret archaeology on the Temple Mount

Two Christian tourists have just produced a short film on the Temple Mount. It highlights the amazing history of this fascinating location. The video has had over 480,000 views in 10 days.

Israelis and Americans pray in Bahrain synagogue

Members of the joint Israeli-US delegation, that negotiated the establishment of diplomatic relations, took time out to pray the afternoon “mincha” service in capital’s Manama synagogue. They also met Ebrahim Nonoo, leader of the Bahrain Jewish community.

From Gaza mosque to Jerusalem Yeshiva

Yaron Avraham’s journey to Judaism began in a devout Muslim family in Lod, Israel, and then Gaza where he learned martyrdom. He escaped to Eilat, worked in Tel Aviv and enlisted in the IDF Givati Brigade. After the army he joined the Machon Meir yeshiva where he converted.

Shabbat cakes for the elderly

Before every Jewish Sabbath, the organization “Sweets for the Soul” delivers 1,000 cakes to elderly Israelis isolated in their homes. The initiative was founded by Tel Aviv baker Itamar Glazer who insists “90% of the world’s problems can be solved with a slice of a good cheesecake.”

Ancient two-Shekel weight discovered next to Western Wall

A weight, measuring 2 shekels (23 grams) dating to the First Temple period, some 2,700 years ago, was discovered during excavations adjacent to Wilson’s Arch of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It is marked with a Shin and two lines, signifying 2 shekels.

Holy ground

Jews in Einav, Samaria hired Arab builder Rami Yihya to construct an outside area for prayers as all synagogues were closed during Covid-19 lockdown. Yihya would not accept payment for his time or materials. “This is a holy place,” he said at a post-construction ceremony held in his honor. “God will pay me”.

Meet Nicky Blackburn of Israel21c

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