Thousands excavate ancient Jewish Galilee village

Over the past year, 15,000 Israelis have worked with the Israel Antiquities Authority to uncover the 1800-year-old Jewish Galilee village of Usha. Among the finds are ritual baths (mikvaot), oil and wine presses, plus evidence of the local manufacture of glass and iron tools.

“Footprints” of Joshua’s conquest of Canaan

Archaeologists have uncovered six “sandal-shaped” sites where the ancient Jewish tabernacle rested during the Joshua-led conquest of Canaan by the Children of Israel. Each contains a priestly “footprint” domain, a tabernacle/altar area and an amphitheater for the Israelites.

Rebirth through Aliya

Aliya Day on 5th Nov triggers a personal reflection by Anna Krycer on the blessings of living in Israel. She highlights the independence of young children; 2400 active centenarians hosted by President Reuven Rivlin; the passion and diversity of its citizens, the amazing food and “only in Israel” events.

Maccabees defend Israel on campus

The Maccabee Task Force launched in 2016 to counter anti-Israel attacks at six universities in North America. Today it is active at 80 US universities and is targeting at least 20 more US campuses plus 11 universities in six European countries.

Zubin Mehta gave Israel his heart

Indian-born Zubin Mehta gave his final concert as musical director of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The blog article gives amazing examples of the maestro’s love for Israel.

Shake the lulav before the big game

Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball players waved the four species (palm branch, citron, myrtle and willow) during the Sukkot festival in a practice session before their Euroleague game against Red Star Belgrade. Maccabi then won 84-69 – their first victory in three matches.

Minister’s son finds 2000-year-old Jewish coin

Benjamin Elkin, 6-year-old son of the Jerusalem Affairs Minister, found a 2,000-yr-old coin in soil from the City of David's excavations. The coin inscribed "For the Liberty of Zion" was minted in Jerusalem by the Jews during the 66 - 70 CE Great Revolt against the Romans.

Great advert for Aliya

Please watch the Israeli Prime Minister’s unscripted speech, to the latest young visitors on the Taglit-Birthright program. It certainly boosted their enthusiasm for the Jewish State.

Israeli President opens his sukkah

The theme of this year’s Open Sukkah at the Israeli President’s House was ‘Finding Treasures in the President’s Sukkah.’ In cooperation with the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, members of the public were able to enjoy a range of family-friendly activities.

They will all come to Jerusalem

The displays for Sukkot / Tabernacles next to the walls of Jerusalem included the Taj Mahal, the Eifel Tower, the Tower of Pisa, a Time Machine and much more. And (TY ) 5,000 Christians showed support for Israel by marching through Jerusalem.