Israeli Arab Muslim saved the bride’s life

At a recent Jewish wedding chuppah, United Hatzalah paramedic Muawiya Kabha told the other guests that 10 years earlier the bride should have been declared dead in a road accident. "But something from above told me that I need to fight for her." After 40 minutes of CPR, her heart began to beat.   (uplifting video)

Jerusalem the eternal city

Archaeologists have unearthed a massive Neolithic city during construction of the access roads from the Motza junction to the future Jerusalem Gateway business park. They discovered ancient alleys, buildings for up to 3,000 residents, burial sites, arrowheads, jewelry, plaster, seeds and seashells.

Where Biblical dyes were made

Scientists have studied finds previously uncovered at Tel Shikmona, south of Haifa. They have concluded that Shikmona was the first biblical-era facility for producing prestigious purple and blue-dyed textiles (argaman and techelet).

Nearly killed by Hamas rocket, now he joins elite IDF unit

In 2002, before Iron Dome, an Israeli toddler was badly wounded when Hamas fired a huge barrage of rockets at the town of Sederot. His little body absorbed 147 shrapnel wounds. Now age 18, he is joining an elite Naval commando unit.

Hundreds of new Olim arrive

Over 200 new Jewish immigrants have just arrived in Israel from France, Argentina, Brazil and Eastern Europe. There were tears of joy from many of the 100 French Olim. One said. “I know life in Israel will be better - I will be more free to be Jewish, and that’s what I’m looking so forward to.”

Where David fled from King Saul

Israeli researchers believe they have discovered the town of Ziklag in the Judean hills, mentioned in the Bible (Samuel books 1 & 2). Achish, King of Gat, allowed David to find refuge in Ziklag while fleeing King Saul. David also departed from Ziklag to become King in Hebron.

We are all One Family

For the 16th year, OneFamily, Israel’s leading organization supporting victims of terror and their families, brought together more than 300 hundred youth (age 8 to 18) to the Hermon Field School in Kibbutz Snir, for a week-long camp. Highlights included Shabbat and the final night’s concert.

Secret Jews make Aliya

Many Holocaust survivors have revealed their Jewish origins as they approached their last days. It often prompts their children to seek out their Jewish roots, culminating with their emigration to Israel. Michael Freund, founder of Shavei Israel, sees it as his job to help them on their Jewish journey.

Jerusalem breakthrough

U.S. envoys Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman inaugurated the Pilgrimage Road in Jerusalem’s City of David. Ambassador Friedman broke through a wall, to open the tunnel, saying “this is where the ancient prophets of Israel gave voice to revolutionary ideals of freedom, liberty and human dignity.".

Reunited in hospital

Two veterans of the War of Independence Battle of Gush Etzion, were simultaneously but separately referred for heart surgery at Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital 71 years later. Doctors noticed similar scar tissue from shrapnel wounds incurred during the battle. They then reunited the two comrades in arms.