Israeli scientists reverse aging process

In the first trial on humans, Israeli scientists have shown hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can reduce two key biological hallmarks of aging - telomere length shortening and accumulation of senescent cells. These factors lower the risk of cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s and much more.

Gene editing to prevent cancers

Scientists at Tel Aviv University have used CRISPR gene editing in the lab to treat some of the most aggressive of cancers. They improved Glioblastoma (brain cancer) survival rates by 30%, but for metastatic (secondary) ovarian cancer, survival was increased by a huge 80%.

A Prophet for predicting cancer treatment

Israel’s Oncohost (reported previously) presented the results of its latest proteomic (proteins) cancer study to the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s (SITC). Oncohost’s PROphet host response profiling platform can predict the best therapy to use for specific cancer patients.

Hands-free diagnostics

Two Israeli companies OutSense and Olive Diagnostics have developed innovative devices that remove the embarrassing and potentially unhygienic procedure of collecting urine and fecal samples for disease diagnosis. Their real-time passive diagnostic sensors can be fixed to any toilet.

Partnership to get fast medical advice

Israel’s K Health (reported previously) has partnered with the Mayo Clinic to improve and accelerate deployment of K Health’s virtual therapy models. K Health enables people to receive comprehensive medical insights and immediate treatment in their homes.

Vaccine connections

Mikael Dolsten, Chief Scientist of Covid-19 vaccine front-runner Pfizer, studied at Israel’s Weizmann Institute during his doctoral studies. (Pfizer’s CEO is also Jewish.) Meanwhile, Israeli Chief Medical Officer Tal Zaks of top Covid-19 vaccine prospect Moderna, has just received a Ben Gurion Award.

34 lives saved in one month

Israeli NGO Ezer Mizion’s bone marrow database enabled 34 life-saving stem cell transplants in October. The transplants took place across the USA, plus in Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and of course Israel.  Thousands of new donors join every month.

Better biopsies

Israel’s Limaca Medical has developed a precision instrument which improves endoscopic ultrasound-guided biopsies. The needle pinpoints the exact location of a patient’s tumor, to extract good quality biopsies for genetic profiling analysis. The device is currently aimed at pancreatic cancer patients.

Toddler from Gaza is NGO’s 5,555th heart patient

Israeli charity Save A Child’s Heart has just performed its 5,555th life-saving heart operation. The patient was Mahmad - a two-year-old Palestinian Arab boy from Gaza. SACH doctors gave him his first life-saving heart surgery when he was just 5 months old.

New grandfather delivers 3 babies

Daniel, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT, was happy when his daughter called to say she had given birth to a boy. On his way to visit his new grandson, he had to divert to help deliver a baby girl. After seeing his grandson, he then got further calls and brought another two babies into the world.