Computer-designed anti-cancer antibodies

Israel’s Bar-Ilan Prof. Yanay Ofran has invented antibodies to attack tumors, using computers and then produced them from amino acids in a process akin to 3D printing. His startup Biolojic Design created Aulos Bioscience which is conducting human trials of AU-007 in Australia.

The “Waze” of feeding tubes

The Envue feeding tube placement system from Israel’s Envizion Medical (see previously) has been used tens of thousands of times in dozens of US hospitals including the Cleveland Clinic and the St. Vincent network of hospitals. It has been 100% successful and saved many lives.

The bus ride of his life

Volunteer EMTs from Israeli NGO United Hatzalah saved the life of Shmuel who had a cardiac arrest on a bus in Bnei Brak. One EMT was on the same bus and he alerted UH dispatch. In minutes four EMTs were working on Shmuel, whose pulse returned shortly after. In hospital, Shmuel thanked them all.

Hear from a top Israeli scientist

Fascinating podcast featuring Tel Aviv University’s Vice President, Prof. Dan Peer.  He is an extraordinarily prolific scientist with more than 130 patents under his name and over 150 publications. He discusses nanotechnology, COVID-19, and translational medicine.

Bacteria or virus – Tucson hospital will know

Arizona’s Tucson ER & Hospital has adopted the bacteria vs virus test from Israel’s MeMed (see previously). The test distinguishes viral from bacterial infection within 15 minutes and avoids wasting antibiotics on a virus.

Advancing healthcare with the UAE

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has signed a strategic agreement with Abu Dhabi-based innovation giant G42 Healthcare to develop new health technology. Plans include joint projects in stem cell research, cardiology, oncology, obstetrics, gynecology, diabetes, fertility, and more.

Mental health center for English speakers

Yeshiva University (YU), together with Amudim Israel, have opened the Jerusalem Therapy Center. It fulfills a critical need for affordable, English-language mental health services, serving those impacted by trauma, addiction, and other complex mental health related issues.

Brain monitoring at home

Israel’s X-trodes (see previously) has partnered US-based EMOTIV to launch a first-of-its-kind medical-grade wearable solution for brain and physiological monitoring outside of clinical settings. X-trodes’ multi-electrode patches measure a patient’s EEG, EMG and ECG signals.

Your personal clinic at home

Israel’s TytoCare (see previously) has launched its Home Smart Clinic. It conducts remote physical exams using AI-powered guidance and diagnostic support. The virtual clinic includes the remote handheld diagnostic device plus Tyto Insights, Tyto Engagement Labs, plus all necessary support.

US approval for medical radiation shielding

Israel’s Radiaction Medical has received US FDA clearance for its Radiation Shielding System. The system protects medical staff in labs using fluoroscopy machines - a leading source of occupational ionizing radiation exposure for healthcare providers.