Anti-viral sticker can transform surgical masks.

The Galilee Medical Center is testing Maya - a 3D-printed sticker that Technion Professor Eyal Zussman has developed. When stuck on a surgical mask, it adds the extra layer of a biological filter. Its nanometric fibers are coated with disinfectants to effectively neutralize viruses.

Testing coronavirus treatment.

As reported in the newsletter, Israel’s Pluristem is developing a treatment for severe coronavirus patients.  Latest news is that Pluristem has begun human testing in Israel.

Treatment for ARDS

The US FDA has a of Aviptadil by the US-Israeli biotech NeuroRx at Rambam Medical Center on coronavirus patients. Aviptadil combats coronavirus- triggered Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) in the lungs, which is fatal in 50% of sufferers.

UV light kills the coronavirus

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed a machine that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to kill viruses and bacteria on hospital surfaces. This will allow medical centers to speed up the sterilization of rooms (previously used chemicals) and make them ready for new patients.

MyHeritage to perform coronavirus testing

, Israeli genealogy company announced it is donating 66,000 swabs to boost Israel’s coronavirus testing efforts.  Now it is building a COVID-19 testing lab (at its own expense) and will perform at least 10,000 tests a day from 9th April.

Israeli-Arab bus driver released from hospital

The bus driver who caught the coronavirus from Greek tourists has now been released from hospital. The 38-year-old Israeli-Arab was the first person who required a ventilator in Israel to recover from the virus. He had been treated with Remdesivir.

Sleep app offered free to boost immune system

As reported Israel’s Dayzz and its app help diagnose sleep problems. Now Dayzz is offering the app free to organizations and individuals, in the hope it will boost immunity during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Lack of sleep also increases anxiety levels (& vice-versa).

Special MDA ambulances to protect medics

MDA has 50 ambulances that are sealed inside, to protect the driver and paramedics from being infected by coronavirus patients they are transporting to hospital. The only need to be in physical contact with the more serious cases, when they wear full protective suits.

World’s first coronavirus psychiatric ward

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has opened and tested the world’s first ward for coronavirus sufferers with psychiatric problems. It currently has 4 patients but has capacity for 16. The hospital is anticipating the future needs for Israel’s 3,500 psychiatric in-patients.

Over 70 Israeli companies fight coronavirus

Israeli non-profit Startup Nation Central (SNC) has created a comprehensive directory of more than 70 relevant Israeli med-tech startups that are helping combat COVID-19. The areas are treatment, diagnostics, prevention, monitoring, and social.