Covid-19 therapy also helps cancer patients

MesenCure – the life-saving Covid-19 treatment from Israel’s Bonus BioGroup (see ) also prevents a lethal inflammatory response that affects cancer patients receiving immunotherapy. In California trials MesenCure significantly reduced an overreaction of the immune system.

Fast DNA sequencing

Israel’s Sequentify, a spinoff of Israel’s Weizmann Institute, enables fast and focused DNA sequencing, by combining tools from synthetic biology and artificial intelligence. Its Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) products include Covid-19 surveillance, cancer diagnostics, carrier screening and more.

An implant to relieve back pain

Ofer Levy, CEO at Israel’s ZygoFix (see previously) explains how his company’s implant can relieve lower back and leg pain caused by pressure on the spine. The ZygoFix solution is far less invasive than current screws and bridge fusion surgery and is performed in the outpatient department.

Honor for biochemist

Professor Nahum Sonenberg has been awarded an honorary doctorate at Israel’s Ben Gurion University. Born in a DP camp, his came to Israel in 1949, eventually studying biochemistry at Tel Aviv University. His groundbreaking work on proteins has advanced research into memory, cancer, autism and more.

Herbal medicine in a chocolate bar

Israel’s Solveat has manufactured health bars that are adapted to take herbal medicine extracts to treat specific medical conditions. The medicine can be eaten with a meal like ordinary food in the form of chocolate, crackers, or health bars.

Speeding development of treatments

Israel’s Code Ocean has developed a consistent, secure, digital lab that integrates research in the cloud and helps speed medical and scientific discoveries to market. It enhances computational science and aims to boost the rapid development of treatments including personalized medicine.

Life-changing 5-min blood test device

Israel’s PixCell Medical (see previously) has donated a HemoScreen 5-minute blood test device, along with hundreds of cartridges, to Ukraine, as it is ideal for “extreme point of care” use. It is also essential for emergencies and for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Slowing the progress of ALS

Israel’s Neuromagen (see previously) has received US FDA Orphan designation for its AGS-499 candidate treatment of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. AGS-499 has shown outstanding promise in lab tests, including using human cells.

A biopsy in two minutes

Israel’s Imagene AI develops fast AI-based cancer diagnostics to help identify personalized treatment. Using a digitized biopsy image, Imagene delivers real-time precision-based molecular analysis, increased accuracy and reducing the time required for results, from several weeks to just two minutes.

Doctors fix hole in preemie’s heart

A cardiac catheterization, the first of its kind in Israel, was successfully performed at Hadassah Ein Kerem to close the aorta of a 4-week-old baby born 14 weeks premature. The Hadassah team had trained for precisely this kind of operation at several hospitals and conferences worldwide.