Gaucher’s treatment also works for Covid-19

In animal tests, Israel’s Institute for Biological Research has found two treatments for the genetic disorder Gaucher’s disease are also effective against Covid-19 and other viruses (e.g. West Nile). Cerdelga is already approved for Gaucher’s and Venglustat may be fast-tracked.

The ICU of the (near) future

HealthSpace 2030, Israel’s high-tech Intensive Care Unit of the future was unveiled in Sheba hospital. 11 technologies integrate augmented reality, communication, monitoring, AI, sensing, and robotic technologies to maximize care and comfort while minimizing risk to staff.

Testing Nitric Oxide treatment on Covid-19 patients

Israel’s Beyond Air develops LungFit  - a revolutionary Nitric Oxide (NO) generator and delivery system. The US FDA and Health Canada have approved the use of LungFit in COVID-19 treatment trials in both countries.

Israeli-Italian partners for Covid-19 treatment

Israeli biotech Kamada has partnered Italy’s Kedrion to develop a human plasma-derived Anti-SARs-COV-2 product. Kamada will use its proprietary IgG platform technology and Kedrion will provide plasma from donors who have recovered from the virus.

Patch for monitoring Covid-19 patients

Israel’s G Medical has received Emergency Use Authorization from the US FDA for its Vital  Signs Monitoring System (VSMS) ECG Patch. It can be used to monitor Covid-19 patients whose treatment includes medication that may cause life-threatening arrhythmias.

Treating diabetic children in Texas

Israel’s DreaMed Diabetes (reported previously) is integrating its Advisor Pro software at Texas Children's Hospital. It allows diabetic children to be monitored remotely and avoids the risk of them (and their parents / guardians) being infected in hospital with Covid-19.

Cancer treatment gets $0.9 million boost

Israel’s VBL Therapeutics (reported previously) has been awarded a grant of up to $0.9 million by the Israel Innovation Authority.  It will support the Phase 3 study of VBL’s lead candidate VB-111 for the treatment of platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.

Funding for 16 research projects on personalized medicine

The Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP – ), has granted another NIS 60 million to 16 projects researching into specific targeted personalized medicine that can treat ailments such as autism, cancers and trauma.

Personalized pregnancy care

Israel’s NUVO has partnered with Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital to develop an AI platform for accurate decision-making about pregnancy complications. NUVO has also just received US FDA approval for its INVU device (reported previously) to be used in monitoring maternal fetal heart rate.

A better medical trial experience

Israel’s Habitu develops a platform specifically targeting clinical trials and patient support programs in community-based healthcare. It provides flexible, continuous, emotional, professional and procedural support to patients, leading to more efficient trials and lower drop-out rates.