Please can we join your trial

Following the 100% success of Israel’s Alpha TAU’s last clinical trial of Alpha DaRT on recurring skin cancer (see previously) medical institutes around the world are clamoring to participate in the upcoming pivotal trials. Alpha TAU has also begun clinical trials for pancreatic cancer.

Restore hair in one hour

Israel’s Hairstetics has developed an injector to implant multiple strands of hair to the scalp, under local anesthetic, to instantly restore hair to women struggling with baldness. Women suffering from androgenic alopecia receive non-allergenic synthetic hair to match their own hair color.

Elderly Jewish Ukrainian woman rescued

Volunteers from emergency NGO United Hatzalah in Ukraine brought a sick, elderly Jewish woman from Mykolaiv to Israel for life-saving treatment. She was taken in a UH ambulance by ferry across the Black Sea to Bucharest and then flown by El Al in a medical cabin to Israel.

Extending burns wound treatment to children

The US Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) has awarded $10 million to Israel’s MediWound (see previously). Part of the funding will be used to extend its NexoBrid license to pediatric burns - 30% of the total burn population.

AstraZeneca pilots Israeli heart disease detection AI

AstraZeneca and the Bellvitge University Hospital in Spain are launching the first pilot program of the HearO™ app developed by Israel’s  Cordio Medical (see previously) which can detect heart disease when the patient speaks on a smartphone.

Link between Nitric Oxide and Autism

Hebrew University researchers have discovered in lab tests that autism indicators increase as Nitric Oxide increases in the brain. Conversely, inhibiting production of NO increased “social” behavior, and interest in new objects while reducing repetitiveness and anxiety.

A remedy for alcohol addiction

Israel’s Clearmind Medicine has been granted permission to begin trials at Sheba Medical Center of MEAI (5-methoxy-2-aminoindane) - a synthetic compound developed in Canada to treat alcoholics. Clearmind spent years making the MEAI-based oral capsules conform to medical standards.

Weighty cancer discovery

Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have analyzed the build-up of ammonia that impairs immune cells in 50% of cancer patients. It blocks the protein regulator HNF4-alpha, causing weight loss and tumor growth. In lab tests, restoring HNF4-alpha production stops weight loss and shrinks the tumors.

Successful skin cancer treatment

A small trial of Alpha DaRT from Israel’s Alpha Tau (see previously) was 100% successful in treating 10 patients with skin cancer. All were 100% clear at 12 weeks with no recurrence or toxicities in 24 weeks.

Hospital testing goes virtual

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center has partnered with Israel’s Mpcheck and Israel’s Teva to allow Teva’s employees to perform medical tests at their workplace or at home. Sheba Virtual Hospital’s "Beyond" tests include blood, urine, cervical cancer, hearing and more.