Saving hundreds of lives in Ireland

Dublin’s Mater Hospital has implemented the AI X-ray analysis software from Israel’s Aidoc (see previously). It has already saved hundreds of lives.  No surprise that the Irish National broadcaster RTE didn’t mention that Aidoc is Israeli!

Electronic cure for infections

Israel’s Inspira Technologies and Israel’s Ennocure MedTech jointly developed innovative bio-electronic physical stimulation technology (see previously). Lab blood test showed the treatment cut bacterial growth by 75% in 4 hours and by 100% within 24 hours.

BioMed 2024

BioMed Israel (May 21-23) is the largest and leading meeting venue between Israeli healthcare professionals where more than 100 Israeli life science companies, both promising startups and more established companies, present and exhibit their innovative products and technologies.

Remote diagnostics at 2,500+ US schools

Israel’s TytoCare (see previously) now provides remote care support at clinics in more than 2,500 schools in 31 US states. Recent arrangements include schools in Guilford County, N.C., Title-1 schools across Virginia, and schools in Edmonson County, Kentucky.

US approval for spinal fusion

Israel’s Zygofix (see previously) has received US-FDA approval for its zLOCK Lumbar Facet Fixation System.  Zygofix’s already has European CE certification for its adaptable implant, and says it is now positioned to revolutionize spinal fusion surgery.

Helping recovery from strokes

Israel’s BrainQ (see previously) reported promising results from a 15-center clinical trial that uses an AI-powered electromagnetic field therapy to help reduce disabilities in people after suffering a severe ischemic stroke.

Causing brain cancer cells to burn out

Prof Barak Rotblat of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University is making brain cancer cells self-destruct by increasing their growth rate while shutting down their glucose energy source. He is working with BGN Technologies to block 4EBP1, a protein that regulates cancer to survive glucose starvation.

Alpha DaRT treats its first liver cancer patient

The Alpha DaRT innovative alpha-radiation cancer therapy from Israel’s Alpha Tau (see previously) has been used to treat a liver cancer patient in a Canadian clinical trial. The trial will include up to 10 patients with liver metastases (secondary cancer) from colorectal cancer.

Bio-printing cells into the body

Technion Professor Shulamit Levenberg (see previously) has made yet another medical breakthrough. She has developed a non-surgical medication delivery and tissue implantation technique using ultrasound waves. Live cells from injected biological ink are “printed” deep inside the body.

Another schizophrenia treatment

Israel’s Teva has reported positive results of the Phase III trial of its Olanzapine LAI schizophrenia treatment that it has been developing with France’s Medincell. The once-a-month injections met all endpoints. It is likely to be an effective remedy without any serious side effects.