Lupus treatment is right on target

Current treatments for lupus nephritis shut down much of the immune system, with many adverse side effects. A new therapy developed by researchers, including Israel’s Professor Chaim Putterman, targets only the relevant T-cells and is therefore much safer.

New cancer treatment center

Construction has begun on a $265 million cancer treatment center at Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center. Philanthropist Sheldon Adelson donated $40 million towards the project prior to his death. The center will contain in-patients, proton therapy, rehabilitation, research, and more.

All hands to the pump

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Avinoam revived 40-year-old Yankel, who suffered a cardiac arrest in Be’er Sheva. Passers-by helped with CPR and assisted ventilation. Avinoam’s defibrillator delivered 4 shocks and Yankel’s heart restarted. Next day, Avinoam visited a very grateful Yankel in hospital.

An Israeli coronavirus expert

Latest webinar featuring Dr. Asher Salmon, of Israel’s Ministry of Health. (2nd link gives his background.) Start from 19 minutes 50 seconds (main talk from 23 mins).  At 1 hour 12 mins, the moderator mentions one of my local surgery’s doctors, sent by Israel to Croatia, to advise on vaccinations.

Diagnosing autism in infants

Researchers from Bar-Ilan University have been able to diagnose symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in babies up to 15 months old. They then treated those symptoms using Bar-Ilan’s pioneer Mifne Approach to avert severe deviations in the neurodevelopment of the infants identified.

Diet can slow brain aging

A green Mediterranean diet, high in polyphenols and low in red and processed meat, seems to slow age-related brain atrophy. Ben Gurion University researchers led an 18-month international randomized control trial on 300 participants - one of the world’s longest and largest brain MRI trials.

How we adapt to our environment

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered that our physical bodies react to electrical voltage changes within nerve cells in the brain. So, if we encounter strong smell, a voltage change tells our G-protein voltage-sensitive receptors to reduce sensitivity to the smell.

Etta’s cancer breakthrough

Professor Etta Livneh of Israel’s Ben Gurion University has found a peptide (uPEP2) in the body’s messenger RNA that inhibits cancer cell survival, tumor progression, metastasis and more. Amazingly, uPEP2 originates from a gene classified with the Greek letter Eta (Prof Livneh’s forename).

Coexistence saves Myanmar girl

8-year-old Hannah from Myanmar was brought to Israel for an urgent operation by Jewish, Muslim and Christian doctors from Israeli non-profit Save A Child’s Heart. The surgeons were led by Dr Hagi Dekel and included Dr Mervat El-Faraha from the PA and Dr Ziwa Modniso from Zambia.

Two in a million

An Israeli woman gave birth to healthy twins at the Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) hospital. The boy and girl only encountered each other after the birth, as the mother was born with a double uterus - a rare condition, known as Uterus didelphys. Less than 15 cases of similar births have ever been reported.