A new target for protection against Alzheimer’s

Researchers at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University found a new approach for treating Alzheimer’s disease. They developed a new molecule VBIT-4 that prevents the over-expression of the protein VDAC1, which controls mitochondrial activity and cell life and death.

Keeping an eye on your loved ones

Israel’s SenterCare claims to have the only unobstructive technology that can differentiate between people in the same home. It notifies about safety incidents, with AI to predict falls and recommend interventions. Its aim is to preserve and prolong the senior’s quality of life and reduce health costs.

AI to help you live longer

Several Israeli startups are involved in helping people to live longer. Longevity.AI has developed a comprehensive system for hospitals, health funds, and other medical organizations that allows them to track and monitor the health of their patients in real-time. It says it is never too early to grow younger.

Scanning the eye in Massachusetts

Israel’s AEYE Health (see previously) is trialing its AI-based retinal camera on 500 patients at UMass (University of Massachusetts Amhurst) medical school. The camera detects retinopathy (eye disease) and is operated by a family doctor or nurse, without the need for an eye specialist.

A virtual dentist

Israel’s Grin is literally changing the face of dental visits.  Why waste time with a face-to-face appointment with your dentist or orthodontist when they just want to see your teeth. Sign up; send off for the Grin Scope; download the Grin App; scan your teeth; and schedule a virtual meeting with your dentist.

Computer-designed antibodies

AION Labs, the Israeli innovation lab for startups (see previously), has helped launch DenovAI – a startup that will harness artificial intelligence and biophysics to build a platform for computer-designed antibodies from the start, geared to the development of new treatments.

Protein trigger for brain cancer

Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered that the secreted protein LCN2 facilitates the formation of aggressive brain metastases (secondary cancers). In lab tests, reducing LCN2 in the blood halts the advance of the inflammatory process that causes tumors in the brain.

Sniffing out cancer

Israel’s SpotitEarly (see previously) has just reported a 93% success rate in its study using a combination of dogs, sensors, and AI software to detect and identify breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancer. And another Israeli startup Early Labs reported similar results using trained rats to detect lung cancer.

The most memorable moment at OurCrowd Summit

My highlight at the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem last week was 10-year-old Itai, saved thanks to Surgical Theater’s Augmented Reality system. Itai ran on stage to greet Surgical Theater’s CEO, Alon Zuckerman – Itai’s father.  Please watch this.

AI to increase cancer awareness

The Israel Cancer Association has used Artificial Intelligence in a new campaign to highlight the importance of early cancer diagnosis. Videos show people asking AI to show them as a grandparent, or at their child’s wedding, but the future will only become reality if the person avoids cancer.