Israeli medical startups in San Francisco

16 of OurCrowd’s Israeli medical portfolio companies attended the 38th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco (Jan 13-15). Their innovative solutions include cancer treatments, blood testing, wound care, care for older adults, diabetes management and more.

Israeli startups to help UK healthcare

Ten Israeli heath tech startups have been invited by UK Government’s Israel Tech Hub to help UK healthcare organizations build more modern and effective healthcare services. They will meet AstraZeneca, NHSX, Care UK, Walgreens Boots Alliance and Amazon Web Services in London.

Decoy molecule neutralizes dangerous viruses

Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute and at Tel Aviv University have engineered a molecule called Arenacept to fool and destroy viruses that migrate from rodents to humans. Arenacept binds strongly to the virus, acting as a decoy. It also triggers the immune system’s defenses.

Lowering the cost of X-rays

Israel’s Nanox is an Israeli/Japanese cooperation that has created the world’s first commercial-grade digital X-ray source for medical imaging applications. Nanox’s novel technology can significantly reduce the costs of medical imaging systems.

US Government buys Israeli wound treatment

As per its 2015 contract with Israel’s MediWound , the U.S. Department of Health (HSS), is stockpiling $16.5 million worth of MediWound’s NexoBrid burns treatment. HSS has options on another $50 million of NexoBrid.

Program benefits patients and doctors

Since 2015 Bar-Ilan University’s ETGAR program requires its med students to visit patients at home after discharge from hospital. A study shows patients benefit significantly, especially those who are poor, isolated, understand little Hebrew, or lack education. Future doctors also benefit.

Lessons learned tackling measles in Samoa

The Israeli team of nine doctors and nurses from Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer has returned from helping Samoa combat its measles epidemic. The team emphasized how vital a vaccination program was in preventing similar outbreaks.

Attorney leaves $15 million to Israeli hospital

Although retired attorney Daniel Jacobson led a modest life, he bequeathed 50 million shekels (approximately $15 million) to Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital.  It will cover 10 new operating rooms and other major upgrades to the hospital.

TB vaccine can prevent Alzheimer’s

Israeli scientists have studied 1,371 bladder cancer patients receiving treatment at Hebrew University’s Hadassah Medical Center. They found that those who had received the BCG vaccination against tuberculosis were half as likely to develop Alzheimer’s as those who hadn’t.

Half a billion shekels extra for subsidized medicines

Israel’s Ministries of Health and Finance have increased the budget for the health basket by NIS 500 million. There is now NIS 54.2 billion available in 2020 for subsidized medicines and medical devices required by Israeli citizens and permanent residents.