Breakthrough in search for a vaccine against Ebola

Scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute working with researchers in Germany have identified two antibodies that are effective in stopping one species of the Ebola virus. Research is ongoing to developing a multi-species vaccine.

Another blood test for lung cancer

A team of Israeli (Weizmann Institute) and British scientists have devised a blood test that analyzes activity of three enzymes (OGG1, MPG and APE1) connected to DNA damage. They say it can “significantly improve current lung cancer risk prediction, assisting prevention and early detection.”

Good trial results for presbyopia treatment

As reported previously Israel’s Orasis has developed CSF-1 (eye drops) to treat presbyopia – age-related far-sightedness. Results of Phase 2b trials of CSF-1 showed “significant improvement”, together with “exceptional safety and tolerability”.

The signature of cancer cells

Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute have used artificial intelligence and big data to decode the unique signatures of certain cancer cells. The resulting technology – dubbed a “computerized pathologist” –could significantly boost development of personalized cancer treatments.

Israeli cancer survival rates rise significantly

Five-year survival rates for Israelis (Jews & Arabs) diagnosed with all types of invasive cancers have increased significantly over the last decade. For example, of Jewish women diagnosed in 1996 only 63% survived five years or more. From 2011 this rose to 71%.

Closing openings in Panama

Israel’s Gordian Surgical is to provide thousands of its TroClose1200 access-closure systems to public hospitals in Panama. Gordian’s distributor PanaFarma won the tender to supply the post-operation surgical closure system to Panama's social security hospitals.

What the microbiome has taught us

Dr Elan Elinav and Prof Elan Segal of Israel’s Weizmann Institute have made many medical discoveries from microbiome (gut bacteria) research. They include artificial sweeteners’ link to obesity / diabetes and gut microbes’ impact on ALS. There are 40 scientists in their research lab.

Positive results in human trial of ALS treatment

As reported previously, the stem cell ALS therapy developed by Israel’s Kadimastem showed promise in the lab. Now, early results from human trials at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem show that it has significantly slowed down disease progression without major side effects.

Revolution in the operating theater

As reported previously, the Virtual Reality (VR) systems from Israel’s Surgical Theater are changing the nature of surgery. Now installed at 15 US hospitals, they have been used in thousands of life-saving operations.

Helping doctors focus on treatment

Israel’s Maverick Medical AI has developed software for reading patient notes to analyze chronic conditions and risk factors. US Health Systems (USHS), in partnership with Arizona Complete Health, is to deploy Maverick’s software within its organization.