More ventilators

Israel’s Inovytec Medical Solutions is mass-producing portable respiratory machines. It plans to deliver 1,000 of the machines to the Israeli Defense Ministry in May and has had additional orders from Europe.

Hebrew U and coronavirus

Anti-coronavirus research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem includes: a genetic biobank to help prevent its spread, faster diagnostic kits, boosting the immune system, developing new proteins as a basis for a vaccine and treatments to block infection and reduce tissue damage.

Ben Gurion U and coronavirus

A summary of 15 of 50+ projects that Israel’s Ben Gurion University has launched to mitigate COVID-19 or its repercussions. Highlights are neutralizing antibodies, anti-viral air filters, emergency drones, automatic sanitizers and anti-viral microalgae. And 100+ students help at Soroka hospital.

Technion and coronavirus

Israel’s Technion Institute has 20 labs working on solutions for coronavirus. It has 4 diagnostic testing projects, 2 projects developing vaccines, 4 therapeutics projects and 7 projects developing aids for medical teams. Plus, numerous emergency projects. You can even join its voice study

Israeli startups in the age of coronavirus

Great Forbes article listing many Israeli companies working on coronavirus-related products and services. Not previously reported include SaNOtize (nasal spray), Pulm-One (lung function test), MagniLearn (distance learning) and Kemtai (virtual personal trainer that can see you)  

More detail on Israeli coronavirus med-tech

This article focuses on six Israeli startups. RADLogics (diagnoses lung infection), (blood test), (antibodies), (severity monitoring), (home monitoring) and Geneyx Genomex (genetic resistance analysis).    

Coronavirus vaccine from recovered patients

Israel’s Kamada is developing a treatment against the coronavirus derived from the blood-plasma of patients who have recovered from the disease and are in convalescence. Kamada says that the plasma is likely to contain antibodies that can be the basis for a vaccine.

Intelligent testing for pathogens is a British company, but almost its entire R&D is based in Israel. The company uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze COVID-19 (or any pathogen) test results automatically. It removes the need for specialists and ensures standardization, accuracy and quality-control.

A better mask

The Israeli ViriMASK Protective Oculo-Respirator shields the face and eyes from the coronavirus. It is strapped around the head, with a see-through visor and has a filtering mechanism for the nose and mouth. The device can be washed and reused and the replaceable filters last 12 hours. Available soon.

Barcoding cancer treatments

As reported previously Israeli scientists developed nano-packages of anti-cancer treatments, barcoded to identify which is the most effective. Now, Israel’s Barcode Diagnostics sends different chemo in nanoparticles and reads barcodes on the dead tumors to see which one worked best.