The world’s largest employer of autistic people

Captain Udi Heller is autistic and founder of the "Titkadmu" (Move Forward) program at the largest employer of autistic people in the world – the IDF. Captain Heller spoke at the high-tech diversity conference organized by Calcalist, Bank Leumi, Meitar and PowerInDiversity.

Chad opens Embassy in Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chad President Mehmet Déby have inaugurated the African country's embassy in Israel, five years after the two countries restored diplomatic ties. The majority Muslim country’s embassy is in Ramat Gan – a suburb of Tel Aviv.

“The Jews have arrived!”

Wonderful interview with Colonel Golan Vach, Commander of the IDF’s National Rescue Unit. He describes some of the unit’s international life-saving missions. But most amazing is the response from civilians when Colonal Vach tells them that they have come from Jerusalem.

More bullet-proof ambulances for Ukraine

Israel has transferred three more ambulances to Ukrainian rescue services (see previously). The Israeli “Plasan Re’em” company reinforced the ambulances and equipped them with life-saving medical gear including a defibrillator, oxygen system and more.

“Hatikvah” played in Albanian Parliament

A delegation of Zionist activists and Knesset members visited majority Muslim Albania and met with local legislators. Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah, was performed at the Albanian parliament in the presence of the Israelis and members of the pro-Israel Beit Yisrael group.

Training Haredim for business

One of the companies attending Israel’s “Power in Diversity” conference was PHONE.DO (see previously). CTO Israel Weinberg explains how his company recruits Haredim who are finishing their studies and trains them for work in IT development or call center operations. (Video in link.)

Wise words – “Jews save Arabs. Arabs save Jews”

Israeli Arab Fadi Dekidek has been an MDA paramedic for nearly 20 years. He says, “MDA is in a state of its own for co-existence - it’s an example for the whole world.” "The difference between a culture that glorifies terror and one that works hard to heal is education."

Israeli women in R&D

Carine-Belle Feder, CTO & Co-Founder at Antidote Health, was so unhappy at being the only woman in the room she started “Baot. It is now the biggest Israeli community of women in R&D - software engineers, data scientists, security researchers and academic researchers.

Lifeline to the elderly

For 60 years, Israeli charity Yad LaKashish (Lifeline to the Elderly) helps Jerusalem’s needy seniors find work and sustenance with dignity. Some 200 mostly immigrants, make beautiful Judaica for sale, receiving a wage, a winter heating bonus, healthcare, a nutritious lunch, and food packages for holidays.

Israeli & UAE singers sing each other’s anthems

Israeli-Arab Yoseph Haddad (see previously) hosted an International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in Dubai. The event had Israel’s Nicole Raviv sing the UAE’s Anthem “Ishy Bilady” and Emirate’s Ahmed Al Hosani sang “Hatikvah” (see 2nd link).