More philanthropists

Israeli businessmen have donated millions to Israeli organizations to help them save lives. E.g. NIS 10 million from businessmen Eyal Offer and $3 million from Yuri Milner to Sourasky, Sheba, Rambam, MDA, TAU and Leket. Meanwhile Israelis donated over NIS 1 million to 4-year-old orphaned twins.

Israeli doctor saves lives in Italy

Israeli doctor Carmi Sheffer is on the front line of treating coronavirus patients at the University Hospital of Padua in Italy. When he returns to Israel, his knowledge will help save Israelis as well. It includes using scuba masks attached to ventilators and patients lying on their side.

European countries to use Israeli coronavirus PR video

Italy’s Health Ministry has requested and has been given permission to use Israeli Health Ministry's "infection chain" publicity video. Georgia and Ukraine also were given permission to broadcast the video in their countries. It has been shown in Israel in 4 languages.

Israeli app to help track infected Americans

Israel’s Shemuel Levinger and Israeli friends in the US are launching COVUNITY. The App tracks coronavirus cases, supplying crucial data to US authorities and its citizens to help them fight the outbreak.

Stress support for Italians

Israeli humanitarian aid organization IsraAID is helping volunteers and medics responding to the coronavirus crisis in Italy. Working remotely with the Jewish community in Rome, they have built webinars on stress management, psychological first aid and community resilience.

More medical aid for the PA

The Israeli Government sent more medical equipment to the Palestinian Authority. They also sent respirators to Jerusalem’s Arab hospitals. 3,000 COVID-19 test kits and 50,000 masks came from the World Health Organization for medical teams working in the PA territories.

Arab-Israeli students rescued from Jordan

Some 200 Arab-Israeli students studying in Jordan were able to return to Israel thanks to the Israeli Embassy in Jordan and the Foreign Affairs Ministry.  Jordan had closed its borders but approved Israel’s request to make a humanitarian exception for the students.

Testing for Israeli-Arab towns

Two of Israel’s health companies Clalit and Leumit are testing for coronavirus in Arab cities e.g. Nazareth and Umm al-Fahm, plus Shuafat and Beit Safafa in Jerusalem. A mobile testing facility is visiting Arab villages, to make testing more accessible in Arab communities.

Israeli farmers feed the poor

Israeli farmers have joined forces with charities and municipalities to ensure the poor receive nutritious food on a regular basis. Leket (who feed 175,000 underprivileged citizens) said farmers are donating high-quality produce - 250 tons a week more fruits and vegetables than we normally receive.

Startup 3D-prints masks for hospitals

Israeli 3D printer firm, MAFIL Ltd. is 3D-printing hundreds of protective face masks and donating them to Israeli hospitals. Each mask takes one hour to print. They are also working in a government project to print parts for ventilators.