Israel-UAE alliance

Two private companies in the United Arab Emirates have signed an agreement with two Israeli companies, to develop research technology to fight COVID-19. Announcements were made both by the Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Health and a UAE spokesperson.

PA scientist doing cutting-edge Israeli research

Dr. Rafat Qubaja lives in Tarqumiyah under the Palestinian Authority but works at Israel’s Weizmann Institute. His research on trees in arid regions found they can absorb vast amounts of carbon. Meanwhile he praises the opportunities he has in the Jewish State.

On vultures’ wings

Here is a new video featuring Israel’s work to protect the endangered Griffon vulture and increase its numbers in the wild.  The Hebrew word for vulture is “nesher”, mistranslated as “eagle” in some Biblical sources.

Medical supplies for Nepal

The Embassy of Israel donated aid to the Nepalese government to help front-line workers contain Covid-19. It comprised Personal Protective Equipment, masks, infrared digital thermometers, surgical gloves, hand sanitizers, hand sprayers and disinfectant solutions.

Helping Ethiopia combat Covid-19

Israeli NGO NALA was helping Ethiopia fight snail fever in 2018 (see ). It is now working to combat Covid-19 and has implemented a 5-point plan – information to rural areas, enlisting religious leaders, distributing PPE, building handwashing stations, and training health workers.

Bringing the smile back

Israeli-founded global non-profit Faces Behind Masks aims to provide medical staff in every hospital worldwide with sets of free personalized Smiling Face stickers. A photograph of each staff member’s face can be worn over protective clothing, so that patients see faces instead of just masks.

Natural pest control

New video re-iterating the Israeli project (reported previously) to use barn owls to keep agricultural crops free from rodent pests. It brings together farmers from Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority to cooperate for mutual benefit.

Three new female IAF pilots

On 25th June, of the 600 original Israeli Air Force cadets that started the 180th flight course, just forty, including three women, received their wings. Mordechai Raflowitz, a Holocaust survivor and ex-Irgun fighter, was present to see his granddaughter graduate.

Syrian baby has successful heart op

As reported previously, a Syrian baby was flown from Cyprus to Israel’s Sheba Medical Center for surgeons to reconstruct the missing left side of his heart. His first emergency operation was a success and he will return to Israel in the future for two more operations.

Israel21c Digital Ambassador campaigns

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Israel21c’s digital ambassadors have been preparing excellent campaigns to promote Israel. They presented these at a Zoom seminar. The winner was Yalla on a Budget, closely followed by Ve Love (vegan) Israel and Celebrities in Israel.