Wheelchair EMT Saves lives

United Hatzalah EMT Chen uses a wheelchair to respond to emergencies on ambulance shifts in and around Acre. His crew unloads and loads his wheelchair quickly and he uses knee pads when performing CPR. He is living proof that someone with a disability can do what any other person does.

Cleaner water for Africa

Three Israeli startups won a contest run by Israel’s Innovation: Africa and DeserTech to pilot their clean water technology. They are EZMEMS, NanoClear Water Solutions, and SoLED. Their systems will be implemented at various Innovation: Africa sites.

What does Israel do for US

Yoram Ettinger’s latest article “Foreign Aid” to Israel is bonanza for the US” shows that the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship constitutes a classic case of a mutually- beneficial two-way street.

Six new Ambassadors to Israel

Israeli President Isaac Herzog officially received new ambassadors from Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Uruguay, and Portugal at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem. Guatemala is one of four countries to have an embassy in Jerusalem.

NIS 2 billion for Jerusalem Arabs

Israel has approved a new NIS 2 billion 5-year plan to benefit Jerusalem’s Arab residents. Its aim is to improve roads, public transport, water, sewage and electricity provision, develop employment opportunities, and build additional educational, cultural, sports and health facilities.

Faster acclimation for Ethiopian immigrants

In a pilot project, Ethiopian olim who landed in Israel on May 16 were immediately placed in new apartments in Kiryat Gat rather than absorption centers. Many came with academic degrees from urban centers and will now be able to move quickly into the tech industry, academia etc.

Videos for special children

Israel’s Poppins is a video solution that allows autistic children and their parents to filter the content of videos to accommodate the child’s visual preferences and prevent sensory overload. Poppins is licensing a range of TV programs and will also be producing its own educational content.

Israeli farmers feed the poor

Last year over 1,000 Israeli farmers donated 26,450 tons of surplus fruit and vegetables to Israelis in need through Leket Israel-the National Food Bank. Leket, now in its 20th year, also rescued 1.9 million hot meals last year. The surplus produce feeds some 234,000 Israelis in need each week.

Lifeless PA Arab revived

A 63-year-old Palestinian Arab man was brought to the Hashmonaim Crossing by relatives after suffering a cardiac arrest. Israeli security guards immediately initiated CPR. United Hatzalah volunteer EMTs plus other paramedics eventually managed to get a pulse and the patient was taken to hospital.

Visa agreement with Japan

A work-vacation visa agreement has been signed between Japan and Israel. Each year 200 young Israelis aged 18 - 30 can combine work and studies in Japan for up to one year. In addition, Israeli high-tech, cyber, health, and agriculture personnel will be able to work in Japan.