More Covid aid to India

Israel has sent two planes full of thousands of oxygen generators, respirators and medications to help India fight its worst outbreak of Covid-19. Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi wrote, “In the coming days, further plane loads of aid are expected to take off from Israel to our friends in India.”

Gaza patients still treated in Israel

Despite Gaza terrorists firing rockets into Israel at the end of April, the IDF was still coordinating the transportation of sick patients from Gaza into Israel for treatment.

Czech & Slovak parliaments recognize Jerusalem Day

Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucuses in Czech and Slovak Republics commemorated Jerusalem Day for the first time, simultaneously. Israeli ambassadors to both republics attended, along with other dignitaries. The shofar was blown in the Czech Chamber of Deputies.

Iftar and Eid

Samaria Regional Council chief Yossi Dagan hosted an Iftar meal for 20 Palestinian Arab clerics and businessmen to break the Ramadan fast. Guests from the UAE joined in by Zoom. Also, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenaz hosted an end of Ramadan Eid al-Fitr event for Muslim ambassadors to Israel.

Growing avocados in Morocco

Israel’s Mehadrin (see ) has signed an agreement with a Moroccan company, under which it will grow crops outside Israel for the first time. It will lease some 5,000 dunams (1,125 acres) in Morocco to grow up to 10,000 tonnes of avocado per year mainly for export to Europe.

Sharing success on Turkish TV

HonestReporting CEO Daniel Pomerantz appeared on Turkish English-language news outlet “A News” to discuss Israel’s success in battling the Covid-19 pandemic. He delivered the key message that Israel can be a role model for modern Western democracies.

EU approves non-essential travel to Israel

Israel has been added to a European Union safe list for countries that the EU says should be allowed to freely travel to Europe for tourism. Travel to the 27 countries of the EU is currently extremely limited except for citizens of a handful of countries with low coronavirus infection rates.

Blind Israeli Arab changes perceptions

Arab Israeli Saleem is one of only a few blind Muslims who has a guide dog, as many Muslims consider dogs to be impure. By showing fellow Muslims how Winston, Saleem’s guide dog, has truly improved his life, they are starting to understand that having a dog is not a bad thing.

Award for Technion volunteer

Lina Maudlej a master’s student at Israel’s Technion Institute, won Israel’s Council for Higher Education Award for Social Involvement in the Community. Her extensive volunteering activities include supporting Arab students and non-profits, reducing food waste, and increasing recycling.

Israelis respond

On the day following the tragedy at Israel’s Mount Meron, blood donation sites were set up nationwide. By the onset of Shabbat, 2,208 donations had been collected, including from the Prime Minister. Nearby Arab and Druze towns provided refreshments and makeshift rest stations for Jews leaving the area.