Israel begins exports of natural gas to Egypt

Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz and Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum Tarek El-Molla, jointly confirmed that Israeli natural gas is now flowing to Egypt. It was hailed as the most significant economic cooperation since the signing of the peace treaty between the two countries.

Extinguishing fires in Australia

One of the Israeli startups exhibiting at CES 2020 Las Vegas was drone video analyst Edgybees . Having helped combat the fires in California last year, they responded to an urgent request from Australia and donated it to help put out fires in New South Wales.

Giving a voice to those unable to speak

As reported previously Israeli startup Click2speak and Israeli charity Ezer Mizion are developing a keyboard for stroke victims and others to operate with just their eyes. Ezer Mizion also operates the Middle East’s only loan center for speech generating devices.

Going back to the Moon

As reported Israel’s SpaceIL plans to make another attempt to land an Israeli spacecraft on the Moon. These plans have just received a boost with a $1 million donation from the Blavatnik Family Foundation. It will also support putting Israel’s first nanosatellite into lunar orbit.

Free hi-res weather forecasts for India

As reported previously, Israel’s ClimaCell develops a highly accurate weather forecasting system. It has now partnered with Google Cloud to launch a free high-resolution model in India that predicts the weather for a 2km area in 15-min timesteps for the next 48 hours.

Hi-tech Haredim conference

As reported previously, Bizmax is a business center for ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem residents. It has just sponsored a hi-tech employment conference in Jerusalem, in association with the Kemach Foundation, which has already helped over 20,000 Haredim find jobs.

Israel sends aid for fire-injured Australian animals

Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo has raised money to donate veterinary medical supplies to treat animals suffering from the fires raging in Australia. The items include burn creams, milk replacers, wound sprays and hydration concentrates to be used in Victoria's East Gippsland region.

Aid to Puerto Rico

Volunteers from Israeli NGO IsraAID were still helping Puerto Rico recover from 2017’s Hurricane Maria , when the island was struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. Over one million people have no electricity and water, and an estimated 300 are homeless. IsraAID is conducting a needs assessment.

Video of the decade

Some of Israel’s major achievements in the last 10 years, summarized in 2 mins 18 secs.

Surprise for Israeli in Sweden

Israeli Noam Shalev was worried when a Syrian refugee waitress in Sweden asked where Noam was from. He said “Israel” and rushed to the exit. But the waitress and her sister stopped him and thanked him for Israel’s medical treatment that saved their mother during the Syrian civil war.