Number of Israeli-Arab hi-tech students doubles

The number of Arab Israelis studying high-tech subjects at Israeli universities and colleges has doubled in six years. In 2018, 3,778 Arab students (12% of Israeli students) were studying high-tech subjects for BA degrees.

Israeli and UAE jets exercise together

The Israel Air Force, along with pilots from the United Arab Emirates, United States, Greece, Italy and Cyprus took part of Iniohos 2019 - Greece’s largest military exercise.

London Uni students see Israeli tech up close

52 students from 30 countries (including Saudi Arabia and Sudan) studying at Imperial College London, had an eye-opening tour of tech sites in Israel. These included Mobileye, IBM, Barclays Techstar, OurCrowd and the Technion and Weizmann Institutes.

500 multinationals in the Startup Nation

“The State of Innovation,” published by Start-Up Nation Central (SNC) and PwC Israel, reports that over 500 multinational corporations from some 35 countries are active in Israel. It says they seek the ideas and the entrepreneurial culture emanating from Israel’s 6,000 plus startups.

Finland is a hi-tech partner

The Israel-Finland Pilot Program has been launched by the Israel Innovation Authority and the Helsinki Business Hub. It will help Israeli and Helsinki-area companies to co-develop technologies, products and services including digital health, smart mobility and communications.

Israeli-Druze doctor honored on Independence Day

Ziv Medical Center’s Dr. Salman Zarka was head of “Operation Good Neighbor” in which, for six years, Israel provided critical care to thousands of Syrian victims of its civil war. Dr. Zarka was given the honor of lighting a torch on Israel’s Independence Day (see below).

Advice to female entrepreneurs

I reported previously on the wound care system from Israel’s Nanomedic Technologies. Nanomedic CEO and mother of three, Chen Barak, advises female entrepreneurs to get support from their family and not to give up or compromise on their career.

The first Druze woman member of Knesset

Gadeer Mreeh of the Blue and White party is the first woman of Druze ethnicity to become a Member of Israel’s Parliament. The 34-year-old mother of two from the Israeli Druze town of Daliyat al-Karmel was a former news anchor. Likud’s Ayoob Kara was the 3rd Druze male MK.

Fighting fires in Ethiopia

On 14th Apr, 11 Israeli experts landed in Ethiopia to assist local firefighters fighting a complex forest fire in Simien Mountains National Park for the past two weeks. The UNESCO World Heritage site is home to several rare animal species. By Apr 17 the fire was under control.

First overseas trip is to Israel

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had previously promised that the first international trip in office would be to the State of Israel. He has just announced that will lead his first delegation to Israel in May, bringing business, academic and political leaders to strengthen Florida-Israel bonds.