Israel’s first deaf MK

Shirley Pinto (Yamina) is Israel’s first deaf member of Knesset (Parliament). The daughter of deaf parents, Pinto lectured at Bar-Ilan University’s Sign Language Interpreting program. She joins Energy Minister Karin Elharrar - the first Israeli minister with disabilities.

Saving thousands of lives in India

Israel has sent 1,300 oxygen concentrators and 400 respirators to India to combat Covid (see previously). Israel’s private sector has raised $85,000 for equipment. Israeli technology is diagnosing cases in Indian hospitals and daily new cases have come down from 350,000 to around 60,000.

I love it here

Mansoor Mohammad bin Shamekh al-Mazooqi was delighted to be the first Emirati to study in Israel. 19-year-old Mansoor from Dubai is studying for a bachelor's degree in government at the IDC (Interdisciplinary Center) in Herzliya. The UAE flag became the 91st national flag flying at the IDC.

Second shock saves electrocuted Arab

Kibbutz Gat manager Ehud is also a volunteer medic for Israel’s United Hatzalah. He recently saved an Arab kibbutz worker who had electrocuted himself by simultaneous contact with electricity and water. Ehud and a colleague used a defibrillator shock to bring the Arab back to life.

Mother of 7 is a lifesaver

Pre-school director Hila, a mother of 7 children jumped at the chance to become an EMT for United Hatzalah. Her husband, Dovie, was so moved by the important work that his wife was doing, that he too became a United Hatzalah volunteer.

Israeli woman heads US quantum computing startup

Israel’s Shahar Keinan is CEO of US-based Polaris Quantum Biotech which is using super-fast quantum computers to speed up years-long search for new treatments. Polarisqb is currently searching a cure for endometriosis, affecting about 10% of women globally.

Israeli women agritech pioneers

Last week’s newsletter featured - winner of ACT Foodtech’s “Women of AgriFood Nation” competition. This video highlights the other female-led contestants – , , , and . All are new to this newsletter.

The Arab dentist who builds bridges

Muslim Arab Khalil Bakly has a dental practice in Netanya and Nof Hagalil. His local organization Habustan (the Orchard) brings together Nof Hagalil’s Arabs and Jews. They have just initiated a social media campaign called “Arabs and Jews in Nof Hagalil against violence”.

Israel joins UN’s ECOSOC

For the first time, over two thirds of UN members voted Israel onto the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan said it was a “… recognition of our innovation and creativity, which serves to benefit all nations of the world …”

First country to ban sale of fur

In Oct (as reported ), Israel announced it would ban the sale of fur to the fashion industry – the first country in the world to do so. Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel has now formally signed the amendment into law, and it goes into effect in six months.