El Al flight simulator is made wheelchair accessible

In honor of Good Deeds Day, the pilot’s seat of EL AL’s Boeing 737 flight simulator was replaced with a wheelchair. One young woman and three young men from ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran and ADI Jerusalem, each enjoyed 60-minute flight instruction simulations.

More water from the air for Colombia

Israel has donated two more WaterGen water from the air devices to Colombia (see for previous) – this time to schools in drought-ravished La Guajira. The area accounts for a disproportionate 20% of Colombia’s malnutrition fatalities among children under 5.

The largest Israeli-Egyptian conference in 20 years

Some 60 Israeli and Egyptian officials and businesspeople recently held the largest bilateral meeting in the last two decades. The event in Sharm el-Sheikh aimed to expand economic ties in agriculture, desalination, textiles, food, tourism and much more.

Arabs and Jews save lives together

Israel’s national emergency service Magen David Adom (MDA) not only saves lives around the world, but its Arab and Jewish medics are a model example of Israeli coexistence. Israeli-Arab blogger Nas Yassin (famous for Nas Daily - reported previously), shows the reality.

Arab-Israel teens build a satellite

Israeli-Arab teen Mariam Fahoum led her Nazareth classmates in building a fully functional satellite. The students worked on the project for three intense years, including while fasting during Ramadan.

Elite IDF unit to train women for tech

The Woman2Woman program set up by graduates of the IDF’s elite 8200 tech unit is to train women for positions in Israel’s booming hi-tech industry. The program will partner leading tech companies, including Microsoft Israel, Salesforce, Dell and General Motors.

Israeli disabled emerge from lockdown

60 residents of Colel Chabad’s centers for Multiple Sclerosis, were able to go on an outing from their rehabilitative residences for the first time in nearly a year. 90 staff members took them to the Galilee’s fully accessible Jordan Valley Village.

Running from Jerusalem to Eilat

Israeli charity Afikim provides children-at-risk in Israel, and their parents, with tools to help escape the cycle of poverty through education. At 230 miles, Run4Afikim (R4A) is the longest organized charity relay run in the world. This year it has already raised over NIS 2 million.

National library exhibit of Bedouin culture

The National Library of Israel is displaying the Clinton Bailey Archive of Arab Bedouin Culture. It includes 350 hours of interviews, digitized in English, Arabic and Hebrew, plus hundreds of images, slides and video clips documenting Bedouin tribal culture over the past half-century.

Medics to treat injured in Equatorial Guinea

An Israeli medical team has landed in Equatorial Guinea, following blasts at a military camp that killed over a hundred and injured more than 600. The team of 50 IDF medics and 10 civilians includes intensive care physicians, pediatricians and other specialists.