Adopt a doctor

Israel’s Adopt-A-Doctor initiative began mid-March and within 10 days over 1,300 volunteers adopted 550 medical professionals. Volunteers help make life a little easier by cooking or sending food to the medic during shifts or for arrival home, watching kids, shopping, walking pets, or donating.

Philanthropic Israeli companies

Big-hearted Israeli companies include Israeli-founded Mobileye, which is donating NIS 10 million to cash-strapped non-profits. Mobileye’s parent, Intel, is donating $320,000 to Haifa’s Rambam Hospital to buy a hi-tech coronavirus testing system. And MyHeritage is donating 66,000 swabs.

Austria’s Chancellor grateful for PM’s advice

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that Israeli PM Netanyahu shook him out of his complacency, urging him to "do something" to contain the coronavirus epidemic. It prompted him to make Austria one of the first European countries to take serious action.

Virtual coronavirus conference for global leaders

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) hosted “Corona Wake Up Call”- a virtual conference. Its attendees included global government, economic and tech leaders, as well as Israeli and Italian hospital heads and experts. They shared best practices on combating the COVID-19 crisis.

Praying together

The published a positive story around a photo of two Israeli Jewish and Arab paramedics praying together – one facing Jerusalem and the other facing Mecca.  It goes on to say that this is common phenomena in Israel. WIN had a similar story if you don’t want to subscribe to the NYT.

How the elderly can help

Israel’s Esther Hershcovich has set up SAGE - a global English-language platform where skilled senior citizens give on-line classes in arts, business, education, health and those in home-isolation. Teachers include an ex-Midwife, a psychologist, a Rabbi and a chiropractor. How about you?

Israel helps PA prevent coronavirus

Israeli authorities have delivered hundreds of coronavirus testing kits to the Palestinian Authority and to the Gaza strip, plus tons of disinfectant material. In addition, professional teams of Israelis and Palestinian Arabs have been working together to prevent the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus treatment for the US

Israel’s Teva manufactures hydroxychloroquine sulfate, the less toxic version of chloroquine, which alleviates some of the coronavirus’ symptoms. Teva is donating six million tablets of the treatment to help U.S. hospitals meet an expected surge in demand.

Italian professor praises Israel’s coronavirus preparations

Massimo Galli is Professor of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at Milan University and Director of infectious diseases at the Luigi Sacco hospital in Milan. On Italian TV he praised Israel as being the only country prepared for this huge (coronavirus) problem.

Israel attends anti-terrorism conference in Morocco

An unnamed Israeli official attended the “Warsaw Process Counterterrorism and Illicit Finance” working group in Marrakech, Morocco. Though the countries have no formal relations, Morocco has hosted Israeli leaders, and many other Israelis have visited there.