Mental health training for Ukrainian therapists

20 Ukrainian psychologists have spent two weeks in Israel receiving training on how to treat trauma cases. Ukraine cannot cope with the massive numbers of people affected by the conflict with Russia. A key goal of the course was how to help traumatized children.

Make them notice Israel

This article by David Suissa ironically states “Israeli innovators are so busy solving problems, to make the world a better place, that they’re oblivious to the fact that much of the world hasn’t noticed.” This newsletter editor pleads to its readers to “MAKE THEM NOTICE!”

Colombia celebrates National Day in Tel Aviv

Colombian Ambassador Margarita E. Manjarrez Herrera hosted her country’s National Day reception at the Tel Aviv Hilton. The event included musical presentations and amazing Salsa dancers from the Ensálsate Company.

Israeli tourists save entertainer in Morocco

A Moroccan man performing in a riding and shooting exhibition was nearly crushed when his horse fell on him. An Israeli tourist in the audience was a doctor and she stabilized the rider, who was taken to hospital as the rest of the audience applauded.

The first female border protection battalion commander

The IDF has appointed the first woman to serve as commanding officer of the Caracal infantry battalion, a part of the Border Protection Corps. Major Or Livni will be promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel.

History-making in Morocco

Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi was made very welcome on the first-ever official trip by an IDF Chief of Staff to Morocco. Meanwhile, Israel and Morocco have signed an agreement on intellectual property, to encourage joint innovation and promote cooperation on patents.

Global summit launches food and energy projects

The leaders of Israel, India, the US, and UAE convened the inaugural I2U2 virtual summit. Among other goals and projects, the UAE is to invest $2 billion in eco-friendly food production parks across India that will use Israeli and US private sector expertise.

Keeping the lights on in Ukraine

The “Light Up Health” campaign of Israeli NGO SmartAID maintains power to Ukraine’s Kyiv Ochmatdyt Children’s Hospital, EmergeNYC Care Unit in Mykolaiv, and Uman General Hospital. SmartAID has supplied emergency generators, spotlights for surgeons, solar power and more.

Strategic partnership with the US

Israel and the United States have announced a strategic high-level dialogue on technology to enhance their strategic partnership in cutting-edge technologies. It follows US partnerships with the UK, Australia, and Japan and will address pandemic preparedness, climate, AI, and quantum science.

Strategic partnership with Austria

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer met Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid in Jerusalem and signed an agreement that ranges from issues of security and cyber to health and tourism.