Israel’s talented ambassador

Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia Dan Oryan impressed the crowd at a capoeira belt (hand-standing) ceremony. He has previously performed in Tel Aviv and Moscow to support special needs projects.

Israel to showcase its innovations to the UN

At the week-long United Nations High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) the Israeli Mission to the UN will hold an event recognizing Israeli innovation. It will showcase Israel's revolutionary patents in the areas of water technologies, agriculture, social issues and more.

US delegation tours Israeli anti-terrorism startup

A bipartisan high-level delegation of US House members visited Israeli cybersecurity company Cobwebs Technologies during their visit to Israel. They saw how, with one click, authorities can identify connections between criminals or terrorists on social media and the dark web.

Empowering Yazidis

Dr. Yaakov Hoffman and Prof. Ari Zivotofsky, from Bar-Ilan University have brought 15 women (mostly Yazidi Kurds persecuted by ISIS) to Israel to share Israeli knowledge of how to help victims recover from the trauma.

Indonesian visit is worth diamonds

A seven-member delegation from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce visited the Israeli Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan. Yoram Dvash, president of the Israeli Diamond Exchange, stressed the importance of strengthening the ties of Muslim companies and businessmen with the State of Israel.

Popstar promotes Jaffa co-existence nursery

Chris Martin, front-man of British rock band Coldplay, visited Bustan Yafa, Jaffa’s bilingual kindergarten network for Jewish and Arab children. Martin contributes to “The Orchard of Abraham’s children” Foundation, which promotes coexistence in the network.

Giving a hoot

I’ve reported previously on the use of barn owls to control rodent pests in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority areas. Newsletter subscriber Diana Bletter has published this article about Israel’s National Barn Owl Project that has reduced the amount of toxic rodent poison used in agriculture.

Happy hour is cholent and challah

I reported previously on the shared workspace “Ampersand” for Haredi entrepreneurs in Bnei Brak near Tel Aviv. Its success means it is now looking for larger premises.  This article, however, focuses on the end of the working week, when no-one lets their hair down!

Power women

Forbes Israel has released its annual list  of 50 Israeli women who are making an impact in business, government, tech, journalism, culture, sports, and entertainment. They “control huge companies, manage thousands of employees, invent breakthrough technologies and shape Israeli culture and society.”

The first Arab chairman of an Israeli bank

Bank Leumi, Israel’s largest bank by market capitalization, has appointed Samer Haj Yehia as its Chairman of the Board of Directors. He becomes the first Arab chairman at an Israeli lender and is also on the board of both Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital and Israel’s Strauss Group.