Miss Congeniality is an inspiration

Israel’s Noy Ben Artzi was chosen by her fellow 53 competitors to receive the title Miss Congeniality at the Miss Asia Pacific pageant held in the Philippines. She inspired five-year-old Filipino Angela Briana Alforque to dress as Miss Israel at her Manila school’s United Nations Day.

IDF soldiers save Arab woman injured in car accident

An Arab woman was hit by a car driven by a Palestinian Arab in the Jordan Valley. IDF soldiers rushed to the scene, gave her initial treatment and evacuated her by helicopter to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem for further medical treatment.

Female Chief Intelligence Officer

Major General “N” is the first female officer in IDF history to lead an intelligence division at a command level. IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi appointed her as Chief Intelligence Officer for the IDF regional command.

Women are the majority at uni

Of the 19,750 students studying at Ben Gurion University, 53% of them are women (up from 39% in 2013). Overall, nearly 60% of students at Israeli universities are women. Amongst Israeli-Arabs nearly 69% of students are women.

Clean water for the Bahamas

Israel delivered portable drinking water stations to the Bahamas to aid victims of Hurricane Dorian. It was a combined effort by Israel’s MASHAV agency, the Israeli Embassy, the Prime Minister’s Office, the NGO IsraAID and Israel’s Water Authority.

Flight school for injured birds

The Israeli Wildlife Hospital, operated by the Nature and Parks Authority and the Ramat Gan Safari Park, is building a new enclosure that will become a flight school for injured birds before they return to the wild. The hospital opened in 2005 and now treats 6,000 patients a year.

10 dolphins visit Netanya beach

A pod of some ten bottlenose dolphins was observed in the in the clear blue water of the Mediterranean, near Poleg Beach, south of the city of Netanya. Israel’s beaches have been designated as an important habitat for the internationally vulnerable species.

The remarkable return of the ibex

The ibex are ancient wild goats that were domesticated thousands of years ago and dominated the Negev (e.g. Psalm 104:18). They were decimated by Bedouin hunters after WW1 - their resurgence due to the State of Israel banning hunting and managing nature reserves and ecosystems.

From Startup Nation to Impact Nation

Aharon Aharon, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority (IAA) spoke at the 2019 OurCrowd investor summit on how the Israeli government supports technological innovation addressing societal challenges, with the aim to turn the Startup Nation into the “Impact Nation”. Also see the website.

Israel attends Bahrain security conference

Dana Benvenisti-Gabay, the head of Israel’s Foreign Ministry’s regional security and counter-terrorism department, represented Israel at the Working Group on Maritime and Aviation Security conference in Manama, Bahrain.