Israelis win debating championships again

For the 3rd time, an Israeli team has won the World Universities Debate Championship. It was the first Israeli women’s team to win, defeating 750 international contestants in the English Second Language (ESL) category, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Training PA and Gaza nurses

16 nurses (11 from the Palestinian Authority and 5 from Gaza) took part in a four-day medical simulation course at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan.  The program also featured sessions on managerial skills, focusing on how to deal with tense situations.

Coexistence in Israeli mixed cities

In every Israeli mixed Jewish-Arab city there is close cooperation between Jews and Arabs at every level of municipal administration and activity. 81% of Jewish residents said relations with Arab residents were good and 89% of the Arab residents said relations with Jewish residents were good.

Government funding for all citizens

This article highlights Israel Innovation Authority funding for women, ultra-Orthodox and Israeli-Arab entrepreneurs. The startups featured include a medical device to protect the eyes of diabetics; the world’s first property management computer and a platform for smart beauty tips.

Empowering the disabled

Israeli non-profit Kelev Tov (Hebrew for “good dog”) gives jobs caring for dogs to people struggling with physical and mental disabilities.

Israelis name new planet

The International Astronomical Union invited the public to name an “exoplanet” discovered 1,500 light years from Earth. They selected the suggestion of an Israeli - “Aleph” - the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. They also selected the name for its mother star - “Tevel”, meaning Universe.

Israel helped find crashed Chilean plane

IDF Intelligence, Israel’s ImageSat International and an Israeli satellite helped locate the crash site of Chile’s C-130 Hercules plane that vanished in Antarctica with 38 on board. The Israelis significantly reduced the search area. Unfortunately, there were no survivors of the crash.

Partnerships with Portugal

Whilst Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in Portugal to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, he also met with Portugal’s PM António Costa and Foreign minister Augusto Santos Silva. They agreed new joint ventures in defense, cyberterrorism, entrepreneurship, and agri-tech.

An Arab-Israeli alliance is taking shape

Ed Husain, writing in the UK Spectator magazine, claims that new maps of the Muslim mind are being drawn and old hatreds are on the run. He cites recent events in Oman, Abu Dhabi, the UAE, Dubai, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to suggest that this may yet be the decade of peace.

Empowering Arab women

Israeli NGO Seeds (Zarayim) operates a bilingual and multi-cultural (Arab-Jewish) seminar. Its inclusive environment allows Arab and Jewish women to learn together, exchange ideas, build friendships and bridge the cultures. As a result, many of the Arab women become pre-school teachers.