Chess for Peace

To mark International Peace Day on 21 Sep, Israeli organizations Chess4All and Sharaka (Arabic for “Partnership”) hosted an international “Peace Day Chess Tournament.” There were over 600 participants including from Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh. (see also previously)

Making beautiful music together

On 26th September, the StandWithUs Interfaith Alliance held a musical celebration of Israel. Christian and Jewish voices came together in support of Israel.

Piano festival returns to life

The Tel Aviv Piano Festival (Oct 27-30) returns to the stage, with a live audience, having been entirely televised last year. 250 artists feature in 56 shows, including 24 concerts fronted by Israeli women artists. The festival mixes genres, stars, new artists, multi-generations and even kids’ shows.

World class museum

At 18,500 sq meters, Jerusalem’s Israel Museum has been listed by Newsweek as the world’s 17th largest museum. It contains 500,000 pieces of art, plus massive collections of archaeology and Jewish ritual objects. In comparison, the Paris Louvre’s 72,735 sq meters contains just 38,000 art pieces.

Euro baseball finalists

Israel’s team won the silver medal in European Baseball Championships in Torino (Turin) Italy – Israel’s first ever podium finish in the event. Although they lost to 2019 champions Netherlands in the final, they beat hosts Italy in the semi-finals plus Czech Republic, UK, France and Russia previously.

Love, Death and Plastic

The walls of Jaffa’s Sharabiya house were littered in trash - millions of pieces of microplastic, shapeshifted into coral reefs, sea creatures, photography, and more. The 3-day exhibit entitled “Love, Death, and Plastic” was created by sustainable artist Evelyn Anca - co-founder of Plastic Free Israel.

Major contract for piano virtuoso

17-year-old Israeli pianist Yoav Levanon has just signed an exclusive contract with Warner Classics. Yoav was featured in 2013 when aged 8 he opened the International Summer Jewish Festival in Budapest. Prior to that, he won Israel’s National Piano Competition at age five.

165,888 ways to shape a Star of David

Israel’s Aron Lazarus is the inventor of The Genius Star - named “Best Puzzle/ Brainteaser Game” by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association in 2020. Players roll dice to collect the 48 triangular pieces required to cover their personal six-pointed star-shaped board.

New Israeli drama series

“The Collective” is a new Israeli drama series from “Fauda” producer Maria Feldman and writer / director Dror Shaul. It centers on an American who moves to a kibbutz and becomes its leader in defending Israel’s borders. Shaul was born and raised in Kibbutz Kissufim, near the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s Next Star

Tamir Greenberg won Israel’s “The Next Star” talent contest. The Jerusalem Post wrote he won NIS 1 million following his rendition of “Crazy in Love”. But according to his America-Israel Cultural Foundation sponsor, he performed his original song “Tell me where the light goes” (see video). Anyway, enjoy!