Netflix movie of the rescue of Ethiopian Jews

Netflix has made a new film, telling the story of the Mossad operation to rescue Ethiopian Jews from Sudan in the early 1980s and bring them to the Jewish State.  The spy thriller, “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” is inspired by real events and will be released on July 31.

Israeli sporting successes

This week there was gold for Judoka Ori Sasson in Budapest; two golds and a silver in the World Rowing Cup; Israel’s under-18 baseball squad qualified for Europe; and Selamawit Dagnachew (5km) and Marhu Teferi (marathon) will be the first married couple to represent Israel at the Olympics.

Improve your tennis with your smartphone

Budding tennis professionals (and even top stars) can now examine their progress and improve their game using the results data analysis app from Israel’s LVision.   Its AI system converts videos of matches into statistics, including speed and distance covered of balls and players.

How to keep your cool

Here are some tips to help enjoy Israel’s summer like a local. They include sunshades, water fountains, white shirt over your head, sunscreen and sunglasses, loose clothing, free water parks, fruit shakes and ice pops, avoid peak sun, avoid oven cooking and finally – conserve water.

An extraordinary musician

US “experiential” pianist Murray Hidary’s 3 Israeli performances this week should be exciting. He feeds off the different natural ambience of each location and his Beit Guvrin show will be in a huge beautiful cave. He also performs at HaYarkon Park and Apollonia National Park.

“Slash” is back

I reported previously when ex-lead guitarist of “Guns & Roses” played in Israel. Slash returned to perform to an enthusiastic crowd at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center with his backing band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. He played many rousing guitar riffs and solos.

Paul Anka wows Tel Aviv

Aged 77, Paul Anka’s 4th Israel concert was an amazing success. He had no warm-up act and took no break during a 2-hour performance. He sang, played piano, guitar and conducted hits like Puppy Love,” “Diana,” and of course “My Way” - the lyrics he wrote for Sinatra. The crowd loved him.

Dance center celebrates 30 years

Israel’s leading dance venue, the Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. From July to November, Israeli-born international artists and choreographers will return to Tel Aviv to give Israeli audiences a glimpse of their creations.

Judoka gold in Montreal

Israeli judoka Gefen Primo, 19, won a gold medal in the under-52kg category of the International Judo Federation’s Montreal Grand Prix, becoming the youngest Israeli judoka ever to place first in her weight category.  Teammates Shira Rishoni and Timna Nelson-Levy both won bronze medals.

Not only J.Lo but also her fiancé

I reported previously that Jennifer Lopez would be performing in Hayarkon Park Tel Aviv on 1st Aug. Not only has that been confirmed, but her fiancé, former NY Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez, will accompany her on the tour and is so excited ahead of his first time in Israel.