Israeli novel for sale in Morocco

For the first time ever, an Israeli novel has been translated into Moroccan Arabic, for sale in Morocco. “A Girl in a Blue Shirt,” by Tel Aviv University Professor Gabriel Bensimhon, was chosen for translation by Prof. Mohamed Elmedlaoui of the Mohammed V University of Rabat.

Israeli restaurant in Paris wins Michelin star

Israeli chef Assaf Granit’s Shabour restaurant in Paris has won a coveted Michelin star and the accolade “a simple restaurant; one of our most delightful places.” Granit’s co-owned MachneYuda Group has 12 top restaurants in Jerusalem (6), Tel Aviv, London (3) and Paris (2).

British bakers in Tel Aviv

British bakers Georgia Green and Lee’at Gentely, who now live in Tel Aviv, make a fabulous rainbow cake to cheer your day.

Helping the World go green

Just in time for the Jewish New Year for Trees, please pre-register for this Technion UK webinar on 28th Jan from two researchers from Israel’s Technion Institute. They talk about Israel’s work to help to preserve and save our planet.

Belgium’s soccer player of the year

Israel’s Lior Refaelov has won Belgium’s Golden Shoe - the trophy for the best player in the Belgian soccer league over the past year. The attacking midfielder plays for Antwerp and gave his club their first Golden Shoe win since 1966.  In 2011, Lior won Israel’s Best Player award.

Learning a new lifecycle

Four time Tour de France winner, Chris Froome, began his new career as a member of the Israel Start-Up Nation cycling team.  He took the opportunity, in the weeks leading up to the 2021 season, to get acquainted with the Israeli lifestyle.  Great video!

Israelis in Dakar rally

Two Israeli teams are competing in the Dakar motor rally, currently being held in Saudi Arabia this year because of the pandemic. The Israeli competitors entered the country with Israeli passports and official approval.

Brewing beer at ancient beer-making site

Beer was made on the Golan Heights over 6,000 years ago. Bazelet brewery has started up the industry again using the high-quality water of the region.

Israeli model on cover of UAE magazine

Israeli model Yael Shelbia (reported previously) is the first Israeli to appear on the cover of a magazine published in the United Arab Emirates. The Sabbath-observant, IDF soldier will appear in February’s issue of Dubai-based fashion and lifestyle magazine L’Official Arabia.

Beautifying underserved communities

The Hebrew Wallpaper Project (HWP) is an initiative of The Israel Innovation Fund, to beautify underprivileged areas around Israel. Young artists will be painting large public wall murals in places with limited access to public art, to inspire, uplift and dignify the next generation.