A taste of Tunisia and Morocco

Chen Koren’s store “A Box From the Shuk,” in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market allows people to get a taste of the history and culture of Tunisia and Morocco.

Praise for Israel in new book

The book “Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth” by Israeli actress, writer, producer and activist Noa Tishby explains Israel’s complicated history. Noa both sings Israel’s praises and addresses the myths promoted by those who want to destroy the Jewish state.

Building bridges with music

With family hailing from Algeria and Tunisia, Israeli Riff Cohen is a one-of-a-kind musician, whose eclectic tunes are connecting people all through the Middle East. She has performed in Jordan and Turkey. She was even hailed in Paris by Moroccans who called out “Hey Riff Cohen!”

Judoka medals at Euro Championships

At the European Judoka Championships in Portugal, Israel’s Tohar Butbul won the silver medal in the men’s under-73kg event, while Israel’s world champion Sagi Muki won bronze in the under-81kg. Israel’s Gefen Primo won bronze in the women’s under-52kg.

Rare historical videos released

The Jerusalem Cinematheque has released rare historical videos, documenting Israel's visual history in newsreels, home movies, and rare films from the late 19th century till the present day. The new free website includes 7,000 topics and is accessible in both Hebrew and English

The first baby langur at Biblical zoo

Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo has just celebrated the birth of its first baby langur monkey. It hasn’t been named yet because its mother is being very protective, and zookeepers still do not know its gender. The zoo’s collection includes most of the 130 animals mentioned in the Bible.

Jerusalem celebrates back to normal

What a difference Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day) was in Jerusalem this year compared to last year! Israel 73 was a time for celebration after a year of lockdowns and isolation.

Museum of the Jewish People upgraded

Tel Aviv’s Museum of the Jewish People (formerly Diaspora Museum) has just completed a $100m makeover. Artifacts range from a 15th century Book of Esther to Leonard Cohen’s guitar, making the rebranded ANU (“We”) the world’s comprehensive Jewish museum.

HBO buys “On the Spectrum”

HBO has bought the adaptation and syndication rights to Israeli TV show “On the Spectrum” featuring the lives of adults on the autistic spectrum. It will air both dubbed and subbed. Amazon studios has also purchased the series, to remake an English language version (reported previously).

Amazon studios partners Israeli director

Alma Har’el, the award-winning Israeli director behind Shia LaBeouf’s 2019 drama “Honey Boy,” has formed a new production company “Zusa”.  She will work with Amazon Studios to develop and create a new TV series exclusively for Amazon Prime Video.