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‘Israel is about to have its moment’

That’s what Saul Klein, one of Europe’s top venture capitalists, believes. He has moved his family to Tel Aviv to take advantage of the opportunities.

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Israel & Iran sing together

OK, it’s over the Internet, but this Aug 17th event was still unique. Israelis sang in Persian and the Iranians in Hebrew.,7340,L-4101454,00.html

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The best diagnostic system? Talk to the patient!

Israel may have invented the most sophisticated scanning techniques, but Kaplan Rehovot researchers have proved that basic clinical skills give the most accurate results.

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Who left the tap/faucet running?

The Bware from Israel’s a2design not only shows how much water you have used, on the LED display, it can also help detect different kinds of leaks.

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300,000 in 12 years

That’s the number of young Jews that have participated in Taglit/Birthright trips to Israel since they began in 1999. 150 guests attended the birthday event.–page1/#

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Jon Voight visits rocket attack victims

The Oscar-winning actor (and father of Angelina Jolie) expressed his support for Israel and strengthened those who were being treated at the Soroka Hospital in Beersheva.

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A pro-Israeli artist in London

Noam Edry held a solo exhibition at Goldsmiths College as part of the MFA Fine Art Degree Show. It challenged the relentless campus demonisation of the Jewish State.

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The Blue and White flotilla

400 people boarded a small fleet of four ships, including the ‘Gilad Shalit’ and set sail on Sunday afternoon from the Ashkelon Marina on a mission to show solidarity with Israel.

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Ambulance of wishes

Donated by Swedish friends of Magen David Adom, this vehicle is for taking terminally ill patients to any desired destination in the country, in the utmost comfort.,7340,L-3792423,00.html

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Retired at the age of seven

As a guard dog for the Knesset, Kai the Labrador retriever has reached the age where duties, such as sniffing out explosives, put too much strain on his fitness. Time to put his paws up!,7340,L-4109632,00.html

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