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More vegan eggs

Israel’s SavorEat (see here previously) has joined the list of Israeli startups producing egg alternatives (see here for others). Its new subsidiary company Egg’n’up says its proprietary plant-based ingredients retain the egg’s taste, texture, nutrition, appearance and culinary properties.

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Vegan eggs available in the US

Israel’s Zero Egg, developer of a vegan substitute for eggs (reported here previously), has now launched in the US to food service operators and manufacturers. Zero Egg contains soy, potato, pea, and chickpea, is low fat, has no cholesterol, and … Continue reading

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Vegan substitute for eggs

One of the Israeli startups exhibiting at Tel Aviv’s FoodTechIL was Zero Egg, with its plant-based alternative for eggs. It tastes, looks and functions like a real egg. It can be used to make omelets, “scrambled egg”, cakes, pasta and … Continue reading

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New Israeli sugar-free vegan sweetener

Israel’s Lampados International is launching Liteez – a new sweetener delivery system, shaped like a meringue. It’s egg-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and rich in prebiotic fibers. For sweetening tea and coffee or enjoyed as an ultra-low calorie sweet treat. … Continue reading

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Investment in Israeli startups: (29/11/20)

Hippo raised $350 million; Inuitive raised $106 million; Novidea raised $15 million; SavorEat raised $13 million; Aquarius Engines raised $10 million; Glue Loyalty raised $8 million; Zesty raised $6.6 million; Zero Egg raised £5 million; Vanti Analytics raised $4.5 million; … Continue reading

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Re-using chickpea water in Tel Aviv

Aquafaba – the viscous liquid produced from boiling chickpeas, is often used as a vegan egg replacer. At award-winning Tel Aviv vegan restaurant Meshek Barzilay they use it to make sauces. mayonnaise, vinaigrette, lemon meringues, cakes, and as a thickener … Continue reading

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