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Walmart’s $250 million Israeli venture

The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, has announced a strategic entertainment deal with Israeli interactive video technology developer Eko (formerly Interlude see here). Reported to be worth $250 million, the joint venture will help Walmart compete with Amazon.

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More funds for interactive stories

I featured Israeli startup Interlude’s amazing video technology previously. (see here) Interlude is the developer of the Eko interactive storytelling platform and has just received “tens of millions of dollars” of new funding from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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Upgrading MGM’s WarGames movie classic

I featured Israeli video tech company Interlude previously here and here. Now MGM is leading an $18.2 million investment in Interlude so that it can make an interactive digital short video, inspired by MGM’s three-time Academy Award-nominated 1983 feature film … Continue reading

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Some new hi-tech ideas

This Canadian magazine has found some innovative Israeli companies that I hadn’t previously heard of. Interlude allows you to choose the direction that a video takes – thus increasing viewer retention. Wibbitz actually creates a youtube video from the text … Continue reading

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How does it feel?

Vania Heymann of Israel’s Interlude has made an interactive video masterpiece. Designed like a TV screen, you can switch channels to watch 16 different scenes of celebrities lip-synching to Bob Dylan singing “Like a Rolling Stone”. The realistic staged scenes … Continue reading

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