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Putting the AI in Retail

Great article featuring Israeli tech startups developing tech solutions to aid retailers join the digital revolution. Includes five startups previously included in this newsletter OneBeat, Drill, Trax, Nexite, and StorEE.

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Investment in Israeli startups to 15/5/22:

Pyramid Analytics raised $120 million; Nexite raised $67 million; ProteanTecs raised $45 million; Solidus Labs raised $45 million; Komodor raised $42 million; BookAway raised $35 million; BioGenCell raised $16 million; Oriient raised $11 million; Faye Insurance raised $8 million; Sequentify … Continue reading

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Israel’s IoT revolution

Does your fridge know that you’re hungry? Does your shirt know how you feel?  Does your car talk to you?  The IoT (Internet of Things) can connect almost everything to the Internet. See here AutoTel (car rental), Prisma Photonics (fiber … Continue reading

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