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Investment in Israeli startups to 21/8/22

Flow (Adam Neumann) raised $350 million; DriveNets raised $262 million; Guesty raised $170 million; Hibob raised $150 million; Pliops raised $100 million; Shopic raised $35 million; GrowSpace raised $25 million; Agora  raised $20 million; BioAg raised $18 million; BigPanda raised … Continue reading

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Wide approval for natural crop supplement

I reported previously (July 2018) on Rootella mycorrhizal fungi from Israel’s Groundwork BioAg. It improves soil nutrient uptake and boosts crop yield in 90% of all plant species. The Rootella products are now approved in Canada, US, Brazil, Ukraine & … Continue reading

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Reducing phosphorus pollution in Brazil

Trials prove that Rootella BR mycorrhizal inoculant from Israel’s Groundwork BioAg increases phosphorus absorption of crops, increases yield, reduces fertilizer wastage and its polluting runoff. Rootella BR has just been commercially registered in Brazil.

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