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Israel’s cultured meat is a “Game” changer”

In a landmark event, Israel has approved Israel’s Aleph Foods to sell its cultured (kosher / parve) beef to the public. (The USA and Singapore previously only approved cultivated chicken.) Aleph Farms hopes to roll out its Black Angus Petit … Continue reading

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Boosting cultivated meat production

Israel’s ProFuse Technology has launched ProFuse -S1 – a supplement that accelerates muscle cell development in the cultivated meat industry. In the future it could also benefit the rehabilitation of human muscle cells.

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Israeli cultured meat is kosher

The Orthodox Union has certified chicken cell line products from Israel’s SuperMeat as kosher Mehadrin meat, meeting the most stringent qualification for kosher supervision. SuperMeat’s lab-grown poultry uses the stem cells from chicken eggs.

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A capital kosher upscale meat pizzeria

Mojo’s non-dairy pizzeria in Jerusalem serves some exciting kosher meat pizzas. They include vegan cheese, BĀ-KEN (with an upside-down “e”), short ribs with kimchi and truffle mayo, and chicken confit with pesto cream and balsamic reduction. Non-pizza eaters are also … Continue reading

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Redefining meat at the supermarket

Israel’s Redefine Meat (see here previously) launched its alternative meat products in 300 Shufersal branches across Israel. The range includes shredded meat in pulled-beef style, ground meat, merguez sausage, lamb-style kebab, and a premium burger. All with no animal components. … Continue reading

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Plant-based meat and cheese

Ronny Reinberg, CEO and Co-founder of Alfred’s FoodTech, (see here previously) joins host Natasha Kirtchuk in the I24 studio to discuss his plant-based meat and cheese alternatives that are planned to hit the shelves next year.

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Redefine Meat is going places

Plant-based New-Meat from Israel’s Redefine Meat (see here previously) is now available in over 500 restaurants, hotels and other foodservice locations across Israel and eight European countries including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and (just recently) Finland.

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A better meat alternative

Israel’s Meala FoodTech produces “functional proteins” for plant-based meat alternatives. They replace methylcellulose and other hydrocolloid and gums widely used in meat alternatives as binding and gelling agents. The result is a more natural product, but with a better meat-like … Continue reading

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Vegan meat from seeds

Israel’s More Foods (see here previously) takes crushed pumpkin and sunflower seeds from oil makers and turns them into clean-label vegan ‘meat’ for restaurants and caterers. The alternative meats, are certified kosher, contain 27% protein, 7% fiber, iron, calcium, potassium … Continue reading

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Lab-grown meat industry partnership

Israeli-based Tnuva is investing $7.5 million in partnering Israeli biotech Pluristem Therapeutics. They have formed a joint company NewCo to create meat and dairy products from animal cells, using sustainable technology.

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