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Investment in Israeli startups to 13/11/22 raised another $60 million; AutoLeadStar raised $40 million; Teridion raised $25 million from Deutsche Telekom; Wib raised $16 million; Everybuddy Games raised $15 million; Veriti raised $12 million; Tagado raised $4 million; Apply Design raised $3.3 million;

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Connections for Deutsche Telekom

Israel’s Teridion (see here previously) has been working with Deutsche Telekom since January, to help build a product that will connect DT’s customers via the cloud. DT has just invested $25 million in Teridion.

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Another hi-tech R&D center

Teridion, the US cloud-based networking company that delivers fast Internet experience, has announced its new Research & Development center in Israel, tripling the size of the former local office and getting ready for new hires.

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Rapid Internet performance

Israel’s Teridion makes Internet access up to 20 times faster, for users of its advanced Global Cloud Network. Teridion has just raised $20 million to expand in the US and internationally.

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