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Another huge Indian rally to support Israel

Following on from a similar event in Feb 2018 (see here), over 10,000 Hindus united in a major rally in Kolkata, India to denounce terrorism and show support for Israel. Flooded roads and bumper-to-bumper traffic prevented many more from attending … Continue reading

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Huge rally in India to support Israel

At least 50,000 marched through the streets of Kolkata, India in support of Israel. Participants carried banners reading; “India Israel friendship forever”, “Jerusalem eternal capital of Israel”, India-Israel ancient cultures, modern miracle” among others.

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Israel’s Indian friends march in their thousands

(Thanks to Hazel) In the biggest pro-Israel, anti-terrorist rally in recent years, an estimated 20,000 gathered in Kolkata, India in a show of solidarity with Israel.

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Developing an oral Covid-19 vaccine

Israel’s Oramed (reported here previously) has launched Oravax – a joint venture with India’s Premas Biotech to develop a Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine is administered orally (not injected) and targets 3 virus proteins, so should counter any mutations. Human trials … Continue reading

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