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Locating landmines by detecting bacteria

Israel has developed some unique innovative methods for finding deadly unexploded landmines (see here). Now, Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers have engineered a strain of E. coli bacteria that, a few hours after scattering over a minefield, will glow brightly … Continue reading

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Using AI to remove landmines

Landmine clearance cost $770 million globally in 2017, yet mines killed some 2,800 people with thousands more injured. Now, Israeli startup 4M Analytics provides a “minefields location intelligence solution” that slashes costs and timescales. It has even detected mines in … Continue reading

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Robot to clear landmines

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has presented SAHAR – an autonomous robotic route clearance system. The system handles functions such as environmental terrain mapping, surveillance, removal of roadblocks, and disposal of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

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IDF clears Jordanian landmines

An Israeli specialist mine removal team has cleared dozens of landmines planted by the Jordanian army in 1967 outside the Arab village of Husan near Bethlehem. The Arab Council supported the project and visited the site each day. The mines … Continue reading

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Israel destroys landmines

Israel has begun a project to rid the area of Eilat of over 10,000 defensive landmines placed near the city in clearly marked minefields during the sixties and seventies. The recovered land will be returned to the city for use … Continue reading

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