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Molecule that disrupts bacteria in food packaging

Graduate student Michael Brandwein from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has incorporated a new module TZD into cardboard packaging for agricultural produce. TZD was synthesized at the HUJ, which is working with Kibbutz Beit Guvrin to commercialize the process.

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Packaging to cut food waste

I’ve reported previously (see here) on many Israeli food packaging innovations to reduce some of the 40% food wasted in shops and at home. Now Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture is to award a NIS 9.5 million grant, as part of … Continue reading

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Fresh packaging reaches San Diego

Divine Flavor, a San Diego-based grower-owned distributor of fruits and vegetables and part of Grupo Alta, have adopted the new Xgo standing pouches from Israel’s StePac (reported here previously). Customers were really happy with the extended freshness and sustainability of … Continue reading

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TIPA is second of 500 top Food Tech companies

Israeli compostable flexible packaging company TIPA Corp was named in 2nd place in global network Forward Fooding’s Food Tech 500 – “the world’s first definitive list of AgriFoodTech talent.”

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Friendly packaging to transport vegetables

I reported previously (2nd Sep) on Israel-based StePac and its innovative food packaging. StePac has now launched low-cost, low-carbon, recyclable Modified Atmosphere / Modified Humidity packaging to transport vegetables without packing them in wax cartons filled with ice.

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Extending food’s shelf life

Another Israeli packaging is keeping food fresh for longer.  Israel;s Active Pak uses a hybrid polymer nano-compound with natural antimicrobial essential oils to extend the shelf life of food and other perishables. It also has potential for post-harvesting and irrigation. … Continue reading

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Program to curb food waste

Israel’s Agriculture Ministry has developed a program to help stem the estimated 18 billion shekels ($5 billion) of food that is wasted annually. It includes funding the harvesting of crops that farmers cannot sell and their distribution to needy families. … Continue reading

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Nano-packaging to prolong shelf life

The European Union has invested 7.7 million Euros in the NanoPack project, led by Israel’s Technion, to develop nanotech food packages for perishable foods. Polymers based on Halloysite Nanotubes (HNTs) release antimicrobial and anti-fungal oils to inhibit microbes and increase … Continue reading

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Thinner, stronger and greener packaging

Israeli start-up Valentis is developing a packaging material that has a strength-to-weight ratio 8 times greater than stainless steel. The material is based on nano-crystalline cellulose (NCC), a biodegradable, transparent material made from plant pulp waste.

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Biodegradable packaging is here

(Thanks to Israel21c, Green Prophet & Margaret) Inspired by their children who kept throwing away their packed lunch wrappings, two Israeli mothers have invented a packaging material that can be disposed of without any environmental impact. (But just look at … Continue reading

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