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1,000 times faster than flash

Israeli startup Weebit Nano has developed non-volatile computer memory that is a thousand times faster than flash memory (e.g. on a USB stick) and uses only one-thousandth as much power. The company plans to launch a commercial product in 2020. … Continue reading

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Soon – even faster processing

Israeli researchers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have developed a proof of concept that would enable computers to run 100 times faster using terahertz microchips. The technology integrates speed-of-light optics communications with flash memory.

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Superfast storage

The amazingly performance of Flash Storage DSSD has been superseded by Israel’s Plexistor using breakthrough technology.  Labelled as Software Defined Memory, Non Volatile Memory and Persistent Memory over Fabric (PMoF). Plexistor’s PMoF Brick achieves staggering speeds.

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Why female Alzheimer’s patients rapidly decline

Hebrew University researchers have discovered that women lose certain mitochondria (maternally inherited) RNA molecules in their brains much faster than men. This adversely affects the neurotransmitter that plays a role in memory, learning, attention, and more.

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New AI chips emulate the brain

As reported previously, (see here) (and here) Israel is the global leader for developing super-fast and Artificially Intelligent microprocessors. Now, researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute and Israeli chipmaker Towerjazz have integrated memory plus computing ability, to emulate the brain. … Continue reading

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