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Turning empty urban spaces into robotic delivery centers

Israeli-founded startup Fabric, incorporated as CommonSense Robotics, turns underutilized urban retail spaces into 1-hour delivery centers where robots store, sort, and process inventory. Fabric has just raised $110 million to expand its team in both Israel and the U.S.,7340,L-3772271,00.html

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Pharmacy employs smart warehouses

Israel’s largest health & beauty retailer Super-Pharm is partnering Israel’s Fabric (see here) to use its small, robotized fulfilment facilities in city centers. It follows a 2019 pilot by Super-Pharm in Tel Aviv, to process online orders for same-day delivery. … Continue reading

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Smart warehouses

eGold’s fulfillment center in Ashdod is operated almost entirely using machine learning and an algorithm that manages the work of scores of individual robots. Other similar Israeli facilities use robotic technology from Israel’s Caja Robotics (see here) and Fabric (see … Continue reading

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