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A “Wonderland” of drone navigation

Israel’s Wonder Robotics (see here previously) is to provide its Wonderland precise autonomous landings solution to Spright – the new drone division of US air medical services company Air Methods.

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Investment in Israeli startups to 17/7/22:

Cathworks received $75 million from Medtronic; AI21 Labs raised $64 million; Aurora Labs raised $63 million; Edge raised $30 million; Deci raised $25 million; Uncaged Studios raised $24 million; Gigantic (Clawee) raised $7 million; Wonder Robotics raised $4 million;

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Happy landings for drones

Israel’s Wonder Robotics is developing a system that supplies autonomous drones with an understanding of their surroundings. It will prevent collisions, negotiate obstacles and avoid unsafe landings.

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