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Revolution in the operating theater

As reported (here) previously, the Virtual Reality (VR) systems from Israel’s Surgical Theater are changing the nature of surgery. Now installed at 15 US hospitals, they have been used in thousands of life-saving operations.

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Fast companies

Israel’s Surgical Theater, Theator & TytoCare made Fast Company’s 2021 world list of most innovative companies. Beewise was the most innovative company in Europe, Middle East & North Africa with Quantum Machines 4th. Identiq (2nd) and PerimeterX (7th) were top … Continue reading

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Israeli tech at AIPAC

Three of the Israeli innovations to be presented on the mainstage at the AIPAC conference are UPnRIDE’s electric standing wheelchair for quadriplegics, DouxMatok’s sweeteners and Surgical Theater’s VR technology. Another four startups will be on display in the OurCrowd booth. … Continue reading

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Israeli startups save lives

The 2020 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit attracted a record 23,000 delegates from 186 countries. They heard about three Israeli medical startups – Insightec, Alpha Tau and Surgical Theater and three of the patients whose lives they had saved with their … Continue reading

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VR system saves 2-year-old

As reported here previously, the Virtual Reality technology from Israel’s Surgical Theater is saving thousands of lives. Here is one example of two-year-old Ari whose deep brain tumor was removed, thanks to surgeons having practiced the delicate operation using the … Continue reading

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