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Volkswagen to test Israeli cooling tech

Israel’s SolCold (see here previously) is partnering Volkswagen to test its eco-friendly cooling technology and jointly develop a concept vehicle. At its demo site,  SoCold’s product reduced the temperature of a Volkswagen Polo by 12-14 °C (53.6-57.2 °F).

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Cooling without electricity

Israel’s SolCold (see here previously) has developed paint that uses solar energy to trigger a cooling process without air-conditioners. Its eco-friendly double-layered coating absorbs the sun’s heat and re-emits it as cold. Each coat lasts up to 15 years and … Continue reading

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Joint US-Israeli space projects

In addition to StemRad, other Israeli companies to benefit from the 7th round of funding from the Space Florida-Israel Innovation Partnership Program include SolCold (manipulate solar energy), Green ICPS (corrosion protection coating), and MobiliComm (communications system).,7340,L-3833730,00.html

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Paint uses sunlight to cool buildings

Yaron Shenhav and Gadi Grottas, co-founders of Israel’s SolCold, and Hebrew University Professor Guy Ron have invented a high-tech coating that cools down structures when the sun shines. Photons from the sun hit the material which then emits a higher-frequency … Continue reading

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