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Safer trucking in South Carolina

Israel’s SaverOne (see here previously) is to run a pilot program with South Carolina trucking company Motor Supply. SaverOne prevents drivers from accessing distracting apps such as instant messaging, while allowing others (such as those for navigation) to run without … Continue reading

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Ensuring safer driving in Italy

Italy’s System Logistics, manufacturer of global automated warehousing, is piloting Israel’s SaverOne (see here previously) on several vehicles in its fleet. SaverOne prevents drivers from texting or using other distracting apps. The system is already being used by Italian vehicle … Continue reading

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No texting while driving

Universal Trucks Israel has implemented Israel’s SaverOne system (see here previously) in over 100 of its Isuzu trucks. SaverOne’s Cabin Driver Distraction Prevention Solution (DDPS) saves lives by preventing accidents resulting from the use of mobile phones while driving.

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Reducing traffic accidents at Ben Gurion airport

Israel’s SaverOne (see here previously) prevents car accidents by disabling mobile phones while driving.  Israel Airports Authorities, operator of Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, is to pilot SaverOne’s technology for drivers of vehicles in its operational areas.

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Preventing texting while driving

Over three thousand five hundred people die every year because of texting while driving. Israel’s SaverOne saves a driver from the temptation to text. The app plus sensors are installed into the car system, making only GPS apps and phone … Continue reading

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