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Inspiring the next generation of farmers

More details about Eretz Noshevet (see here previously), which is helping seed innovations from a new crop of Israeli farmers. Each project receives an investment of up to half a million shekels. This article mentions Mata, GrowPonics, AlgaeNite, BiomicAgritech, Agrorim … Continue reading

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Boosting food security startups

Israel has awarded a total of NIS 8.6 million to six agro-tech startups engaged in ensuring the regular supply of fresh food (food security). They are BioFishency, Agrint Sensing Solutions, Tosaf Compounds, ALTA drones, FruitSpec and Salicrop.,7340,L-3927980,00.html

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Higher yield crops in salty soil

Israel’s Salicrop (reported here previously) has just completed 3 years of field trials in Israel, India and Spain of its seed crops that thrive in saline (salty) soil. Salicrop soaks its seeds in a proprietary chemical cocktail, under very strict … Continue reading

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Growing crops in salty water

Israeli-Indian startup Salicrop has developed treatments to enable certain crops to grow in brackish water. Tests on peppers, tomatoes, spinach, corn, wheat, and rice have boosted crop yields by up to 30%.

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