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Investment in Israeli startups to 15/1/23

Opsys Tech raised $51.5 million; Ottopia raised $14.5 million; Hotelmize raised $12 million; 40Seas raised $11 million; Coho AI raised $8.5 million; Nanosono raised $2 million.

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Consortium for autonomous vehicles

Israel’s AVATAR Consortium comprises Rafael, Opsys, ThirdEye, VayaVision, Cognata, Ebit, and nearly all Israeli universities and technical institutes. They are testing autonomous vehicle decision-making to develop a framework for advanced Israeli technologies.

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Latest joint US-Israeli projects

The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial R&D (BIRD) Foundation is to invest $7 million in joint US-Israeli projects including for autonomous vehicles, biotech, homeland security, nanotech and digital health. The Israeli companies are Atvio, C4 Systems, Check-Cap, Isorad, Melodea, Nutrino Health, OpSys … Continue reading

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