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Fast-tracking cure for hospital infections

The US FDA has granted Fast-Track Designation to the groundbreaking antimicrobial peptide OMN6 from Israel’s Omnix Medical (see here previously). OMN6 is commencing a Phase II trial in patients with two deadly hospital-acquired pneumonias – HABP and VABP.

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EU funding for antibiotic alternative

Israel’s Omnix (reported here previously) has been awarded €10.8 million in EU funding under the EIC Accelerator Programme, part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 research funding program. Omnix’s OMN6 peptide destroys the bacteria’s membrane, regardless of its resistance.,7340,L-3889749,00.html

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Investment in Israeli startups (8/11/20)

ION Acquisition raised $225 million; Else Nutrition raised C$25.7 million; BioProtect (balloon) raised $25 million; Omnix Medical raised $8.5 million; Navina raised $7 million; Nurami raised $6 million; CAPS Medical raised $3.5 million;

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The next generation of antibiotics

Israel’s Omnix Medical (reported here previously( is developing novel antibiotic agents for the treatment of hospital-acquired infections involving resistant bacteria. Omnix has successfully completed lab testing and has now raised funding to allow it to commence human clinical trials.,7340,L-3868294,00.html … Continue reading

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Bio-meds go for funds

Six Israeli bio-techs pitched their therapies to investors at the Azrieli College of Engineering. Concenter (type-2 diabetes treatment), Omnysense (hi-tech thermometer), Omnix (antibiotic), Neurogenesis (neuron injections), Vaxil (anti-cancer vaccine) and Virucure (anti-cancer virus).

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