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Matching cancer treatment to patients

Israeli biotech Nucleai (reported here previously) has progressed from merely analyzing biopsies. It now uses its computer vision and machine learning to study the characteristics of tumors, helping predict which cancer patients will react to which immunotherapy medication.

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Funds raised by Israeli startups

BiolineRX raised $4.39 million; Prilenia raised $62.5 million; C2i Genomics raised $12 million; infiniDome raised $1.6 million; Accellix raised $9.5 million; Nucleai raised $6.5 million;

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Using AI to analyze biopsies

Israeli startup Nucleai is developing computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to help overworked pathologists process and analyze biopsies for cancer quicker and more accurately. Nucleai founders have years of experience of computer vision gained during their IDF service.

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