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Investment in Israeli startups to 7/5/23

Pinecone raised $100 million; raised $50 million; Magenta Medical raised $55 million; Novidea raised $50 million; raised $45 million; Foretellix raised $43 million; ADASKY raised $30 million; Trullion raised $15 million; Neteera raised $13 million; Ctrl raised $9 … Continue reading

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Contactless vital signs monitor

Two articles about the biosensors of Israel’s Neteera (see here previously). They uniquely use safe, very high-frequency radar to penetrate clothing but not skin, programmed specially to monitor human vital signs. No cameras, no wearables, accurate up to 5 feet … Continue reading

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7 Israeli “disruptors” in top 50

CNBC’s 2021 Disruptor 50 list (of companies aligned with a rapid pace of technological change) contains seven Israelis (up from 5 in 2020).  They are SentinelOne (at number 4), TytoCare (9), K Health (11), Snyk (15), Neteera (26), Sight Diagnostics … Continue reading

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10% of disruptive breakthroughs are Israeli

Five of the companies on CNBC’s eighth annual Disruptor 50 list are Israeli. They are Neteera, Lemonade,, Sentinel Labs and K Health. “Disruptive” companies are those whose breakthroughs are influencing business and market competition at an accelerated pace.,7340,L-3833995,00.html

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Very small startups

Some of the Israeli nanotech startups featured at Jerusalem’s Innovations in Advanced Materials conference have never been mentioned previously in my newsletter.  They are BioNanoSim and TrioxNano (therapy delivery), Voyager Medical (surgical sutures), OphRx (eye-drops), Neteera (bio-sensors). Neoprol (anesthetics), NanoAF … Continue reading

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