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Another 3 Indian irrigation projects for Netafim

Israel’s drip irrigation pioneer Netafim (reported here previously) has won an $85 million contract for another three irrigation projects in India. This time they will benefit 35,000 farmers in Karnataka state, southwest India.,7340,L-3844352,00.html

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Israel Inside: Netafim

Worth watching this video from Jerusalem U featuring Israel’s Netafim and its drip irrigation system. Internationally, transforming unproductive land into flourishing agricultural centers.

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Netafim receives Stockholm prize

Israeli drip irrigation pioneer Netafim has just attended the ceremony to collect the prestigious Stockholm Industry Water Award. Netafin won because it helps farmers in developing countries live better. I reported the story when the award was announced in June, … Continue reading

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An intelligent water filter

Israel’s Netafim, the world’s pioneer and leading drip irrigation specialist, has launched its AlphaDisc filter to protect irrigation systems against clogging caused by organic contaminants. Its remote sensing system and algorithms also provide farmers with online data and insights. … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing rice agriculture

Rice sustains half of humanity, but its cultivation uses 30% – 40% of global freshwater and causes 10% of world methane emissions. Israel’s Netafim has just tested drip-irrigation of 2,470 acres of rice fields in Europe and Asia. For the … Continue reading

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From drip irrigation to diagnosing diseases

Kibbutz Hatzerim is famous for founding drip-irrigation innovator Netafim. It has now co-founded Picodya – developer of the B-Matrix in vitro diagnostics (IVD) platform. B-Matrix gives 15-30min test results for cancer, cardiac dysfunction and viruses (including Covid).,7340,L-3844490,00.html

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Seven new joint US-Israel cleantech projects

The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial R&D (BIRD) Foundation will invest $6.4 million in seven clean energy R&D projects. The Israeli companies involved are Chakratec (energy storage), Exency (energy from waste), Elbit Systems, EcoPlant, Eta-Bar, Netafim and Ramot.

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BIRD invests $8.2 million

The US-Israel Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) foundation is to invest another $8.2 million in 9 new joint R&D projects (see previous). Israeli startups (seven new to this newsletter) include 3PLW, Igentify, IAI, MyndYou, Netafim, Novelsat, Shamaym, Snappers and … Continue reading

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Drip irrigation across India

I reported previously (2nd Dec) that Israel’s Netafim was deploying its drip-irrigation systems to 6,000 farmers in Hungund, India. It has since won a $100 million contract to install its systems in 100 villages, benefiting 60,000 farmers across India.

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Delivering pesticides drop by drop

Israeli drip irrigation specialists Netafim and Ben Gurion University’s BGN Technologies have signed a 3-year partnership with Bayer AG. The three will develop drip irrigation as a delivery system for Bayer’s pesticide to combat plant-parasitic worms and other crop protection … Continue reading

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