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From Startup Nation to WaterTech Nation

Great summary by Seth M Siegel (author of “Let There Be Water”) of Israel’s successful strategy to overcome its water scarcity. Seth is Chief Sustainability Officer at Israel’s N-Drip. See also here and here previously.

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Global water-saving partnership

PepsiCo has partnered Israeli low-cost irrigation tech company N-Drip (see here previously) to help farmers worldwide adopt water efficiency technology.  N-Drip is currently being used in farms in 17 countries around the world, including several in the crops of PepsiCo … Continue reading

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Investment in Israeli startups (12/12/21)

(November investments under $30 million) Lumigo raised $29 million; Swimm raised $27.6 million; Bit raised $25 million; Frontegg raised $25 million; Anyword raised $21 million; AI21 Labs raised $20 million; Cymbio raised $20 million; Darrow raised $20 million; N-Drip raised … Continue reading

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Drip irrigation for low value crops

Israel’s N-Drip (see here previously) has developed a unique zero-energy gravity-powered micro-irrigation system for crops that have a very low profit margin, like corn and potatoes. N-Drip’s Chief Sustainability Officer is Seth Siegel, author of “Let there be Water” (featured … Continue reading

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Six transformational business awards

Of the 270 global entries at London’s 2019 FT/IFC Transformational Business Awards, 10 of the 35 finalists were Israeli. Several won awards, including MobileOCT, TIPA, TuneFork, N-Drip, and Anima.

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Transforming Indian agriculture

Around 6,000 farmers in 50 previously drought-stricken villages in Hungund, India, adopted drip-irrigation from Israel’s Netafim and are enjoying a second annual harvest. The 24,000-hectare Ramthal (Marol) project has doubled their annual crop yield and reduced water consumption.

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