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Superfood is even better than mother’s milk

Israel’s Maolac (see here previously) has progressed from just producing an alternative to mother’s milk for babies. It is now using one ingredient for an anti-inflammatory product to help athletes recover after exercise. And another, to make a probiotic that … Continue reading

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Investment in Israeli startups to 10/7/22

Voyantis raised $19 million; Phytolon raised $14.5 million; Spiritt raised $5.5 million; Opster raised $5 million; Maolac raised $3.2 million; IBM has acquired Israel’s DataBand;

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More startups doing good work

Microsoft for Startups Israel has selected 15 startups for the third round of its AI For Good Accelerator Program (see here previously). Trellis,, BioShade, QRGenetics, Hexa3D, Agrinoze, BeeFreeAgro, GeoX, HAAT, Maolac, Emnotion, Neolithics, Viridian, OtailO and Brightmerge.

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Superfood from discarded milk

Israel’s Maolac (see here previously) is the first company in the world to produce a nutrient-rich food supplement from bovine pre-milk colostrum – a by-product of the dairy industry, of which 5 billion liters are currently dumped down the drain … Continue reading

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Israeli women agritech pioneers

Last week’s newsletter featured Biotipac – winner of ACT Foodtech’s “Women of AgriFood Nation” competition. This video highlights the other female-led contestants – Yo-egg, IncrediBowl, Fermata, Maolac and BugEra. All are new to this newsletter.

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