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Solar-powered diamond production

Israel’s Lusix (see here previously) has launched “Sun Grown Diamonds” – the world’s first 100% solar powered lab-grown diamonds. Lusix’s whole operation is now fully powered by a dedicated 30-megawatt solar farm situated in southern Israel.

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Investment in Israeli startups to 26/6/22

Lusix raised $90 million; Playmaker raised $40 million; Evinced raised $38 million; Cyberint raised $28 million; SpearUAV raised $17 million; RevealSecurity raised $16 million; Crowdvocate (Base) raised $15 million; Fairtility raised $15 million; raised $11 million; Wilco raised $7 … Continue reading

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On the diamond map

Three examples of Israeli tech startups that have put Israel back on the diamond map. Lusix (see here previously) creates diamonds in the lab. Mazalit’s website evaluates the price of diamonds and makes it easy for merchants to receive financing. … Continue reading

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Growing diamonds from methane

Israeli Benny Landa is the founder of Landa Digital Printing (see here).  His latest venture is Lusix, which makes quality diamonds of up to 3 carats from methane gas. His machines bond carbon atoms to a diamond seed at 5000 … Continue reading

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