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Israel Longhorn Project – Standing Up for Israel’s Farmers

Whereas Israel’s dairy cattle are the best in the world, its European beef cattle do not thrive in Israel’s environment. Robin Rosenblatt aims to re-invigorate Israel’s beef cattle industry by building a self-sustainable Israeli herd of 300 pure breed Texas … Continue reading

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Preventing cattle theft

Here is a recent rustling news story, including mention of Israeli startup Bactochem, that has helped recover stolen cattle thanks to its database register of animal DNA. Also, a reminder of Robin Rosenblatt’s project to bring Texas Longhorn cattle to … Continue reading

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Breeding cows that can defend themselves

It is not only the Israeli Sabra that needs to be tough in today’s world. Israelis are crossbreeding local cattle with breeds like the Texas Longhorn in order to resist rustlers.

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