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Five patients saved by new Covid-19 treatment

Israel’s Enlivex Therapeutics reported positive results in its clinical Covid-19 trial of its Allocetra treatment (reported here previously) Five seriously ill patients made complete recoveries, an average 8.5 days after receiving the Jerusalem’s Hadassah hospital.,7340,L-3852110,00.html

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Treatment for severe victims of coronavirus

As reported previously, (see here) the Allocetra treatment from Israel’s Enlivex cures patients suffering severe sepsis. Allocetra is now being offered to governments for the thousands of coronavirus patients suffering sepsis-induced organ failure due to overactive immune responses.

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Good results in sepsis treatment trial

As reported previously (see here) Israel’s Enlivex Therapeutics has developed Allocetra which rebalances the immune system. Allocetra was given to six patients suffering from severe sepsis at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. All survived.

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Funds for immunotherapy treatment

I reported previously (three times) on Israel’s Enlivex and its Allocetra / Apocell treatment to prevent Graft vs Host Disease – a common problem after bone marrow transplants.  Elivex has just received $8 million of funding which will help it … Continue reading

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