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More Israeli tech that saved earthquake victims

Israel’s Camero-Tech (see here previously) supplied its Xaver 400 and 100 radar systems to locate survivors trapped in the ruins of the recent Turkish earthquakes. Also, Israel’s Stolero Group deployed tech from Israel’s Magal, XTEND and Polaris.

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The camera that sees through walls

Another article about the amazing new camera developed by Israel’s Camero-Tech (see here previously) that can see through walls, even from more than 300 feet away.

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See through walls from afar

Israel’s Camero-Tech has developed technology that can “see through walls” at long-range. The Xaver™ LR40 (XLR40) portable system can detect, in real time, live objects hidden behind walls from over 50 meters away. Besides security applications, it is relevant for … Continue reading

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71-strong IDF team to Mexico

An IDF rescue unit of 71 specialists has been in Mexico City assisting in operations after the recent earthquake. The team arrived just 36 hours after the earthquake struck and helped save lives. They brought in radio-wave technology developed by … Continue reading

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360-degree body scanner

Meanwhile, (TY Dan) the EasyCheck system from Israel’s Camero-Tech will detect any illegal objects concealed on a person.  No need to remove coats, shoes etc.

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