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Biotipac wins Women of AgriFood Nation 2021

Ifat Hammer, CEO of Israel’s Biotipac (see below) won the Women of AgriFood Nation competition designed to increase exposure to women-led technological ventures in AgriFood. Hammer receives a $200,000 investment from Israel’s COPIA Agriculture and Food Technologies.,7340,L-3909561,00.html

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Israeli women agritech pioneers

Last week’s newsletter featured Biotipac – winner of ACT Foodtech’s “Women of AgriFood Nation” competition. This video highlights the other female-led contestants – Yo-egg, IncrediBowl, Fermata, Maolac and BugEra. All are new to this newsletter.

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Keeping it naturally fresh

Israel’s Biotipac has developed technology to keep agricultural produce fresh in the field, on the shelf and in food products. It prevents spoilage by encouraging beneficial bacteria while eliminating pathogens. It means less fungicides, longer shelf life, reduced packaging and … Continue reading

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