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Startups to watch out for

Here are some of budding Israeli startups utilizing Artificial Intelligence that leading Israeli fund managers think deserve attention in 2023.; Imagen; 3D Signals; Tabnine (IT development assistant); and Fairmatic (Fleet Insurance).

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Investment in Israeli startups to 6/11/22

Mobileye raised $861 million (IPO); Selina raised $170+ million (IPO); OpenWeb raised $170 million; Apiiro raised $100 million; Trigo raised $100 million; Vesttoo raised $80 million; Resonai raised $36 million; Ossio raised $35.5 million; Valence Security raised $25 million; Navina … Continue reading

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Giving employees the right answers

Israel’s Ask-AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to answer questions from company employees and managers and give them insights as to their business and customers.  It monitors emails, chats, databases, call center communications, and more, to improve customer relationships. … Continue reading

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