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20% increase in corn yield

I’ve reported previously (many times) on Israel’s Evogene which improves crop strains. Its partnership with DuPont-Pioneer (Nov 2013) has literally born fruit, with second-year trials showing a 20% increase in corn yield thanks to Evogene’s bio-simulant microbial seed treatment.,7340,L-3729431,00.html

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Israeli food technologies

This new short video could have summarized my latest blog “Harvest for the World”. It features three Israeli companies previously featured in my newsletters – WaterGen (water from air), Genie (one-minute kitchen) and Evogene (high-yield, resistant crops).

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Saving the banana

I reported previously (Aug 2013) about Israeli companies Evogene and Rahan Meristem and their joint non-GMO development of bananas resistant to Black Sigatoka fungus. Now second-year field trials with specialized banana strains have shown effectiveness against the hugely damaging fungus. … Continue reading

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A toxin against corn rootworm

Israeli biotech Evogene has announced positive results in its Insect Control Seed Trait Program and that it had developed the first toxin against Western corn rootworm.

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Stimulating drought-resistance in corn

Israel’s Evogene has successfully improved the ability of corn to thrive in drought conditions with its Bio-stimulant products. These produce drought-resistant microbial strains that have produced high yields in their first year of testing.

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Another 9 joint US-Israel projects

The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation approved funding (worth $21.5 million) for nine new projects.  The Israeli companies involved are Cellect Biotechnology, Evogene, File X, Hinoman, IAI, Kamada, Keystone Heart, MedAware and Mellanox.

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Proteins to control insects

Israel’s Evogene has demonstrated the ability of certain proteins to act against pest insects.  These can be developed into new varieties of insect-resistant seeds or as spray-able bio-insecticides.

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Genes that are natural insecticides

Israel’s Evogene has used its BiomeMiner computational discovery platform to identify microbial genes with insecticidal properties. EvoGene will now validate the genes’ insect control properties against some of the world’s worst agricultural pests.

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Seeing Israeli agri-tech up close

JNF Toronto brought to Israel a business mission of North American young professionals to experience Israeli agri-tech. They visited companies such as Kaiima, Forrest Innovations, Evogene, Phenome Networks, Saturas, Rootility, GroundWork Bio, miRobot, Taranis and AlphaStrauss.

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Weeding with technology

Israeli biotech Evogene is using its PointHit platform to analyze molecules in weeds and identify key plant macro-molecules responsible for essential biological processes in weeds. By targeting those processes, herbicides can be developed that will be more effective in killing … Continue reading

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