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Intel film studio for Israeli VR technology

Intel have begun filming its first Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality content using the 360-degree 3D technology from its Israeli subsidiary Replay Technologies. The 25,000 square-foot Intel Studios in Los Angeles features the world’s largest volumetric video capture stage.,7340,L-3729313,00.html

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Watch NFL games with Israeli tech

I reported previously (here) on Israeli-developed FreeD from Replay Technologies – since taken over by Intel.  Now TV viewers of American football will be able to watch FreeD’s 360-degree replays and other features at 11 National Football League (NFL) venues … Continue reading

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Israeli tech comes to the Super Bowl and Laliga.

Intel bought Israel’s Replay Technologies and its 360-degree video technology for $170 million last year. FOX Sports will use it in the Super Bowl broadcast. Thanks to Pamela’s son Yonatan, Spanish soccer league Laliga is also now using it. … Continue reading

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A new viewing experience

Tech giant Intel is working with Israel’s Replay Technologies to enable sports fans to re-watch key moments of sporting events from nearly every conceivable angle. Replay’s “freeD” technology and Arena stadium system of super high-definition cameras will be optimized for … Continue reading

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