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Porsche invests in Israeli sensors

I’ve reported previously (see here) on Israel’s Anagog and its software that analyzes sensor signals in smartphones. Now car maker Porsche has bought a minority stake in Anagog in a bid to expand its offering of digital technologies. Analog’s technology … Continue reading

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Best mobile innovation

Israel’s Anagog, developer of the world’s largest crowdsourced parking network, won the ‘Best Mobile Innovation in Automotive Award’ at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Anagog can detect if a smarphone user is at home or at work, walking, driving, … Continue reading

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Where to park the car?

Israel’s Anagog monitors mobile phones’ sensors to detect parking spaces that are about to be vacated – in real time. It is also cooperating with Finland’s PARX, the owner of Easy Park, which has users in 130 countries.

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Did you remember to take the baby?

The BabyMinder app from Israel’s Anagog reminds parents to remove children from the car when exiting. Tragically, babies have died after having been left in cars during hot weather. BabyMinder uses GPS mapping, alerts, and other tricks to keep drivers … Continue reading

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