Zionist Tunisian brothers convert to Judaism

Brave Tunisian brothers Mohamed Faleh Boughdiri and Ibrahim Boughdiri have converted to Judaism. Now named Josef and Jacob, they are not afraid to show their support for the Jewish State even though they have received serious threats and bullying.


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  1. Kenneth says:

    Awesome.All the best.i to wanted to convert many years back but things never worked out.i to am a Zionist in belief of a Jewish state.I have been to Israel an had great dreams of living there.im from South Africa an now just living a normal existence e I guess.My support for Israel has gone a bit cold an my spirituality in the framework of Judaism.im now a Christian but still wanna go into Jesus Israeli Jewish spirit.I even had dreams of like I said kind ing in Israel an serving with Mossad.I wanted to go all the way.I still wish to visit Israel God willing soon.I need to be fired up again an I need your prayers to step up my passion for Israel.Pray for me.Take care.Shalom

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